Hyogo / Hachi Kita Touring by Porsche 911 GT3


Last month's Bon Holiday. The second half was my house, where I had spent a lot of time without any plans, but my husband went out for touring. I wrote an article at that time in the article, so please have a look.

Obon GT3 Touring

The end of the Bon holiday came to an end, but I couldn't suppress my desire for touring. However, it ’s my home ground because it ’s difficult to run long distances.A trip in the mountains of HyogoI decided to go out.

I wanted to leave at about 6:00 AM, but I slept and left at 8:00 AM. This time at the request of my wife,I want you to take video materialI prepared a variety of photography equipment. There are so many things to list.

  • SONY α7Ⅲ (mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera)
  • SONY RX100M3 (compact digital camera)
  • SONY SEL24105G (lens)
  • SONY SEL70300G (Lens)
  • DJI Mavic Pro (drone)
  • GoPro HERO7 BLACK (wearable camera)
  • GoPRo HERO4 Silver (wearable camera)

Of course, besides thisMultiple spare batteries, in-vehicle chargers, various holders, gorilla pods, selfie sticks, etc.There is a good luggage.

Where the luggage is on the back seat of GT3(GT3 does not have a seat itself)First of all,Go north on Maizuru Wakasa Expressway.From there, we proceed to Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway and personally think that it is one of the most famous roads in the prefecture.R427”And go to Road Station Sugihara Paper Village / Takara.

This road really feels good. The distance is not that long, but the road is wide and the traffic is low. There's up and down, one of the best ways. GT3Shift up to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and downshift to 3rd, 2nd.

Repeat this to run up the fence and continue downhill.

GT3 sports exhaust valves usually open around 4000rpm, but recently discoveredIf you depress the accelerator to some extent at 4th speed or higher, the valve will open even at around 3000rpm and make a pleasant sound.

If you read the GT3 manual again,Pressing the sport exhaust button optimizes torque at low and medium speeds" Perhaps the opening and closing of the valve is controlled more variable than expected. In the heavy bassGooen"At the same time, his back is pressed against the seat back.

It's an unbearable feeling.

Your favorite road with GT3

After a break at Michi no Eki, turn back here. Even if I go further south, the number of private houses and traffic increases and it's not so much fun, so I always go back here. "R427”And then northward this time,R9To "."

"R9"There is only a single-digit national highway, and as expected there is a lot of traffic, but it ’s a comfortable and fast-paced road.

The next destination is "K89This is the goalAutomobile Hill Climb Race that is performed by blocking public roads"Kronos Colortain Bee NorthIt was a route that I had always wanted to run once in the course that is also the venue of.

Pavement is not very good for a while from the starting point, but it changes to a fast runway from the middle. Although the distance is short, it is a course that you can enjoy because there is little traffic. The goal point has no trees on the side of the course, so the view is good and you can run comfortably.

Next, “K6"Towards the Oya area." The Oya has a Oya ski area, which is one of the home slopes that came from a small age. "K6Is sometimes a very pleasant way, although it sometimes blocks the way to light tigers. "K6ToK48”And break on the shore of Hikihara Dam (Lake Omizu).

Special, GT3

Then head to Higashiyama in Hagacho, Shiso City. This is a place that I often use for photography, and there is a great way to get there. "R29It ’s a road that starts from the Tanibashi intersection, but is it a town road? I don't know the name. But,Wide climb and hill climbingFollowed.

Forest Station Haga Higashiyama Onsen at the top of the passYou can also eat, stay and camp. There are many famous roads in Sakai City, but it is one of my favorite roads.

This road has been running many times in various cars since getting a license,GT3 is also exceptionalIt is. Turn around the corner to make a sharp cut. The cornering speed limit is very difficult to test on ordinary roads, but every corner is generous.

AndTake advantage of RR's intense traction to escape corners with angry accelerationTo do. it is really amazing. To be honest, it is different from a super car that makes up the handling performance with the initial response of the steering.

After all Porsche said,The essential part of car performanceI felt once again that I focused on engineering. After running for a while with GT3 and sweating, I finished this petit touring on the way home.

Running time 8:09
Mileage 372.8km
Average fuel consumption 12.9km / 100km (Approx. 7.7km / L)
Average speed 48km / h

However, it is still not enough to run. . .

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    Tomorrow is the day of 911, but it was rainy, so I ran the road from today's recommended Route 29 to Forest Station Haga.
    It ’s a wonderful hill climb. I wanted to run more.
    Thank you for teaching me a good way. It seems to be addicted for a while.
    Then, my recommended road is Okayama's wide-area farm road, but please run "Mimasaka Yamanami Kaido" once.
    High speed winding continues for about 30km, and it is a rattle because it is a farm road that is not guided by navigation.
    Sumimasen if you know. Then we look forward to blog again.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Thank you for visiting our blog!
      And thank you so much for actually running the road introduced on the blog.
      I am very happy ^^

      > So, my recommended road is Okayama's wide-area farm road, but please try running Mimasaka Yamanami Kaido once.

      I told my husband, “I understand! I think that is a famous road in the Chugoku region“ 1 ”!! That's so messy !!!! I can't go all the time because I'm away from home, but if I imagined it, I'd like to run again !!!!! (Laughs)

      In Japan, there are still many famous roads that do not appear on the map.
      I hope you can tell me if there is a good way again.

      Continue to thank you!