My husband started thinking about changing Panamera – the next candidate is Porsche Taikan?

Porsche Tycan

Change Panamera?

The other day, I wrote an article saying that Panamera had been inspected for a year.

One year inspection of Porsche Panamera – inspection items, remaining tire grooves, costs, etc.

In response to this, my husband said "It may be possible to change Panamera to the next car before the vehicle inspection." I heard thatBut it ’s a car, I ’m fine for a while…When saying,

No, but as time goes by, the value of the car will drop, and if you change one day, you may change it while the mileage is still short. Since the situation of paying a loan has changed, the point is to talk about which car you want to ride with a loan.

When. Well, I see. Husband

Cayenne, too. If you do it again to Panamera,Next is a plain PanameraI think so. later, Hybrid or yeahThat's true.

When. In response to this,Panamera is a sports car that can be enjoyed by the whole familyYeah, I'm sure Panamera. After the car with a high car height,I like cars that can run like sports cars with low eyesNo. "

Then my husband said, “Well, yes.” Time passed as I repeated this conversation several times.

I had no interest in cars before.Benz S class and C class are the same size! I don't know the difference!I said, "After a few years,I prefer sports cars with low eyes"I don't know what life is like"

Taikan is here!

The other day, Taikan's world premiere was broadcast live. On that day, to see the world premiere broadcast in real time, the children were laid down, and the couple was on standby at 22:00.

[Breaking News] The whole picture of Porsche Taycan is revealed – Summary of World Premiere

And at the end of the live broadcast, Taikan was finally unveiled.

Hmm ... The vertical cut in the headlight looks like a domestic car ... I'd like to test drive, but don't wait until I buy it.

"It was one more among my husband.The next day if I thought. My husband who came home said something like this.

Even Panamera ’s next car, Taikan, is n’t it! ?

No noNo, no, no ... (゚ д ゚)! !
Ansan yesterday,Taikan is not necessaryI was going to have something like that!

No, no. Since then,I tried to make a configuration of Taikan of an overseas siteNo. Then, the body color is blue and dark, so it's so cool. The headlight cuts are not connected to the lights, so it is different from the design of a domestic car, and when you look at it, it looks much better.
Hon,Options like “Sport Exhaust” for Taikan (Porsche Electric Sport Sound)I liked it, but I liked the sound of “Queen”. It's pretty cool. Taikan is awesome!

When. What do you really want (* _ *)!

When I heard my husband say that, I looked at Taikan again and I thought, “I'm pretty cool.” When you see it in town,Sophisticated sports car feelingSeems to be out. "But what about charging facilities?"(Since my house is a detached house),

The neck is there. The parking lot in my house is 100V and that's not the case, so I don't think we can work on changing the voltage. Recently, charging facilities have also increased in the highway SA and hotel parking lots, and if you can handle it, bring it to the Porsche Center.


So that's it…. I feel lonely that I have to leave Panamera for a while.Buy Porsche with your own money!”, So you can buy it back later (laughs). On this occasion,Taikan came to my houseIt may be interesting.

Also, it will be a blog story ( ̄ ー  ̄)

"Which grade would you like to buy?"When asked,

That's right. As is expected, even upper models such as Turbo and Turbo S are not necessary, so it would be "elemental". First of all, I want to experience what a Porsche electric car looks like. When I can test ride, I'll get H to speak right away.

It was that. However, when I bought a Panamera turbo in my home,It ’s like an elementary model.But after ordering,After all turbo! !I contacted Mr. H and changed it, so I do not know what will happen, but w

There is still a story ahead, but it is unlikely that Taikan will be delivered by the inspection of Panamera in October next year.

* Image Source:World premiere of the Porsche Taycan: Sports car, sustainably redesigned

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  1. Ishi

    It's almost a rule to buy Taikan (laughs).

    My home is also considering the next transfer of Panamera. (To be exact, my wife and child are completely indifferent, so I am thinking alone.)

    I think that it is good every time after test riding the new Cayenne several times, but after all I get on my Panamera when I get home.

