If you buy a new Porsche Cayenne, this specification is over 12 million if you estimate with a configurator

Cayenne Configurator
Porsche Cayenne

About the new Cayenne

The new Cayenne, which was booked for sale in December 2017. The line-Cayenne: 976 million yen, Cayenne S: 1288 million yen, Cayenne turbo: 18.55 million yen Three kindsHowever, plug-in hybrid models are also said to be released afterwards

Even so, since Porsche is normal and has more than 10 million yen paralyzed feeling, the new Cayenne is even cheap ... but it is quite expensive to think calmly (-_-)

Actually, I, although I have had Cayenne's back seat on board, I have never actually drove. So this time I became a new type "I wonder what it is ~" I was a little worried, I studied about the new Cayenne on the site.

What, ACC as standard equipment?

While reading the test drive report,Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is standard equippedAnd that. However, it is not stated on the Porsche Japan official website. But when attaching an option in the configurator, it should normally be an item of ACC in "option equipment" → "interior", but since it was not there, is it standard equipment?

When buying Panamera turbo at my house, I got 433,000 yen for "Adaptive Cruise Control" option, so I think that it is considerably advantageous if it comes as standard equipment.
→ After posting this article "After all, ACC is standard, after all Cayenne is equipped with a cruise control with speed limiter function as standard, it helps to adjust the running speed and the distance between the cars and it is written in the press kit" I ran So it seems that ACC is standard equipment.

I casually asked my husband ....

Suddenly I asked my husband, "How is this Cayenne ('ー`)? " I was going to ask a light question to the last, but I guess I had pushed the switch ... My husband started investigating about the new Cayenne with great momentum,

Of this timeCayenne 0-100 km / h 6.2 secondsHey. If there is enough acceleration force from there enough, it is normal rather than S or turbo. If you do cayenne or else do not run ashi, but sports chrono and rear axle steering are essential. The color of this blue is beautiful

Or he was mumbling and after a while,"If I buy this specification and (¯ ー ¯) b!"I showed the screen of the configurator. No, I bought it, but I bother to think about specifying it in the configurator (explosion)

If my husband buys ... spec

It seems like this if my husband buys it.

Base price 9,760,000 yen
Price for equipment (option) 2,880,000 yen
Total selling price 12,640,000 yen

item price
■ Exterior color:Pisque-blue metallic 193,000 yen
■ Interior color:black 0 ¥
■ Exterior:
LED headlight with PDLS
Porsche Entry & Drive System
Privacy glass
Soft Closed Door
Amount of money
163,000 yen
91,000 yen
128,000 yen
■ Transmission / Chassis:
Tiptronic S
Air suspension
Rear Axle Steering
Sports chrono package
Power Steering Plus
Amount of money
0 ¥
669,000 yen
52,000 yen
■ Wheel:19 inch Cayenne S wheel 100,000 yen
■ Interior:
14 way power seat memory package
Seat heater (front)
Seat ventilation (front)
floor mat
Smoker package
Lane keep assist
Automatic anti-glare mirror
Amount of money
226,000 yen
79,000 yen
33,000 yen
10,000 yen
106,000 yen
76,000 yen

"... I say, floor mats will also cost 33000 yen! Not expensive ゚ (゚ д ゚) !?"When I was surprised, "Soya: If I made it with a manufacturer's logo, I will do tens of thousands even on domestic cars, even if I buy cheap on AUTOBACS, it will be burning," but he said. No, the car world is amazing. Anyway, I am a bit nervous about the new Cayenne, so I'd like to go on a test drive this time.

After that, the appearance that went to "The New Cayenne Debut Fair", the test drive review is introduced in the following article.

I went to the new Cayenne debut fair! Impressions and images of the actual car

Porsche new Cayenne July 21-finally released in Japan! -I tried collecting test drive commentary videos and articles

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