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Boxster material

I was editing a video on the weekend.I don't have enough boxster footageI asked my husband, "Do n’t you think Boxster and GT3 are going to Ayu?" Then

Soya. Let's go to the sunset time to see the sunset.

I checked the sunset time and was preparing to leave at that time. …But,Sure enough, just before the sky began to cloud.My husband who saw it

what will you do? It's cloudy, but are you going?

However, it was emotionally difficult to take an option that I do not want to change now.It's cloudy, but the other side is sunny, let's go"We responded and departed with two cars.

Boxster's security

Since 981 Boxster has torque, it is easy to drive even for those who are not very confident in driving like me.(I used to say that it was difficult to drive a lot in the past.)"This hill is hard if it is 3rd gear"Even if you think," just stepping on the accelerator a little, it will be strong and will go up without any problems.

In the case of a slope with a gentle slope, the auto-hold function does not work, so it seems that it will slip off for a moment when starting off, but the strength that can endure at that time also gives the driver a sense of security.

I didn't really care about the torque until I got into the MT car, but now only now.That's what everyone says that there is torque or not.(Laughs)

Aoi, rain ...

There are many cat's eyes on the road in front of Ashi Tollgate, so I tried to drive Boxster carefully,Open the roof around the toll booth and enter Sport Plus modeI tried to. In the case of 981 Boxster GTS, the auto blipping function is turned on by switching to the sport plus mode.

Thanks to this auto-blipping feature, BoxsterBuon"I courageously praise you." The second daughter who was riding beside me was so excited that “Wow!

But it is.

The cloud is getting suspicious. After all ... w

And one minute to the observatory,Finally, raindrops and raindrops fell on the windshield.I thought, “Let's go to the observatory as it is,” but just in case, I parked the car on the shoulder and closed the roof.

And as soon as the roof was closed, the rain became quite intense. "When I went to the observatory as it was, it was supposed to be a great deal"I was relieved, but I was filled with excuses for my husband who was careful not to let the hood get wet in the rain. I'm sorry really.

When I arrived at the observatory, my husband was a walkie-talkie.

Why is there no pattern, but how many times does this have a pattern of rain and wind when you come to the observatory? I'm not hated by the mountain god

I told you, but no, it ’s so good (-_-)

I didn't have an umbrella, so of course I couldn't go outside ... However, when I looked at the sky spreading south of the observation deck through the car window, it was quite bright.If you wait a bit like this, the rain may stop"And wait.

However, contrary to that intention, the rain gradually increased in intensity over time. The situation at that time is like this.

Boxster driving in heavy rain

As expected, in this heavy rain, there is no point in waiting for a long time.Go to the seaside photo spotlet's see. The weather forecast was cloudy today, so no rain would have fallen. So, I decided to leave the observatory.

And the way home.

It was my first experience running Boxster in heavy rain and on a road.I'm a little scaredI thought, but nothing at all. There was no slip at the corners or the feeling that the tires floated, and it was very stable.

Nonetheless, it's not so fast, so if you run on the highway in this state, it will be different, but after all the pilot sports 4S is amazing.

Tire exchange of Porsche Boxster GTS-impression of trying to change to Michelin pilot sports 4S

I can't fly in the rainReturn from sport plus mode to normal modeI tried to do that, but after all, I felt a shift shock every time I shifted down.

The illusion that driving has improved thanks to the automatic blipping functionActually, we still need to practice.

After that, I went to the pass, but it was still raining. In response to this situation, I gave up taking photos along the sea and eventually went straight home.

After returning home, my husband was amazed.

No, it ’s not like a rainy woman. (Laughs) When Mina goes to Ari from now on,I'm going to check the rain cloud radar instead of the weather forecast.Wow. The weather forecast was cloudy a while ago, but it has changed to rain.

But there are no words to return (-_-)

In fact,I want to go to see Arisu's first sunrise next yearI thought, but if this is the case, I would bother you with heavy rain or heavy fog, so I decided to go there again.

After all, on this day, of course, we could n’t take any video material.I paid 410 yen and just went to get the car wetHowever, since I can't do the experience of running Boxster in heavy rain, I wonder if it was a valuable experience in that sense.

Anyway ..., if I was born a long time ago,Rain guruI think that I could have played an active part as this time.

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