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Goodbye, Panamera

FinallyAt the time of farewell to my family Panamera (Panamera Turbo: MY2018)Came over. It was delivered three years ago in October 2017, with a body color of night blue metallic and the mileage at present is about 29,000 km.

I was thinking "I'm going to say goodbye to Panamera soon... I'm lonely...", but my husband said "I decided to hand over Panamera to a dealer this weekWhen asked, "(Already delivered by the time this article comes up), I was full of loneliness.

HonestyOf all the cars I've had at home, the hardest part is breaking up.

Because in this Panamera,I have the most memories of all the cars I've ever drivenIt is.

Three years before the Panamera was delivered, I was more scared of driving the car than I am now, and I was overwhelmed by the power of the turbo, and I couldn't drive well. Also, Panamera has a large body size, so I remember that I was nervous while driving while clenching my teeth.

I gradually got used to driving from that state, and thanks to this Panamera, my "First experienceA lot of doors were opened.

For the first time, you can drive about 1000 km from home to Fuji Speedway by yourself,

For the first time, running on the circuit (Fuji Speedway),

For the first time, participate in Porsche's driving school,

For the first time, I run the Hakone Turnpike,(At that time, there was an accident in which a deer suddenly jumped out, but he escaped with full braking.)

For the first time, driving on a snowy road(At the end of March I encountered heavy snow outside the season)

I also had a lot of experience with XX for the first time. I also went on a lot of family trips in Kyushu, Wakayama, etc. with this Panamera.

Every time I rode, I realized how wonderful the performance of the Panamera as a car was, and I loved the Panamera even more. in addition,You can also know the fun of the car, you will have a little confidence in driving, and you will feel relieved when you sit in the driver's seat of PanameraUntil now.

It was a superb car that could be trusted in any situation. It was a gentleman and at the same time a fierce man, as he was able to drive appropriately on mountain roads, winding roads, highways, towns, and anywhere.

It was a really favorite car.

It's goodbye to such a Panamera. Moreover, II'm returning home to prepare for childbirth, so I can't attend farewell to Panamera.It's so sad to say good-bye to you at the end.

With that in mind, when I looked back at the Panamera photos I had up until now, my memories revived, and somehow became Jean again. And I reminded my husband to thank Panamera for my part.

New encounter

Now, I'm more accustomed to driving cars than I used to, I can also ride MT cars, so I can go to various places by myself,From now on, there may not be any car that can experience the first time than this Panamera.…I think.

In that sense too, I think Panamera will continue to be a car that I have a strong impression of.

Although I can say it myself, I have been running various roads for about 30,000 km and the engine, riding comfort, running, engine sound, etc. are in quite good condition (laugh), so it is also wonderful at the next bridegroom I want you to show off your running.

And thankfully, next monthA new 911 cabriolet (type 992) comes to our house.I think that I will not drive for a while after giving birth to the third person, and if I move with children after that, I often use notebooks, but it is a car with a completely different character from Panamera Turbo 911 I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with Cabriolet in the future.

Or rather, a big job of childbirth is waiting before that, so I have to do my best... w


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Ishi

    Good morning, Mina-san.

    It's lonely to say goodbye to Panemera.
    But on August 26th, the new Panamera will be announced at the world premiere.
    This is your chance to return to Panamera.

    I think that 911 will be a candidate if the cars are put together in the end.
    Unlike GT3 and air-cooled, I am looking forward to seeing how the modern normal 911, which is easy to use everyday, will be reviewed.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you very much!
      There seems to be an announcement of the new Panamera on August 26!
      If you see it, you will want it again (*_*)

      The 911 cabriolet, what kind of driving and riding comfort it can be used in any situation, so my husband also says "I may ride only the cabriolet", but I would like to review again.

      We appreciate your continued support in the future!

