My husband bought an S63 AMG coupe - what was your impression of the husband after delivery?

S63AMG Coupe
SL 500 (R <b> 129)

Report from the husband by e-mail.

Three days ago on Thursday in the daytime, I finished a work and confirmed my cell phone, and my e-mail arrived from my husband.

S63AMG Coupe was delivered. I got on.

Oh ... well ... (゚ д ゚) I was saying that I bought it or I bought it, but it seems that it was finally delivered. This time I purchased a used Mercedes / Benz S63AMG coupe which was released in 2014.

The fastest version of the S class · coupe with the CL class as its ancestor, the article at the time released in 2014, the summary was introduced like this.

 price  £ 124,000 (21.4 million yen)
 maximum speed  250 km / h
 0-100 km / h acceleration  4.2 seconds
 Fuel economy  9.9 km / ℓ
Dry weight  2070 kg
 engine  V type 8 cylinder 5461 cc turbo
 Maximum output  584 ps / 5500 rpm
 Maximum torque  91.7 kg-m / 2250 rpm
 Gear box  7 speed automatic

Source:Mercedes · Benz S63 AMG Coupe | AUTOCAR JAPAN

My husband's first impression.

I have not actually seen it yet, but my husband seemed to have been running a moment after the car delivered, and taught that impression. However, since it did not run slowly, it is said to be the first impression to the last.

Just being a first impression"A car with a different direction at all from Panamera, if you have people who are lost for these two, I'd like to tell you that I am mistaken for comparison"He stressed.

① Overall impression

· Easy coupe. It is not a car whose feeling is in battle mode.
· It is hard to ride hard to imagine from the brand image AMG, and is a quiet and comfortable car as a whole. If this is the case with AMG, is it more comfortable at S500?
· When you run in Comfort mode, you feel Benz properly. Moistened footsteps.
· However, compared with the SL 500 etc. of R129 of the past, the heavy feeling of Benz seems to be somewhat diluted.

② AT, accelerate

· There is no shift shock of AT. Super comfortable.
· I am accustomed to PDK, but feel a little idle feeling when accelerating from extremely low speed.
· It is fairly early to step on. The absence of speed is excellent.
· The accelerator is light. The difference between the old Benz and the clouds. It is considerably lighter than Panamera.
· Acceleration force, acceleration G is felt by Panamera.
· Panamera is the strongest feeling of kicking the ground. It is the S63 coupe to accelerate to slide.

③ engine · engine sound

· The engine has solid torque from low rotation. I feel that there is more than Panamera.
· The sound of the engine sounds sports and turns more than mid-turn, it makes the V8's comfortable sound.
· It feels more quiet than Panamera's sports exhaust.

④ Suspension, handling

· When you make suspension as sports, it's about a trip between Panamera's normal and sports.
· If it is a sport, the feeling of grounding will increase and it will be dry feeling, but it is not to say that the horse is one body.
· Compared to Panamera, the cutting angle of the steering wheel and the arc that the car body draws are not directly proportional.
· Although the brakes work well, the initial touch is so soft that if you change from Porsche, you may feel a bit uneasy when driving in sports.


It seems that the husband 's conclusion is that overall opinion is like this.

If you run while enjoying mountain roads and high speeds Panamera. If you sink through the city, long-distance cruising S63 coupe and so on.

So today,"Panamera is locked on! - AMG GT 4 door coupe"There was a lot of RT on twitter. Did he really lock on? While worrying about this, I also want to drive the S63AMG coupe, looking at the crane.

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  1. How to support life

    Hello Mina,
    There was a time when we were considering Panamera or AMGS 63 in fact (I have already concluded it in Pana).
    I am sorry for your husband's "I'd like to tell you that I am wrong comparing objects."

    But AMG GT 63 (provisional name?) Announced at the previous Geneva (was it?) Was a shock in a sense.
    It looks exactly like Panamera. Where did the nuisance of Mercedes go?
    But I am interested. I do not buy it because the trunk seems to be narrow.

    • MinaMina

      Hello. Thank you for your comment!
      > There was a time when we were considering Panamera or AMGS 63 in fact (I have already concluded it in Pana).
      Oh ... that was it! It seems that the comparison object is different ... (laugh)
      I watched AMG GT 63! No, I wish I could resemble this ... (laugh) That rear, streamlined, perfect Panamera stuff ...
      However, I also want to test drive once (^ ^)