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Left-hand drive parking ticket problem

My husband recently got a magic hand to get a parking ticket at the parking lot(Is it a grip stick?)Bought Since the parking ticket issuing machine in the normal parking lot is only for the right handle,To get a parking ticket with a left-hand drive car, you have to stop the car and go outside to pick it up.This is quite troublesome.

Until now,Sometimes I see a left-hand drive car that uses a magic hand,I was a little wondering how convenient it was, so I decided to try it on this occasion. By the way, this is the magic hand my husband bought at Amazon.

The length is about 80 cm, which makes it quite long, but it can be folded in two and stored.

If it's this compact, it won't get in the way of bringing it into the car.

Actually you use it like shooting a pistol(I've never shot a pistol), I grabbed various things for trial,It was easy to use because it had a strong grip.

My husband used it immediately after receiving this magic hand,

I was thinking that I would buy a Magic Hand from the parking ticket used for commuting for a long time, but I could not buy it.This time it's foldable, so it can be stored discreetly and does not spoil the atmosphere inside the carI chose this.
In fact, it's quite usable. But if I don't get the car to the ticket machine more than I expected, it won't arrive. If you don't get enough, you won't lean on yourself.

He said.

Unlike my husband, I'm a rather clumsy type, so I'm a little worried if I can do it ... I had an urge to ride a Boxster the other day, so I decided to try it.

However, I don't want to bother the following car without going well,I decided to try it at a parking lot with a ticket machine for left-hand drive vehicles in the neighborhood.

Magic hand comfort

I brought it into the car with the magic hand extended, but it was quite long and annoying.

After all it is good to fold. When folded, it fits in the gap behind the seat in the passenger seat, so you can carry it without disturbing you. That's why I started immediately.

Although I arrived at the desired parking lot in about 15 minutes, when I saw the ticket machineType to push the ticketing button and take a parking ticket"was. That means I have to push the ticketing button with my magic hand.

It's just hard to get out of the brakes when you lean out, soJust in case, I pulled the P brake, extended the magic hand, and pressed the green button.However, it was surprisingly easy to press.

After that, I was able to grab the parking ticket safely(I wanted to take a picture of how I was holding it, but I quit because there was a car behind me)I was rushed because there was a car behind me, and the parking ticket I got with my magic hand went somewhere. After parking, I hurriedly searched inside the car and found it lying next to the passenger seat. Was good….

From now on, if you take it with a magic hand, immediately put it somewhere where you can understand it (-_-)

And on the way back, I managed to insert the parking ticket with my magic hand.

However, this means that if you have a parking lot without a pre-payment machine, you have to get out of the car and operate the car in order to put in money.

I'm not used to Magic Hands yet, so I gave it up a little, but once I get used to it, I feel like I can use it without problems. However, I think that a right-hand drive car would be better if you park in a Japanese parking lot ... w

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  1. kenkenken75

    With the 981 Boxster Spider,
    I use the exact same thing.

    It's convenient because it can be stored behind the passenger seat.

    If you open the roof, after you get a parking ticket,
    Magic hand like a clock hand
    In a circle,
    It is easy to bring a parking ticket to your hand.

    With the roof closed,
    I have to pull it horizontally,
    Because my magic hand is long,
    It's hard to get a parking ticket to hand.
    I can not express it well in sentences. .. ..

    One day,
    The middle of the magic hand is
    It was bent a lot.

    Maybe the passenger in the passenger seat
    When getting off, move the electric seat backwards,
    I'm sure they got in touch.

    If you bend it by hand,
    The scars were gone,
    I was able to return it to a usable level.

    • MinaMina

      Oh, it's the same!
      I have only used it once, but I thought it would be nice to grasp it.

      > If the roof is open, after you get the parking ticket,
      > Use your magic hand like a clock hand
      > Make a circle,
      > It is easy to bring a parking ticket to your hand.

      I see…!
      I heard that it is good.
      Certainly, when the roof is open, it's easy to bring!

      As you said, if the roof is closed, to bring the parking ticket at hand,
      It's difficult because my arm has a strange angle ^^;

      Certainly, if you move the electric seat, it will come into contact with you ...
      I will also take care of my home.

      Thank you ^ ^