Kyotango-Hyogo northern part touring going by Porsche 911 (air-cooled 964 type)

Air-cooled Porsche 911 (964C2)
Air-cooled Porsche

This time, my article was about how my husband went on a 964 touring. If you don't mind, please take a look.

Porsche 911 Touring

Last time,Refreshed the entire underbody of Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (air-cooled 964 type)I wanted to go out on a long-distance touring to enjoy the reborn ride immediately,I went out for a day trip touring about 480km.

At first, I was thinking about the destination as Wakayama or Okayama-Tottori,I chose Kyotango-Hyogo, which is my home ground, because it was a day trip.

In this area, there are relatively many fast runs in the Kansai area where there are few fast runs, and I personally think that the area around the Chugoku Mountains in the northern part of Hyogo is "Mini Nagano".Atmosphere that seems to have reduced the scale of the road by reducing Nagano prefecture as it isIt is a treasure trove of unknown famous roads.

First, head north on the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway and head for the Tango Peninsula. This is my first time to drive on the expressway in a refreshed 964, but after all,The effect of replacing the undercarriage is great.The straight-line stability is obviously higher than before, and you can drive more safely.

I've never been unstable,At some speeds, the front feels a bit lighter. However, it's been improved a lot and the feeling of grounding on the front is very strong.It is.

It is very stable even if it enters the high-speed R tight corner at a slightly faster speed,A feeling that the tires on the outside of the front are properly loaded and that they rotate stablyI understand. This is a very fresh feeling.

On the way, enter the Kyoto Transverse Expressway and head for the Amanohashidate. It's a famous tourist destination, so I passed by while praying that I wouldn't be caught in a traffic jam, but it was flowing smoothly. After all, the number of tourists seems to be small this year due to the influence of corona.

Get off the highway and head north on R178. First, head to Kyogasaki. The road along the coast to Cape Kyoga is also scenic, and it is the best for touring. For 964, the tip of the nose is lighter than ever, and he clears the winding wind from right to left.

Take a break at the parking lot at Kyogasaki Lighthouse, and then head towards Kinosaki.

Air-cooled Porsche 911

Cruising the road along the bay with Kumihama Bay on your left. I have come many times so far, but for some reason I like the view of Kumihama Bay, so I drop in every time.

After leaving the bay, next is K11, Tajima fishing line.After passing Kinosaki Marine World, the mountain winding starts from there.It is. The magnificent Sea of Japan spreads out at the moment, and the scenery is very scenic. There are ups and downs, there are tight corners, and there are a lot of changes, which is very fun.

It is very similar to the road along the Sea of Japan in the direction of Fukui and Toyama, and it is probably best to come to Boxster at these places.

Midsummer air-cooled Porsche Touring

But it was hot this day. Occasionally the outside temperature gauge inside the car indicates 38°C, and it's hot to the outside.Although it is a harsh environment for air-cooled Porsche, the oil temperature of 964 is stable, and the needle of the oil thermometer is stable near the middle even when waiting for a signal or traffic jam when the cooler is poundingdoing. From 964, I think that it is thanks to the cooling fan attached to the oil cooler, but as long as the fan etc. have not failed, it seems that it does not need to be so nervous.

By the way, when it comes to air conditioners, I think this depends on individual differences and the status of air conditioner gas replenishment.In my 964, someone who can manage up to 35°C with an outside temperature gaugeI think (although it doesn't work compared to the current car, of course).

However, from around 35°C, the wind blows directly on the body, and unless the fan is set to 3 or 4 of the 4 stages, it becomes difficult. Apparently, the cooling capacity begins to lose against the temperature rise in the car, which was heated by direct sunlight.

On the other hand,It's reasonably cool without direct sunlightIs also true. Perhaps the 964 window glass at that time was not transparent glass, it was just transparent glass, so it was vulnerable to direct sunlight. So I'm wondering if I'll stick a transparent insulation film by next summer.

After that, I will go to Kasumi, and from here I will go around the famous road in Hyogo prefecture. First, K4. It's a great road here. The width is wide and the traffic volume is small. And a gentle linear curve continues. If there are 100 famous roads in Hyogo (though not so), it is one of the roads I want to rank high.

On the K4, the 964 air conditioner is off, the windows are fully open, and the sunroof is fully open.Tiptronic is fixed at 3 speed and enjoy cruising.It's best to run while feeling the cool air you sometimes feel in the mountains and getting drunk with the beat and sound of the air-cooled flat 6.

I'm running and I'm not happy.

From K4, enter R9, then head toward the Hachi Kita Kogen area. Advance the car to K89, which came in GT3 before. This is also the course of the Kronoscartaine bee north, which is a hill climb rally performed by blocking public roads.

Chronos scalar tain bee north when coming in GT3

The amount of traffic is extremely small, and the winding road, which is almost always reserved, is a road where you can drive very happily, although there are some rough roads in the first half. The hill climb that ran up in 2nd speed was very exciting and I had to make 2 round trips.

After that, in search of coolness, we will go back to R9 via the Hachikita Ski Resort. And next we aim for the Hachi Kogen Ski Resort. The K87 is also a good runway.There are many places with very small traffic and wide roads, so you can comfortably run at your own pace.On the Hachi Plateau, I can take a car until just before the slopes, so I took a little photo.

After all, the plateau was very cool, and there were many young people running, probably because it was a college camp.

Return to R9 again and aim for K6 next time.K6 is one of my favorite roads, but there are some narrow roads and rough areas, so be careful.It is. However, the traffic is light and it is unlikely that it will cause problems due to passing each other, so it will not be a problem unless you go with a supercar.

Along the way, I passed through the famous Meinobu Mine and the area beyond Fudogino Pass was a little dark, and I like the atmosphere of the old road.

Pass through the town of Ichinomiya and proceed to K8. The K8 has been running for over 20 years, but the road conditions are improving year by year. However, there are narrow roads on the Ichinomiya town side (west side), and there are many rough roads, so be careful. However, if you pass through it, there is a hard pass over the mountain pass, and there is a way to enjoy it.

Then,The area that crosses the mountain pass, descends from the mountain, and leads to Kamikawa-cho is excellent.This is a good runway. This place will also be in the top 100 of Hyogo's 100 best roads.

The road along the river, which can be run lively, is very comfortable and has a small amount of traffic. Don Pisha's road is a situation in which the window of the 964 Tiptronic is fixed at the third speed and the windows are fully opened while the AM radio is played.

You don't have to cross the mountain, so it's one of the roads you want people to visit.

That's why I'm on my way home touring this time.By the time I got home, I had been driving for 11 hours.The total mileage was 482km, and the fuel consumption was 8.96km/L with the full tank method and 10.2L/100km (about 9.8km/L) with the on-board computer, so there seems to be an error of about 10%.

However, even with this much running, air-cooled Porsche is fun.Water-cooled Porsche is good for touring, but air-cooled Porsche is fun without speedI think that is one of the features. Operate the heavy steering wheel and depress the gas pedal, leaving yourself to the sound of the flat 6. Rather than "touring" or "driving," the strength of the feeling of "traveling" is not the ratio of water-cooled Porsche. I think that is one of the attractions of this car.

This route

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