I tried putting "PORSCHE" decal on Porsche 911 GT3

GT3 Touring Package

The other day my husband was worried about troubles and finally got a decal on GT3, so I got an article about that. Please take a look.

Do you put decals on GT3?

Originally, when I bought GT3, I was very confused until the end.

that isWhether to put decalsIt is.

The GT3 is a touring package, so it's a good idea to make it too lacy. On the other hand, it's ant to put a decal on the 911R, which has a similar concept.


At that time, if I put decals, I was thinking of two patterns.

  1. Put only PORSCHE logo side decal
  2. Side decals and racing stripes on the body


If you look in various ways, just like InstagramGT3 Touring owner with ideal decalsThere were more people, and while referring to it, I was doing simulations while processing in Photoshop by myself.


The troubled phrase "Ride as normal for the time being"I decided to think again later."

After that, the decal was postponed and the dealer was given a high-gloss black paint on the door handle that had been forgotten to be ordered at the time of ordering, gradually approaching the ideal GT3 touring.

GT3 door handle hi gross black

I put a decal

One day, I showed the car of an acquaintance who has the same GT3 touring in Arisu,A “PORSCHE” decal was put on the side.

In fact,It looks very cool and the side looks tight.It looks refreshing as if the meat around the stomach had fallen, and the car height seems to be lower.

When I ask the owner, this isWhat was made at the shop, not genuineIt seems. In the past, genuine decals were affixed to other cars, but the quality was thin and it was easy for air to enter.

For the time being, introduce the shop, bring GT3 to the shop at a later date, and show the quality and color of the actual decal, so it was very solid and there were many choices of color, so I will put it here I decided.

This time, when putting a decal,

  • I want to make the color a little lighter than black, for example dark silver
  • I want to match the color of the satin platinum on the wheel as much as possible

I thought, but when I was shown a color sample, there was a color that somehow charcoal (forgot the official name), The color that has a little brown system in dark gray silverwas.

In actuality, the yellow color of the body color crayon and the slight brown color of the decal matched well, and it was the closest color to the wheel. Also,I like the fact that it looks black due to the light, and looks like silver or gray,I decided to do this.

I left my car for about two days and picked it up. Anyway, the stomach area is refreshing, thinner, and the bulge of the rear fender is emphasized.

Here is a picture of the whole picture that was actually attached.

GT3 touring decal

991.2 GT3 PORSCHE decal



PORSCHE 911 GT3 Touring package

Originally I didn't like sticking decals too much, but when I put them on, I could ride the car in a new feeling and I really like the purpose I saw. Nowadays, I have begun to notice a little bit of the fun of applying a little custom to cars.


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  1. 991-2 GT3 MT

    Fashionable! Good! Good sense! Enviable touring!

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT

      Thank you (laughs)! ! !

  2. Yoshihiko Tsuchida

    It's a good shade. It will be very helpful.
    Which shop did you work with?

    • MinaMina


      Thank you! I'm glad you said that.
      It was a shop where I had work done, but it seems that it is a maintenance main shop that does not usually contract decals,
      My husband went to this shop by introducing her specialty, so she seemed to have a special offer. .