[Breaking News] The whole picture of Porsche Taycan is revealed – Summary of World Premiere

Porsche Tycan

Taikan World Premiere

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015,Porsche's first 4-door EV sports concept carIt ’s been four years since “Mission E” was announced.

Porsche today streamed the world premiere of Porsche's first mass-produced 4-door EV sports car, Taycan, at 22:00 on September 4th, Japan time. I watched it on time, but I couldn't find all the information that I didn't understand in English, but I would like to briefly introduce the world premiere.

(Countdown was done until the live delivery time)

Taikan's World Premiere will be broadcast simultaneously in three locationsIt was done. Germany's solar power plant, Canada's Niagara Falls side hydroelectric power plant, China is a Fujian wind power plant.

About Taikan

Taikan reflecting the technology of 918 Spider and 919 Hybrid,Equipped with 800V system, the first ever EV sports cardoing. Conventional electric vehicles generally have a 400V system, but Taikan has twice as many 800V systems.High level, high performance can be demonstrated stably" Below, it seems to be the number of the top model Taikan Turbo S,

・ Maximum speed is 260km / h
・ 0-100km / h is 2.8 seconds, 0-200km is 9.8 seconds
・ Maximum output is 560kw(Equivalent to 761ps)
・ Maximum torque 1050 Nm

It is. The weight exceeds 2 tons. Looking at the numbers alone, it seems that Tesla is quite conscious.

As a record to support these numbers,In a test conducted in August at a special course in Nardo, Italy, it passed 3425 km in 24 hours.doing. The average speed is 215km / h at maximum.

In the same month, as a result of a time attack at the Nürburgring (North Course) in Germany,Recorded the fastest lap time of 7 minutes 42 seconds as a 4-door EV sports carare doing.

Regarding charging, it seems that it can run 100 km with a 5-minute charge (270 kw).

Taikan design

Here, I would like to introduce the Taikan that was unveiled at the World Premiere.(Since I took a picture of my computer screen, I'm sorry that the image quality is rough.)

How about this design? I get a near-future impression, but personally II feel like Panamera, but Panamera is coolerI felt(I wonder if you are used to it).

However, this image alone is not enough, so when I looked at the Porsche News site, there were articles and photos about the Taikan announcement, so I would like to introduce them.

I saw Taikan with a body color other than white for the first time, but it looks pretty cool. Also, in the prototype that was witnessed in advance, I felt that "Mission E was cool, but the design has changed a lot", but in fact it was released with a design very close to Mission E.

By the way, the interior looks like the following.

The meter is easy to see and cool, but what about the operability such as the buttons on the center console? It seems quite difficult until I learn the operation.

Taikan wants to test drive

Porsche's first EV sports car. Because it is a Porsche, I'm sure it will be impressed when I test drive. Even at the world premiere,

“It ’s not just an EV sports car, it ’s a solid Porsche (has a soul).”

I was saying something like(There is a possibility that you don't understand English properly w)If you can test drive, I would like to taste its performance.

By the way,

Somehow, the cuts on the side of the headlights are like a domestic car.No discomfort with blue bodyI want to see a little more of the other dark colors.Elemental modelIf it comes out, I'd like to look at specs and prices and consider them.
After all, the weight is nearly 2.3t. I thought I could make it a bit lighter if I did Porsche, but I wonder if it's battery technology now.
When I tried a Tesla Model S before,Fast and nice car, but unforgettable ride and handlingI did it. That's why I'm interested in how the Porsche seasons the chassis after trying the Taikan.

It was said that.

The price was not mentioned at the world premiere, but I will introduce it on this blog as soon as I get more information.

* Image Source:World premiere of the Porsche Taycan: Sports car, sustainably redesigned

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  1. Ishi

    I was able to watch the live broadcast yesterday in a timely manner. One of the broadcast destinations was in China and it appeared in subtitles, and I felt again that Porsche emphasized the Chinese market. There was a voice problem on the way, but it was nice to have a live feeling,

    I was also interested in seeing Taikan headlights like a Copen taillight. Like 996 and 986 tear eyes, I have a premonition that it will be a short-lived design.

