Test drive the Mercedes-Benz C-class (late W205)-I evaluated the C-class from women's point of view-


Cruise control

If you think that Cruise Control is a standard equipment in Class C, it seems that it is not so. "A class was standard, right?"When asked,

"A class is standard, butC class is not standard. However, I think that we want you to incorporate it into the standard from the beginning as it is almost always an option. "

It was that.

For operability,You can operate the cruise control function with your finger on the steering wheelThat's good. It's convenient to use while driving, as it can be done without pulling the lever like an indicator.

"But it's a car that costs nearly 7 million yen, and I want cruise control to come on ..."

If you ask for 7 million yen "high!There are a lot of people who think, "In addition, because there are a lot of options in the package, it is actually cheaper than in Europe. In that sense from the European side "The Japanese specifications have only this option, and this price is niceIt is often said.

It was. I see.

Rear seat / loading capacity

Although the back seat does not go to the spaciousness,Even if an adult man rides, he / she can afford enough foot and headThat's it. The trunk capacity is 480 liters and I put in a bag for a trial, but I felt a little small. If loading is important, will it still choose the C class wagon?

Information on other C classes

✓ MBUX(Mercedes Benz User Experience)ofThere is no natural interactive speech recognition function
✓ A 12.3 inch digital meter display · · · A class is a touch panel, so you can operate the screen with your finger, but you can operate class C with the dial on the center console or the touch control button on the steering wheel that supports swipe operation.
✓SOS call ・ ・ ・ Connect to the operator in case of emergencySOS callThe '' switch is equipped at the overhead console.
✓A USB terminal and an SD card insertion slot are attached ... In the new A class, the terminal shape of USB seems to be "type-C" of the latest standard.
✓Ambient lights can be selected from 64 colors. Ambient lights have meaning.People can relax in a space with indirect lightingIt is installed based on the human psychology of "". The brightness of the light was also available in five levels. He did not know ~.

C class is selling!

These are the impressions of the test drive. C class isThe best-selling model of Mercedes-Benz in JapanSo, when the C-class goes on sale, other manufacturers will also make benchmarks, so Mercedes-Benz will be pretty excited to send it out.

Lastly, I asked, "Who will buy Class C?"

That's right. People in a very wide range are bought, but still there are many used as family cars. In addition, because the parking lot in Japan is narrow, especially when standing thereThe E-class with a width of 1,850 mm isis. The C class is 1,810 mm wide, so you can get in any parking lot.Although the size is relatively compact, the ride is firm Mercedes-BenzI think that part is popular.

It was that.

In addition, I was allowed to test ride Mercedes-Benz twice twice with Class A and C class this time, butTest-driving with Mercedes-M gives more information than test-driving with a dealer"I felt like(Although, I don't mean that I'm testing at the dealer so often w).

For the staff of Mercedes-Me, "Many people will experience Mercedes"I was able to respond with the purpose, and I was impressed that the amount of information about each car is abundant because the type of test ride is limited.

Here, because there is no "sold" alert, you can ask questions without hesitation, and you can understand more about Mercedes-Benz, "While I was taking a test drive here, I noticed I bought Mercedes!I thought it would be possible enough.

C-class test drive

Finally, the C-class leader. C class isAnyway, it's easy to drivewas. With handling, brakes, acceleration, and all reliable performance, you can drive with confidence in your car. I thought that even women who don't have much in themselves would be able to go anywhere without hesitation.

With regard to trunk capacity, it is sufficient for a family to carry such a large amount of luggage, and when the child is small, the family can ride comfortably.

AlsoThe interior also has a texture appropriate to its priceWell, the design and shape of the lights were also cool. This time, I am not running on the expressway, but since it was quite stable in the A class, it would definitely be more than that.

It's not about "If something else sticks out, something goes wrong"High level in all items. After all, Mercedes felt again that the overall strength was high.

However, I only ran in the city with a lot of traffic, so it was disappointing that I could not hear the engine noise etc. when I stepped on the accelerator how much the acceleration power was actually.

When asked, "Would you want a C class?" If you have such a comfortable and luxurious Mercedes, "I do not say C class, I want to go to SI was honest. In terms of the fun of running, I felt that Porsche was more fun(Here is the impression when you got on the AMG S63 coupe ↓)

Which one do you prefer? AMG S63 4MATIC Coupe (C217) and Panamera Turbo (971) are different.

Rather than buying a C-class with a new car, I would rather choose to buy a second-class S-class.Saying good-bye, my wealth and both can be bought but w

Even so, the test drive is fun! Seeing again, I would like to visit Mercedes-Me.


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  1. Conven

    No, it's been a long time since there was no content in a long time, and the report below was amazing!
    Observation power 0. No logic The object of comparison is only Panamera!
    In this way, I do not notice that it is useless.
    You should stop posting the report in the future.

  2. 4e

    Excuse me for comment, I'm always looking forward to it. Of course, Porsche is different from Benz because it is a sports car, and it is also a form of comfort from there, and I am aware of the approach to the car, but I would like the lever type of cruise control to really change to a button type, now Even if a test ride of each company is a test ride, the Porsche is a good taste, but it seems that the lever type of the cruise control will hit the winker as well. ・ ・ It seems to be inconvenient compared to Mercedes and BMW that enter with one touch I don't feel like it. If you are a Porsche rider, if you are told to drive yourself, it is until then (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I want the lever type for cruise control to really change to a button type,
      That's right ... I always check the position and operation of the lever for 1 or 2 seconds when setting the Porsche cruise control.
      There are times when I think, “It's dangerous because I'm distracted here for a few seconds.”

      The button-type Mercedes cruise control was operated for the first time at Mercedes Me,
      I was very impressed with the ease of operation.

      > Person who rides Porsche, if you are told to drive by yourself, it is until then (laugh)
      I'm sure Porsche fans will say that, or ask Porsche for that! While thinking that would be said,
      After all, it will be compared to other German cars that have great operability ^^;

      If you buy a Porsche, please let me know!

  3. Bio


    From my point of view, when I read what I wanted from a car and came to Porsche with various manufacturers,

    VW Polo GTI
    Audi A1

    I feel that is the best match.
    By the way, if you think about parking your child in a small parking lot in a supermarket for shopping!

    A few years ago, I was riding the 6R, but it was fun to drive on the circuit.
    The power and lightness that can be used up was the best.

    From there, I've been riding only high-powered cars, but I still think that was the most fun.

    When considering a car for everyday use, please try it once.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you.

      > VW Polo GTI
      > Audi A1
      I feel that> is the best match.
      Oh! Both look very fun ...!
      The surroundings are nice, the design is good, it looks fun, and it looks insanely good!
      I want to ride it once ...

      Audi hasn't even tested it since he was at home a long time ago, so
      I want to ride it once.

      Thank you for telling me a lot!