The reason why the destination of the honeymoon which was not decided for two years was decided in Germany in 2 seconds.

Porsche Museum
Travel with Porsche

Honeymoon trip, Where am I?

It was about five years ago that our couple got married. at that time"Let's go for a honeymoon or what to do"Although I told the story that I did not want to go anyhow by any means separately, as each type of event to go through every event for each event, that story ceased to exist.

Just around"You got married but you do not go on a honeymoon?""I can only go on this occasion, you better go."Every time I asked my husband, "How do you go on a honeymoon?",

Husband: "Where would you like to go?"
Me: "Well ... Italy?"
Husband: "You want to go to the beach really?"
Me: "No, apart from that."
Husband: "What about Australia?"
Me: "I have been there twice, then Ocean? A resort?"
Husband: "I hate each other's oceans."
Me: "Sayana, what is Switzerland?"
Husband: "Good, but what to do?"
I: "I heard that you can run in the nature with the Nanzarain train."
Husband: "Okay, but do you want to go somewhere?"
Me: "No, apart from that."
Husband: "Are you in Spain?"
Me: "What is Spain?"
Husband: "Do not know."
Me: "............ Hona, I do not mind going on a honeymoon, eh?
Husband: "... Sayonara."

The conversation about the honeymoon was always finished quickly.

To Germany with a word from a friend

And one day two years passed after I got married. A friend of a friend, a master of travel, said R for such a thing.

"I think it's better now, but if you go to Germany for honeymoons, my husband, I really like cars?There is also a museum for car makers in Germany, and it's fun to drive out on a carWhat? "

... Oh, I see!

Husbands who are not interested in traveling may also show interests if you leave them in their cars, and that idea may be pretty good! So, I immediately asked my husband who came home that day.

"R-chan, do you want to go to Germany for your honeymoon? If you have a museum in Benz, BMW or Porsche, you said that if you borrow rent-a-car to run, it will be fun ,What do you think"

Then the husband responded with such amazing momentum.

"That's yeah !!! Make it Germany! When will you go?"

Well, are you serious? ... Even though her husband likes cars, it is said that hurriedly and honestly .... So, although the destination of the honeymoon for two years was not decided, it was instantly decided to be "Germany" (explosion)

Reminder of traveling to Germany

So, as soon as I asked my parents to keep my 1st year old eldest daughter, I decided to go to Germany for about a week. My husband is investigating about Germany with great momentum,

"Because the location of the Porsche Museum and the Benz Museum is so close, it's a great day to go on the same day, it's a bad day for a closing day, BMW is a little far away ... Audi is a long way away ... A rented car in Frankfurt borrowed I guess the romantic road will also feel comfortable ~! As a matter of course the car rental is 911, oh, but Boxster is eh?

Somehow, somehow, I was making a travel schedule sheet while mumbling, I followed me as I was told, and it was a fun honeymoon in that way.

However, as I was not interested in Porsche as much as now or because I was not interested in car at all,

· Do not take international licenses, specialized in front passenger's seat
· In the romantic highway and the autobahn, it is a good feeling so much that you sleep
· Desperate to choose a souvenir from the car even at the museum

I thought about it now, I have done something wasteful.

so"I want to go to Germany one more time - and I want to borrow Panamera and run a romantic road and an autobahn"It is around this time that I hope for a moment.

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  1. Pole


    No matter how far you go, all the articles are interesting.

    > On the Autobahn, it feels so good that I sleep all the time

    It is amazing.
    My wife was also in the passenger seat on the Autobahn
    "It's so scary that it's like being on a roller coaster for hours.
    My shoulders are really stiff (angry).
    I'm sorry for the autobahn again. It seems.
    My wife was relaxing all the time in Autostrada, Italy.

    Someday I was driving Panamera in Germany
    You may come across it.
    My son also wants to go to the Porsche Museum.