    I thought that it would not be Panamera if PHEV was the condition, so I tried a Volvo PHEV (V60 twin engine). I thought that I could change to Volvo considering the cost performance such as the practicality of the back seat, motor driving on the lower road with a lighter feeling than Panamera, safety equipment etc. I came to the conclusion that when I got home, I got on my Panamera, and this was a good choice, and the next transfer would be the Panamera PHEV. I am aiming for the second half of 971, but depending on the cash flow, I can continue to ride the 970PHEV, and I am so satisfied.

    There is still a lot of time to Taikan, so why not try putting Panamera PHEV in between?
    Compared with Panamera Turbo, the appeal as a sports car is probably less, and I think that it feels like a slightly sporty luxury saloon. However, there are Boxster and GT3 for sports driving, and Mina seems to be getting used to driving MT, so I think that there will be no problem even if the elements of sports cars have faded slightly from Panamera.

    It was the opinion of an arbitrary reader who just wanted to read a new review on the blog.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you very much.

      > This is a very common process for buying Taikan (laughs).
      If you can clear the problem of the charging equipment, I feel like I will definitely buy it (laughs)

      I can understand the feeling that “Panamera is good after all” (laughs)
      Even though other cars are insanely good, when you get on Panamera again, you'll think "Oh, this is this ...".

      My husband also seemed to have been interested in Panamera PHEV.
      As you say, even if the elements for sports cars are slightly faded from Panamera,
      The current situation is all right now, so my husband may feel like “Please go to the electric car!” (Laughs)

      We still have time, so we will consider a lot, so please continue!

  2. k

    The day before yesterday I was in Frankfurt, so I went to the motor show.

    Of course, the most notable strain is Taikan.

    Wright certainly felt a little uncomfortable at first glance.
    I think that is probably because the image of Porsche = round eyes is strong.
    However, as a design, I think that it would be a new Porsche challenge for the light, inheriting the elements of Porsche properly in each part.
    The colors were dark blue and red other than white. Personally, blue was quite cool and I was drawn first.
    There were also other 718 Cayman GT4, Boxster Spider, 911 (992), etc., and the Porsche booth was lively.
    (Lamborghini's “Cyan” booth was the most popular.)

    It is written in various articles, but at this motor show I felt a little lonely that EVs were pushed to the front and EVs in the future will become mainstream, but there are environmental problems, so each manufacturer I thought it would be helpful if he made better things.

    Even so, the speed of that decision (laughs)
    As is expected.
    There is a lot of time you can imagine.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Taikan's test drive again someday.

    PS The quality of recent photos has been further refined, so I'm watching it. I am also looking forward to uploading wonderful photos.

    • MinaMina


      > The day before yesterday I was in Frankfurt, so I went to the motor show.
      Wow! ! ! ! !
      How enviable ...! That's right! ! ! Wow! ! !

      > I think that is probably because the image of Porsche = round eyes is strong.
      > As a design, I think that it would be a new Porsche challenge to inherit the elements of Porsche properly in each part and light.
      That's right. Certainly, I took a quick look and felt that the front design was uncomfortable or not a Porsche,
      I thought that the wheel had changed,

      When I looked at Taikan ’s youtube review etc., I felt that it was a Porsche.
      That's because it inherits the elements of Porsche.

      > Nevertheless, the speed of that decision (laughs)
      My husband recently watched all of Taikan ’s youtube and seems completely addicted.
      There ’s still more time to order…
      I would like to observe what will happen next. Lol

      > PS The quality of recent photos has been further refined, so I'm watching it. I am also looking forward to uploading wonderful photos.
      Thank you! My husband recently seems to have been working on not only photography but also the taste of photography has changed little by little.

  3. ちゃくちゃく





    そして、タイカンが発表されて、タイカン買うぞ!!つまと思ってたのですが、、、、待ちきれず、我慢でしず、970S e ハイブリッドを購入してしまいまさた(笑)

    人生初の車がパナメーラというナメたデビューをしてしまきました( ´Д`)

    また、今月末には乗り換えで、971 4Eハイブリッドが納車されます、、、サファイアブルーメタリックです。


    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      >人生初の車がパナメーラというナメたデビューをしてしまきました( ´Д`)





  4. ちゃくちゃく


    誤字脱字ひどくてすいません( ´Д`)


    • MinaMina

      Thank you!