Porsche new Cayenne July 21-finally released in Japan! -I tried collecting test drive commentary videos and articles

Porsche Cayenne

The new Cayenne debuts finally!

FinallyJapan's release date of the new Cayenne is July 21I came close to! After that, is not it a feeling that a test drive fair will be held at each Porsche dealer? At this point"Cayenne" "Cayenne S" "Cayenne turbo"Three models have been announced, PHV 'E hybrid' is decided to be available soon.

About the full model change of Cayenne this time Porsche"We developed not everything newly, not conventional improvements"they said.

① To a streamline silhouette whose exterior design is more like Porsche
... I approached the design of the new Panamera
② Adoption of the new 8-speed tiptronic S transmission
... Transmission with more emphasis on efficiency and enjoyment of driving, paddle shift mounted behind the steering wheel
③ Adoption of two newly developed six-cylinder engines
... equipped with new 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder turbo engine debuted in Panamera. The total displacement of the engine is reduced, and the output and the torque exceed the predecessor
④ Standard adoption of active controlled 4WD system
⑤ LED is equipped as standard on the headlight
⑥ Trunk capacity increased by 100 l

It seems like it is feeling.

I gathered articles about the new Cayenne.

Because it will be on sale in Japan on July 21st, after that, a lot of test drive articles may come out on the net, but now there is still little information. so,We have compiled information on the new Cayenne including overseas videos!First of all, about articles.

【Porsche New Cayenne latest information】 Release date is July 21! Price and performance by adding PHV model? (May 28, 2018)
* It summarizes the difference and specifications from the current type of the new type Cayenne based on the press conference.

【Test drive on new type Cayenne | Porsche (2018/1/25)】
* A report on motor-journalist Mr. Hirohisa Kaneko who tried on new European specification Cayenne

【Fulfillment without trial complaint to the new Pausca's new type Cayenne as the third generation (2017/11/14)】
* For engines, designs, interiors, differences with conventional type etc are written

【To control the new Cayenne Caucasus Mountains (Porsche Japan official website)】
* A report on the state of conducting the new Cayenne S endurance test in the Caucasus mountains (Azerbaijan) spanning Asia and Europe

【Porsche announces the new Cayenne E-Hybrid! 0-100 km / h acceleration 5.0 seconds, fuel consumption is 31.2 km / L! (5/3)
The performance and specifications of the new Cayenne E-Hybrid are introduced.

Overall"We do not have a weak point"And"No complaints at all"Although it is praised as a solid, is it so good (゚ ∀ ゚)
Compared to Bentley · Benteiga and Audi Q7, Cayenne is lightweight so it is sharper and more direct driving possible than the same SUV.

"People who want to enjoy traveling with engines equivalent to sports cars while being SUVs" and "people seeking SUV with a sense of quality"I wonder if there are any.

What is the new Cayenne movie?

I examined the animation as well,There are not much good videos in Japan yet... Because it is before release, I wonder if I can not test drive too much. Even though there are only the following things, I write as test drive, but in fact I have not test drive and there is no test drive explanation.

【2019 Porsche New Cayenne Turbo interior and exterior and test drive (10: 05)】
I wrote trial ride, but there is no commentary, a video like Porsche Introducing Cayenne lasts ten minutes.

So at times like this, you will find more people searching in English on youtube. First off from Porsche official.

【The new Porsche Cayenne. Sportscar Together. (1: 49)】
Porsche official video. It was taken very coolly. As expected.

【The new Porsche Cayenne - Comfort (1:41)】
Porsche official video. Navigation around the navigation, touch panel, trunk, park assist etc. are introduced

【The new Porsche Cayenne - Driver Assistance (1: 02)】
Porsche Official Movie, Driver Assist Function (Adaptive Cruise Control, Night Vision etc.) There are no sounds, but a kind video that you can understand with only videos.

Next is not a Porsche official, but a very easy-to-understand video.

【Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2018 review - A perfect mix of luxury and performance? | Autocar (36: 44)】
An easy-to-understand explanation of the test ride. When you press "subtitles", English subtitles appear, so you can see what you are talking about in Kaoru ~. I want to be able to speak English in English (lol)

【The New Porsche Cayenne 2018 | NEW FULL Review Interior Exterior (14: 36)】
Interior, exclusive videos of exterior. We carefully taken videos of the exterior, including where we opened the trunk and the door, and also explained the interior and the handle in detail.

Since I came out variously when I looked up in English, I think that I will look at other videos when I have time.

A new Cayenne coupe comes out too! What?

So, if I was looking into the new Cayenne, I found this article.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Appears in 2019 BMW X6 / Audi Q8 pursued

From last year I often saw WEB news such as "Porsche may announce Cayenne Coupe?" However, there were many expectations and speculation, so I could not understand credibility but it seems that it was decided at last.
In the article,"Oliver Blume, who leads Porsche, gave a go-ahead to the third generation Cayenne coupe specification, a source in the Porsche development department revealed that the UK release will be in the fourth quarter of 2019 It's called "It was written.

Will the new Cayenne come out in 2018, and the new Cayenne · Coupe will come out in 2019? I wonder if the new Panamera will come up with the flow like Panamera Sports Turismo.

I want to try cayenne quickly.

After that, the state that I went to "The New Cayenne debut fair" is introduced in this article.

[Reference article] I went to the new Cayenne debut fair! Impressions and images that saw a real car

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