What is more important than a wife who has been familiar with her husband ’s growth

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

It ’s “Ageman”

The other day, a friend I met for the first time in 20 years told me this.

“Mina is really“ raised ”.”

When. "No, no at all (-_-)"If you look at it objectively, it may seem.

I met my husband 10 years ago, but my husband was still a couple of years old and my car was an old BMW318i.(The engine did not start several times). The office rented a corner of my senior office and commute to work every day by bicycle. "Car lovers commute by bicycle"I can't believe it now."

From there, the time has passed ... the offices of the company have become larger, the location has improved, and there are several Porsche at home ...Mina is “Ageman”Would say.

However, I am not “Ageman”. This is not to say excuse me, really I'm not "raising" (-_-)

That ’s why I think of “Ageman”

“Support your husband, praise your husband, take care of her health, endure it together when it ’s hard, always encourage your husband, and lead your husband to success.”

Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything like that.

From my husband,Breakfast is necessary, one rice ball is yeahI really made a rice ball in the morning, and I don't even make a rice ball on a holiday. Even if I look back on my marriage, I don't have the memory to encourage my husband or support her husband.

Even for me like this,Become a good wife to support your husband!`` There was a period when I made lunch for lunch and baked salmon and fried eggs for breakfast, but I got tired in about 3 months.Oh, it's impossible for me to be a good wifeI thought and gave up.

When I wrote something like this, I felt like a tremendous wife (laughs)

More important than raising

In response to what my friend told me to raise, I searched this keyword online,Acquire the knowledge of Aageman and become a woman loved by boyfriend!"6 ○○ to improve boyfriend's luckI was surprised that there were many how-to articles. Is it a word that is so interested in women in the world?

On the other hand,I felt a little uncomfortable when I saw those articles.Because I

It's better to use your power to meet men who are more likely to succeed in the future than to try to be “raised”

Because I think.

So, the following is a completely personal view, not a story based on data, but just a story that feels about me and my surroundings.There is also such a way of thinkingI hope you can read it to the extent.

Even if a woman works hard to become an “ageman”, in the first place the male sideNo, I don't want to work so hard and I can stay as it isIt ’s hard to make that man successful. Even if it can be done, it takes a lot of patience and preparedness on the part of the woman, and it takes time.

Also, if the woman is doing too hard, she will ask the other party for excessive expectations and rewards.I'm doing this, but why don't you try your best! ?"I feel that the dissatisfaction" is born, and each other becomes difficult.

Like a peach tree from a peach seed and an apple tree from an apple seed, saying "Become an apple" towards a peach seed, that is an impossible story.(For example, it became more difficult to understand),

First of all,I want to succeed, I want to go higherI think it is important to find a man who has the thought of "and is acting steadily."

To meet a successful man

"So how do you meet such men?"

The easiest and most likely way to do this is

“Aiming for myself”

I think that. Like class calls friends, people with similar wavelengths and values attract each other regardless of gender. So, to meet a man who is willing to succeed, I think it's quick to go up as well.

However, “to aim for the top” here means nothing“Promote and promote in the company” “Start up”I want to say "Act with the desire to grow up at any age"I'm saying that.

"Let's challenge new things", "I don't know if I can do it, but I'm worried, but let's do it courageously"Aiming to live in the sense of living life greedyThat's it.

And as people face up and connect with such people, the people they meet and those who are introduced change naturally.

It ’s courageous to change the environment, but if you continue,I think the chances of meeting a successful man in the future will increase.

And, “I see, the person who achieves the goal is the person who thinks about this kind of thing and the behavior pattern,” he can understand with a skin sensation before marriage.

And above all, even if it does n’t lead to marriage,Increasing the chances of being successful can be a risk hedge in your life (laughs)

My husband and me

When I talk to a woman about this,No, but I do n’t think it ’s a frightening woman."And"After all, men love women and their marriage is delayed"It seems to be said," but I can not say generally.

I didn't take the data, but it was just around meA woman aiming at the top“In our case, they are finding a nice partner who is supple, strong, warm, very attractive and actually looks good.(Of course, many men like feminine and healthy people)

In my example, when I talked about a job that wasn't quite popular until I started a business,It ’s amazing, I ’m really fond of work…"I'm thinking about starting a business for women ... ?“There were many times when it was clearly donated.

However, as soon as the people I met were changed, the biggest and last moment of my life came.

