Is it true that men who bought cars often are cheating? - Consideration of a wife who married a car lover.

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Car and love affair

Is it true that the rumors of Chama are?

"Men who often replace cars are female-loving and cheating," "People who change the clock are cool, they are cheating," such as rumors and web articles sometimes. But if it is "buying a car well = flirtatious and love woman", what will my husband become ... (- _ -).

Also yesterday"I bought the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe (* ゚ ∀ ゚)!"Where there was a report by e-mail (laugh), as far as I know cars owned by my husband to date,

① 2 seater line:There are several domestic cars ... Audi TT → BMW 318i (not 2 seater) → Mercedes · Benz SLK 350 → Boxster GTS
② 5-seater ride line:Audi A3 2.0T → Golf 7 Allstar
③ Sports car line available for family members:Panamera edition → Panamera Turbo
④ Short-term owned line:McLaren 650 (was it?) → Mercedes · Benz S63AMG coupe
⑤ Classic car line:Mercedes · Benz SL

Feeling like that, nohow, having to hold five cars instead of replacing the car ...If the theory at the beginning is correct, it means that "There are four women outside the wife and we are changing women according to the mood of the day."

... Wow, the lowest or not (゚ д ゚)! ! !

But I do not think there is such a swing in the minute I am watching, so I do not think that a car lover's husband is cheating flirt.

By saying that,"Replacing cars well = What is it like being cheating and love women?"I tried to consider myself who married a car lover. However, it is not guesswork or hearing, so it is in the area of ​​speculation ... sorry.

Four types of car lovers Illustration

Even if I say car lovers in one word, I think that the type is divided into several. The figure below.

(Pretty much my prejudice is included, so please take a look with a light feeling.)

In that regardThe vertical axis of "car fashion - car nerd", the horizontal axis of "rational (actual) - emotional (emotional)"So, when I divided the type into four, it became like this.

① 【car otaku + reasonable】 = original system... I do not compromise and want to ride a car I really want. I will investigate information about the car I want before purchase. It is definitely more detailed to that car than a dealer salesman. I believe the engineer so I will not remodel it.

② [Car Otaku + emotional] = Custom type· · · I want to change cars to my liking and ride. It is a super AUTOBACS regular. If you notice it, I was using money for custom purchase price. At the time of vehicle inspection, we will return it to normal.

③ 【car fashion + reasonable】 = latest model lovers· · · I always want to get the latest model. Sell ​​it before the price drops and replace it with a new one. I feel it is beneficial because I can ride the latest model with a small difference. It is common to switch to the company's closing date.

④ [Car is fashion + emotional] = I see the system... I want to motivate women. If you buy a car, I will go show it for the time being. I say with a face, "Passenger seat, let's get on?" Every time the car changes, she also changes.

Which type are you cheating love?

In this, I think that my husband is surely the original system of ①. My older brother is SUBARIST, I think that it is ② because I am already rebuilding something. As ①, ②, ③ are good,

The problem is ④, "Looking at me"!

"Here, I'm on a super cool car, so please say it!"Even if he is unconscious, "greed for women" is strong. So, there are many cases where you want to drive a car where there is a woman, so the probability of meeting a woman is much higher than that of the other three types.

Also in sales,The number of achievements is "quantity × quality = achievement"As it is said, as the number of prospective clients increases, the number of contracts increases, and if you give business negotiating ability leading to contracts, the contract rate increases and the result also increases.

If you apply this to ④(Can I fit it?)

There are a lot of encounters with ladies (amount) x Advantage of having a high class exterior car (= quality) = matching women with colored coats (achievements)

Is not that what it is. Nonetheless, people in ④ can work very much. To be able to buy a car as much as that should have earned it accordingly, and the men who can work can be attractive from the perspective of women. I'm sure it can be awesome, no, no.

That is the conclusion.

That's why I do not think it can be said that "car lover = cheating flirt and cheating". That's why a woman does not take a net article saying, "I prefer women who like to fly foreigners" "You should do better if you marry"You can look it with your own eyes, feel it with your skin, judge that person properlyI think.

I am married to a car lover's husband, and there are many things that I certainly think "this man is crazy w" (explosion), on the other hand I got married because my life was enriched by being taught a new world I think now.(It can not deny that households have high car coefficients such as Engel coefficient)

So ... well, I work (- _ -) (explosion)

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