    Running for 100km with a 5-minute charge is attractive, but it's not the usual 200V for home use.

    There were places where I felt uncomfortable, such as the headlights and the white of the wheel, but I am looking forward to the test ride being introduced to Japan because the impression may change when I see it in real life.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Have you seen live streaming!
      Certainly, Chinese has been everywhere, and it has been reported that the Chinese market has been empowered.

      The sound has disappeared several times along the way! And in an important scene (laughs)
      While watching that world premiere, I thought “I want to be called here someday”.

      That design, and the actual charging infrastructure in Japan,
      I'm wondering how to write Japanese car media, and I'd love to try it out.

  2. To be sunny

    Good morning.
    Taikan finally came out.

    This is like a crafty work if the vehicle height is not low (if there is no feeling of scolding the ground)
    If anything, I expect it from the wagon type.

    As for EV, I like engines, but I expect them.
    Recently, I remembered that even for driving other than the purpose of enjoying driving, I could even use automatic driving with EV.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      That's right!

      > This is like a little crafted if the vehicle height is not low (if there is no feeling of scolding the ground)
      > I'm looking forward to the wagon type.
      Even though it is an EV sports car, it somehow creates an atmosphere like a luxury sedan.

      > Recently, I remembered that even when driving other than the purpose of enjoying driving, EVs could already be driven automatically.
      I see…! Perfect use (laughs) That is also wonderful!
      If it ’s an everyday commute, it ’s definitely easier… (laughs)

  3. SN

    Taycan came out! I haven't seen all of them, but I've always watched the presentation video.
    The American site has announced that turbo is $ 150,000 and turbo S is $ 185,000. Probably from around 20 million yen in Japan ...
    I thought that it looked like Panamera if I replaced the front eyes. And the notch is very similar to Lexus LC. I agree with Panamera is cooler.
    I do not plan to purchase it, but I am very interested. However, the cruising range of 450km can only be achieved if you don't run so carefully. The battery will turn up as you step on it.
    Here, in addition to Tesla's models S and X, I often look at Tesla model 3. There seems to be a lot of demand for transfers from Tesla. I want to look forward to seeing it all over the city.

    • MinaMina

      Taikan, is that ... It ’s a pretty good price.
      I've never got on a plug-in hybrid car, so how much the battery has, how much it changes depending on how it runs,
      I don't have an image at all, but I wonder if I can run the distance without problems even if I turn on the air conditioner in the summer heat in Japan, or I can use it on a daily basis with the Japanese charging infrastructure,
      I am interested in various things.

      I want to see Taikan in the city. If you look around the city, it will look futuristic and pretty cool.
      Please tell me if you can see it again in the US ^^

  4. Tetsu

    long time no see.
    That said, the blog continues and I enjoy reading it.

    I heard from the Porsche Center,
    The charging voltage was 800v, and in addition to the facility, the qualification of a high-voltage electric operator was necessary.
    The hurdles are quite high.
    In general facilities, is it from maintenance in apartment houses such as apartments?

    And the latest 911 type 992
    We also heard a shocking story about becoming an EV car after a full model change.
    992 is the last gasoline car ⁉︎

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu

      > I heard from the Porsche Center.
      > The charging voltage was 800v, and in addition to the facility, the qualification of a high-voltage electric operator was necessary.

      Oh ... That's right ... It's a high hurdle ...
      Certainly it's quite difficult to do it personally ...

      Having an electric car is not the same as having an ordinary car. .

      > And the latest 911 type 992
      > I heard a shocking story about becoming an EV car after a full model change.
      > 992 is the last gasoline car ⁉︎
      Wow! Europe has very strict environmental regulations ...
      If that happens, the current NA6 cylinder will become a really valuable car ...