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Easy to read article?

When I met a blog reader,The blog text is easy to read and understand, but how do you write it?"Did you originally write?"

However, I'm not thinking about it myself and writing an article.That's right,I've been writing and speaking for a long time ... and I like writing a lot.“I have continued to respond with no answer at all.

And the other day. Readers will find their blog (Exponential life), I learned that this blog was introduced along with the text “It is like a Porsche in the blog world where the amount of information is full even though the expressive power of the text is light.”

Words that are too bad ... Thank you ...

So, on this occasion, I decided to sort out how I am writing articles.

In the first place,I'm not good at readingIt is(... oh). You can read novels and comics, but you can't read the contents of newspapers or business books. I am not good at reading print, so even me like this,How can I make sentences that are easy to read, understand, and fun to read?I always write sentences.

Today I ’m going to talk about the best way to write patterns"Configuration" and "Edit"I decided to consider these two items separately.

1.Composition is based on rakugo

First, about the structure of the article(It's not as big as composition),In the case of I"Rakugo"Is made with reference to.

In the previous workplace, there was a senior who was very good at the presentation, but one time I asked, “Why are you so good at speaking?” Then the senior said,I'm referring to rakugo"

Rakugo is the strongest presentation. One story of a rakugo artist, the listener is as ifSense of experiencing the event together on the spotCan be tasted. Even though there is nothing like an image or a monitor, it reminds me of a scene, makes me laugh, attracts, and makes me feel like watching a movie or a drama. Since I was really impressed with this technology,I'm conscious of rakugo.


"I see…! I also want to be able to speak and write in ways that come to mind.I thought, "I listened to rakugo well for a while." Nonetheless, since rakugo is so deep, I couldn't understand the essence of it at all ... I always thought it would be nice to be able to write it closer to rakugo.

① Write in a story

Articles I have experienced something(Event participation, touring, etc.)About the time from departure to homestory"Is often written. For example, this article on GT3 Touring delivery.

Porsche 911 GT3 finally delivered! – Delivery date documentary

On the morning of the day, the dealer was picked up from Cayenne at home, arrived at the Porsche Center, watched the GT3 together with the couple for the first time, and then wrote the story until going to the first run. .

To everyone who read,As if I was thereI think it would be nice to have a feeling like that, but because it is a series of flows, the scale is inevitably long (explosion)

② Write anyway without worrying about appearance

I think there are various ways for each person, but in my case,I don't care about the appearance, but once I write the whole thing.Regardless of whether the time series is reversed or strange Japanese, I'm going to draft and just outline the frame.

On the other hand, if you try to write beautiful sentences from the beginning, you will soon be unable to write anything.

③ Add a photo

It is very difficult to imagine a scene with only text.Fortunately, blogs don't have to be expressed in words alone, unlike rakugoSo, I try to put photos that match the sentences as much as possible.

Speaking of which, when I attended the delivery of GT3 in May, I took quite a few photos. Porsche displayed in the store, where the husband signs the documents, where the person in charge wears gloves, where the elevator rides, the coffee served, etc ...

"I don't really like this photoIf you're shooting anything you think, "Some of them are surprisingly usable.Nonetheless, 90% is actually a bot ... (laughs)

④ Enter a conversation

When listening to rakugo, the characters often talk.This “conversation” makes the story more realistic and more interesting.I think so. So, in this blog, “conversations” such as conversations with husbands and those in charge are frequently inserted.

For example,

“My husband should make the accelerator work smoother,” he said.

Rather than writing

“I want to be more conscious of accelerator work? Do n’t make“ ON, OFF ”clearer, I step on and pull out more and more. Then, there ’s no shift shock, and driving is smoother. I was told.

Write like this.Dare Kansai dialectI'm writing because I want to draw a couple's conversation more realistically.

⑤ Keep in mind the “1 article, 1 laugh”

If there are laughable points in the text, there will be a lot of fun and fun, so as much as possible,1 article, 1 laugh"I am trying to write a sentence with the intention of".

Nonetheless, I don't have the skills to laugh like Rakugoka, and the feeling of laughter varies from person to person.Even if you think it ’s interesting, it ’s not interesting for you"I think there are many things ..."

However, there are quite a few articles with no serious laughter because of too serious writing (explosion)

Next page → Actually, the “editing” work is more difficult!

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  1. jewnichi

    This time I respect as a blog mirror
    In "Porsche came to our house"
    Thank you for introducing our blog.
    Thank you very much.

    While reading this article over and over again
    There was something that I noticed again.

    When I first visited this blog
    From an article about Porsche love overflowing,
    An article that suddenly made a maniac digging
    Very easy to read while using plain expressions
    Because it was content

    "Blog beginners like this
    I may be able to write if it is a sentence. "

    Actually, a master of sentences like Mina
    That it was an article that was written with great care
    I don't notice ...
    From a misunderstanding
    I realized that my blog started

    At first glance, it was written as “slurry” in the sense of the person
    Even the text that looks like
    Once again, it has been released to the world
    "Blog world of Porsche"
    The expression was not wrong
    We are proud of it!

    This article is worth the price
    Useful for future blog management
    I would like to go.

    Thank you again.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      This article really feels like I've tightened my neck
      If it says so much, I have to write more properly, so it became a self-disciplined article in a good sense.

      I myself am an amateur, so
      To be honest, there is still one part I don't understand even after reading an article on the car media ...

      Let's write it in an easy-to-understand manner even if I read it.
      While I'm thinking about studying things I don't understand by listening to my husband or studying,
      I will come to now.

      I would also like to exchange information with you.
      Continue to thank you!