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You may have noticed that you have been browsing the blog before,Since the beginning of August, the frequency of blog updates has dropped considerably.Until now, it has been updated almost every day, but since August it has been every other day, and there have been days when it has not been updated for two days.

Previously, the article's publication time was "6am"Even though that time was mixed.

Why is that ...

This may also be noticed by readers,Because my consciousness went completely to the video (youtube)(LOL). But now in September, “I will do my best while moving my foot to the blog."I'm going to go in the direction."

Child care and video creation

In July, I decided to debut youtuber soon. As I mentioned in the previous article about the background,Because I can see the video image of the car I want to make" After that, I started making videos just as “good is hurry”, but this was a time-consuming task.

First video(Only 7 minutes)The time spent making50 hours. From the second video, I became accustomed to the operation of the video editing software, and I was able to create it without spending as much time as the first video, but it still took 3 days to create a video.

The video editing itself was very interesting and profound, and I had done it for hours, but I was working at home while wearing earphones, so it was difficult to work with children.

While working intensively, children suddenly come off the earphones, a fight begins beside them,Mom, poop out!Or "Mom spilled juice"I came to report in bishobisho clothes ... (-_-) w

Because videos work more intensively than blogs,It's very stressful to be able to prevent it when you knockwas. After soothing the children, it started with the task of switching their heads and restoring the interrupted concentration, so I think it took more time.

And although uploading what was created over time, there are few subscribers and the number of videos themselves and the quality are still so, you can only see about 1000 times(In such circumstances, everyone who subscribed to the channel, see the video.Thank you everyone! ! )

“Hmm, I did this and this number of views… I think it ’s a long way to go…” I felt honestly. Well that's natural.

In the meantime, I who can't do that,Make a video!"I was concentrated on the video, so my husband

That's why I wasn't sure why both "blogs" and "videos" were in good balance. Why Mina can only do one thing each time

Although it is laughed, it cannot be helped because it is an old nature. Occasionally on TV, "Women are more than men,A brain that can handle multiple tasks at onceEvery time I hear,Absolutely lie!"I'm putting the Tsukkomi alone."

Blog and video positioning

In that way, August was completely conscious of the video, and it was September. And the other day,Looking back on “blog management” and “video creation” for the month of August with her husband,As a result of thinking variously, after all "I will do my best while moving my foot to the blog.Decided.

Blogs and videos are the same in the sense of “sending something out to the world”, but after organizing, I found that the meanings are quite different within me.

[Blog] = Introspection: Sending out car life including my own (and husband's) way of thinking, values, and life
[Video] = Creative: With your own sensibility, make the most of the charm and splendor of the car

With such feelingBlogs and videos use completely different brain locationsI think so.

And in me, "Work with you through writing, deepening, organizing your head and outputting"I realized it was very important. Of course, there are a lot of people who communicate their ideas through video, but now I don't make videos that way.

However, instead of quitting the video, “By using brain miso that is not used in blogs, the creative part is stimulated and the way of collecting information different from the past has come.”If you can do both blogging and video, the world will expandI realized that.

That ’s why, although it ’s less frequent, I ’d like to continue making and posting videos when I have time to accumulate material. so,

From now on, we will increase the frequency of blog updates!


...That ’s why I ’ve done too much blogging before and fell down, Mina!"It seems that the reader will be struck," but recently, I have recently started to listen to the voice of my body.

When I felt "I'm overdoing, I'm tired" and "I'm going to hurt my head", I was able to take a little nap or dim. Also"Autonomic nerve preparation / Health / DietI started doing yoga every morning, but this feels very effective.(I'm not thin at all)

So, I don't think I'm too crazy like before, and I don't notice my body voice ...

This time I tried to try the video, so I have noticed and gained a lot, so I will continue to try various ways to find a better way, and I will do my best until the day when I can buy Porsche in the future. . Thank you for your continued support!

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  1. Tap

    I also have a page of Minkara, but I'm always admired if I can upload it with various viewpoints and things like Mina, because it is at most 2-3 times a month at most. .

    Since YouTube is also a mountain that raises the cut-and-paste of fixed cars, I wonder how I can shoot various materials and edit them so nicely.

    I'm really looking forward to both blogs and YouTube, so I can continue with Mina's pace and I am very happy as a fan.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always reading the blog.
      I am now in a situation where I can save my work and spend a lot of time on my blog,
      I think I can increase the blog update frequency ^^

      > I'm really looking forward to both blogs and YouTube, so I just can continue at Mina's pace and I'm very happy as a fan.
      Thank you for saying that in such a way!
      I hope to make a GT3 video soon, so I hope you'll be looking forward to it!
      Continue to thank you.