One year inspection of Porsche Panamera – inspection items, remaining tire grooves, costs, etc.

Panamera turbo

Panamera one year inspection

Panamera came to our house,October 12, 2017That. Two years have passed since then. The fact that two years have passed means that it is almost time for a one-year inspection. The other day, Panamera was sent to the Porsche Center for a one-year inspection.

By the way, Cayenne was lent as a substitute during the inspection.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo (late 958) test drive review

This time, I brought Panamera to the Porsche Center on Friday morning and went to pick up with four families on Saturday evening. When I arrived at the Porsche Center, I saw the flag of "New911" fluttering.Speaking of which, I still couldn't test drive the 992..

"Even if you take a test ride now and post it on your blog, is it slow in time?I want to go for a test ride when it gets cool again. ... No, it's fine to go for a test ride, even if it's not cool, but when it's so hot, you don't feel like going out.(By the way, today's maximum temperature is 36 degrees)

Now go back to Panamera's inspection. The contents and results of this inspection are

・ 12 months legal inspection
・ PCM map data update
・ Engine oil change
· Oil filter replacement
· Change brake fluid
・ Wiper blade replacement
· Air conditioner filter change
・ Remaining brake pad F: 7.0mm R: 10.0mm
・ Tire remaining groove F: 2.5mm R: 3.9mm
・ Mileage: 24851km
・ Car wash work set

was. Look at the detailsWhat is brake fluid? (-_-)"When I asked my husband," I don't know the brake fluid? "

“In hydraulic brakes for automobiles, etc., this is the liquid that fills the hydraulic system. Also called brake oil.”
* Source:Wikipedia “Brake Fluid”

And that. "What about brake oil! Then it would be easy to understand if you wrote brake oil“I'm an amateur,” I said, but there are a lot of terms related to cars that I don't know yet.

In this inspection,Since the groove of the front tire is considerably reduced, it is good to replace it as soon as possible"In general, FR Panamera seems to be easier to reduce the groove of the rear tire. "Is Panamera in my house not FR, so the front tire is decreasing?"When I asked my husband,"

Umm ... Probably burns, but because I use it mainly on the street, I often turn right and left at the intersection and the front tire grooves are easy to reduce, as I said, Panamera Turbo is 4WD and so onThe front tire is also torquedI don't know.
After that, I have a heavy V8 engine in front, so it may be that weight.

When. I see….

As for the reason that the FR tire is more easily worn by the rear tire, I was not familiar with the structure of the car. I felt like "I understand, I don't know ... (-_-)", so I went home later When I examine it,

Since FF is front wheel drive, a large load is applied to the front wheels in all of starting, accelerating, turning, decelerating, and stopping.It takes. OneRear-wheel drive FR has a heavy load on the rear tires when starting or acceleratingIt takes. And when turning, decelerating, and stopping, as with FF, a large load is applied to the front tire. When comparing FF and FR,Since the FF has a slightly higher weight balance than the front, the front tires will decrease faster.There is a tendency.
*Source: Differences in tire reduction (front and rear wheels) between FF and FR

It was that. I see.

Nonetheless, I feel tired of changing tires at the current timing.When to change tires, or change without changingIs under consideration.

Cost of one year inspection

And what is the inspection cost that I'm interested in? Mr. H, who is in charge of my home,

This time it ’s free and it ’s okay.

When. "It ’s free! ? Is it service? ?I thought for a moment, but Mr. H continued,

It's not free because it has been charged in advance.

(Laughs) Speaking of that, at last year's Panamera inspection,Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (PSMP)I entered that.

Porsche Panamera 1 Year Inspection-Inspection / Parts Replacement What is the cost of an all-in-one package?

What is PSMP?Service that owners who purchase a new car at a Porsche authorized dealer can apply within one year after purchase"They pay in advance a fixed amount for subsequent legal inspections, manufacturer inspections, and replacement / replenishment of major parts.

In the case of Panamera Turbo, the cost is 319,680 yen in the 3-year plan, including the first vehicle inspection fee(Tax included, as of August 2018). The cost of a one-year inspection of the 970 Panamera Edition that was in my home was costing 100,000 yen, so it's a good deal.

However,For households that do not travel too much, it is cheaper to pay inspection costs each time than entering PSMP.That's why it's a good deal for a family that needs to travel some distance a year and needs to change parts and oil.

Panamera is a sports car

Take PanameraPanamera is still a good car"I left the Porsche Center while talking. No, noHow many times will we feel like this conversation“Every time we ride Panamera, we and our couple are impressed as if we were riding Panamera for the first time.

Cayenne was of course a good car, but Panamera is still a sports car. Low sightline, ground contact, engine sound, powerful acceleration ... I arrived at home in a blink of an eye while pausing "Panamera is really a car."

Since next year's vehicle inspection, what will happen to Panamera by that time ... My husband seems to be thinking about it now, but now I want to fully enjoy Panamera.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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