  2. Kiyo

    You can write without such embarrassment without embarrassment

  3. Yoshi

    thank you for your hard work. Congratulations, everyone is a big job. And Panamera is lonely, but will run well again at the next destination. I want Panamera and I don't have much information, so I always studied with the information on your blog. It's been 3 years.

    I'm looking forward to the next car 911 cub
    By the way, Panamera will be a Porsche certified used car after the dealer??
    If you don't mind, please email us and let us know.

    It's a weekend so now?
    Please love the heat, the corona and the lingering heat.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for telling me that way!
      I'm glad I kept writing a blog... I'm very happy.

      > By the way, Panamera will be a Porsche certified used car after the dealer??
      Panamera actually got a message from the reader saying "I want to buy it", so
      After having the dealer pick it up, we will have to exchange with the dealer ^ ^

      I hope you have a good relationship.

      It's going to be a really hot day, so take care of yourself and do your best!
      Continue to thank you.

  4. project Y

    Many of the women around me are not so particular about cars. .. Mina's love is transmitted. It seems that you have a lot of experience with German cars, but I hope you will be familiar with other companies, preferably Japanese cars. ..

    It's a simple question (I'm sorry if it was already written on the blog), but what made me decide to let go of my beloved Panamera in three years?

    • MinaMina

      project Y
      Thank you! I'm still full of things that I don't know about cars, so from now on, regardless of domestic or imported cars,
      I hope that I will have the opportunity to test-drive and ride various cars.

      I would be happy if you could let me know your recommended cars.

      > It's a simple question (I'm sorry if it was already written on the blog), but what made you decide to let go of your beloved Panamera in three years?
      That's right... ^^; Thank you for your question.

      Originally, I was planning to change trains in 3 years, and since I got pregnant with the third person, I decided to buy a 4 person Panamera because I can not ride with the whole family,
      While I was confused and tried various rides, it became strange that I chose a 4-seater again for some reason.

  5. Road and go

    I am riding the BMW 5 series, but I always enjoy watching it! A few years ago, when I was thinking about what I should do to get the car I yearned for, I came across this blog and am now riding. I am very happy, thank you very much, w
    Panamera Love is transmitted, but I have never ride it but it is a wonderful car.
    I hope I can ride again someday (^^)
    I hope a healthy child will be born safely.

    • MinaMina

      Lord and Go

      Thank you for visiting our blog!

      > A few years ago, when I was thinking about what I should do to get the car I yearned for, I met this blog and am now riding. I am very happy, thank you very much, w
      That's right! it's great! !! !! We are just writing a blog, so
      Mr. Lord and Go, who is moved by his actions and has fulfilled his dream, is really amazing.

      > I hope I can ride again someday (^ ^)
      Yes, I will continue to do my best to dream of another day.
      And I will do my best to give birth! Thank you.
      Continue to thank you.

  6. k

    Hello. This is my first rice.
    We always have fun look.
    I was on the 911 (993) before and I let it go quite a while ago, but he is returning to Porsche after seeing this blog.
    Last year I bought a Cayman MT (981).
    The 911 is too old and I can't bother others, so it's just right for normal Cayman.
    On the holidays and on the way home from work, the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and other places are flushed.
    After all Porsche is good.

    Porsche life while raising a child is really wonderful!
    Since I have finished raising my two children, it is good because I have time to spare,
    It is said that he is still giving birth. Please do your best.
    While raising children is said to be difficult, I think it's wonderful that you enjoy your life.
    It's fun to raise children and cars.
    I am looking forward to my blog in the future.
    I hope for a safe delivery.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > Last year I bought a Cayman MT (981).
      That's right! !! 981 Cayman MT looks really fun...!

      Parenting can be difficult, but
      At the same time, I am happy to be in an environment where you can enjoy your car life.
      Since my life is only once, I hope that you can enjoy it as much as you can as much as you can from time to time ^^

      The baby feels at his own pace,
      The planned date has passed, but I will try my best to give birth!
      Continue to thank you.