Up until now, it had been donated, but conversely,A woman who is working hard is good"You can stand on your own”And the number of active invitations increased. However, I was sad at that time,Operate and grow a company that started a business"I was so desperate that I refused almost all invitations and only worked on my days off.

Oh yeah ... (T_T) w

However, at such a time, I wanted to meet again with my husband who met at a work gathering, and while I invited me to talk about various things,Life is once and I want to do what I want to do with each other, regardless of marriage"The values of" were in harmony and they got married.

It's been seven years since I got married, but my husband does almost no work at home, and sometimes just talks about work. Most of the time I can only see the youtube of the car, talk about the car, and get on the car, but it seems to be doing my best where I can't see it.(That ’s rude.)To now.

And in the meantime I haven't done anything. … I mean, I am desperate about my company, childcare, blogging, etc.The time passed with no room to think "Let's get up."

Just looking at my husband for 7 years is not the type that always talks about dreams and ideals, but I do not make a ceiling in my life.I want to go up and see the world I don't know"I'm a curious person who always keeps acting, so even if I'm not married to me, I feel like I have the environment right now.

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  1. Buppa

    It was an article that I can sympathize with.
    I think that the wife who supports her husband is the wife who pampers her husband and the wife that messes her husband.
    But in fact, “Do not limit freedom.” This is something you can't do without the support of your wife.
    What most men lose after marriage is "freedom".
    Freedom to work, freedom to challenge and adventure,
    If you are not an excellent wife, you can't do it.

    It ’s nice to have people who are trying to grow up.
    That is the biggest stimulus.

    Ten years after I married my wife, I was completely stagnant
    I forgot to challenge and gave up a little,
    After “Cayenne” came to my wife
    My wife resumed studying violently, and began to train her body, beauty, and foreign language,
    In one third of my time, I quickly gained an income that surpassed me.
    I looked at such a wife and thought that I could n’t do it, so I resumed studying,
    Human networking has resumed, and we are now ready for the next challenge and adventure.
    And I began to review my wife.

    A real celebrity woman
    “I can always give up my career for my family and important things.
    A woman who can get enough economic power with her power whenever she needs it. ''
    I feel like I read it somewhere.

    Ah, yesterday my old GT car that I loved was finally stopped by a fatal failure.
    Family is hard to ride and I can't rest assured, but should I make my favorite 996 turbo
    I am worried about making Panamera friendly to my family.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Buppa
      My wife is cooler! ! !
      I don't think it's an ordinary effort to have a small child and be able to make money in a short period of time.
      Really wonderful.

      > It ’s nice to have people who are trying to grow up.
      > That is the biggest stimulus.

      But it is certainly so. The most motivated person is willing to grow
      I'm sure it will have a big impact on myself.

      Buppa also stimulated each other in the couple,
      It ’s really amazing how you ’ve worked together.

      > Family is hard to ride and can't be relieved, but should I make my favorite 996 turbo
      > I am worried about making Panamera friendly to my family.

      Oh, this two choices are quite lost ...!
      Because Cayenne is there, I feel that it's okay to choose 996 turbo,
      Nonetheless, Panamera is a great car where you can feel a sports car with your family. .

      Please tell me the progress again ^^

  2. taramangts

    It was a really interesting article.
    Of course I am grateful, but I want to live a good life no matter what I do! I want to go where I want to go!
    I want to please my family! I want to ride a good car! It ’s all my thinking, so I ’ll do it without being told.
    Meanwhile, take your family on a trip! I want you to buy it! And if you are told that you don't want to buy a Porsche luxury, I will be completely motivated.
    On that point, my wife doesn't complain about buying what I do, so I'm not giving it personally (^-^;
    He understands my personality well. That's why I really wanted to make my wife happy with a different shape ^ ^ But from an old perspective, I wouldn't say that my wife wouldn't give me a laugh I don't care at all Ne ^ ^

    • MinaMina


      After all, when you listen to the story of a wife of a man who thinks it ’s wonderful,
      I always think, “This wife, this husband, and this husband, this wife.”

      Mr. taramangts is also a lovely wife ^^
      However, I believe that Mr. Taramangts is always doing something that is trustworthy, so his wife does not say anything.

      After all, “This wife is this husband, and this husband is this wife.” .

      I will continue to do my best!
      Continue to thank you ^ ^