Exhibiting Porsche at EPM (Exciting Porsche Meeting) 2019 @ Osaka!

Living with Porsche

First EPM

The other day, held on November 2 at the GLION Museum in Osaka.Exciting Porsche Meeting (EPM) 2019My husband decided to exhibit his favorite GT3 at the event. This EPM event was held at the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama until last year, but this year it was held in Osaka, so many of her husband's acquainted Porsche owners will also be exhibiting.

I heard from my husband in advance that the event will be held from 10:00 to 17:00.What do you do for such a long time? Which Porsche is the best or vote?“My husband said,“ I do n’t know, I do n’t have a time schedule.

In spite of "Well, isn't there a place where you can kill time nearby? Have you been there for 7 hours?"I don't know, but I'll go there for the time being," her husband said.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse seems to have a lot of tourist attractions nearby and there are many tourists, but what kind of atmosphere would it be when Osaka Port was built ... I was a little cold from the previous day So I decided not to go to EPM.

My husband who came back

And that day. My husband left around 6 o'clock to bring in the car, but after 9 o'clock,I met some of the members of Ashi, but I won't do anything, so I'll go home”Arrived, and my husband returned home around 10:30, leaving GT3 at the venue.

No way! Won't come home ... w

Because there are only Kaiyukan nearby ... And then, everyone said, "Oh, isn't your wife today? I said "W"

And husband. When I was told something like that, I wanted to go to the venue, and after having lunch, we decided to go there.

This day was sunny all day(Would it be sunny because I didn't mean to go w)When we arrived, about 150 Porsche lined up. There were many air-cooled Porsche, but when it was held in Yokohama, there were more water-cooled Porsche.

My husband exhibited GT3 touring, but it seems that there were three GT3 touring that he and his husband were exhibiting on that day.

I was surprised to see the license plateThere were quite a lot of participants from Kyushu, Nagoya and Kanto.thing. It ’s amazing that everyone came on their own. While watching each Porsche on display one by one,This is a very rare one!"I explained a lot.

There are some models that I have never seen, and I thought it would be quite difficult to see the opportunity for Porsche to meet together, including such rare models. As I walked in the hall, I met many people I met in Arisu after a long time.I went to the Kaiyukan and saw the whale sharkSome people say.

That's right, it's going to be w

And among the 150 Porsche exhibited, the children's favorite was the toy green Porsche (laughs)

It ’s so cute (laughs)

I went to this event this time, and it was fun because I met for the first time with someone who had exchanged comments several times, and met Yamaken who came from Tokyo on the Shinkansen.

If next time Osaka(And around Kobe)If it is held in Tokyo, it would be hard to work for a day if it was an exhibition, so it would be fine to go to see it as a gallery.

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