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Living with Porsche

Boxster for a change

The other day I drove Boxster after a long time. Even though I said I drove, while my husband was watching the children,I only ran in the neighborhood for about 30 minutes, but when I drove, I was still impressed.

I think it's a good car.

I've been riding a number of times so far, and I'm sure I knew the ride and ride comfort, but why am I so impressed every time?

In an article the other day,Being pregnant made me less likely to want to drive a car than before, "I was depressed because I stayed home all the timeI wonder. Due to the influence of corona, I could not go out as I expected, children were staying at home every day because the school or garden was closed, there was no time for one person to follow online lessons, work on a PC, etc. I think it was.

I went out with Boxster after a long time on this day, and it was a short drive of about 30 minutes round trip, but it made me feel happy and smiled. "Cars are more than just transportation. The effect of the car is really amazingI felt in my body.

Porsche of my home

Thanks to my husband's hard work, my house now has four Porsche, and I am in an environment where I can ride various Porsche on a daily basis.(Boxster GTS, 911GT3, 964C2, Panamera Turbo)

Also, thanks to writing the Porsche blog,There are quite a few opportunities to drive Porsche of my husband's acquaintances and readers,I have been riding on many Porsche so far.

Meanwhile, on the Internet centered on SNS, "Boxster and Cayman are lower-grade Porsche" "Panamera and Cayenne are not Porsche" "Air-cooled Porsche is Porsche" "Porsche is more manual than AT" "911 supreme principle" etc. And various things are written.

However, from the experience that I have been riding many Porsche so far,

No matter which model you ride, they are all Porsche, and they carry different charms that cannot be easily compared.

I cannot help feeling it.

In the poem by Misuzu KanekoEveryone is different, everyone is goodThere is something like that, but that's exactly what it looks like.

In terms of Porsche at my home, first of all, the charm of Boxster isBeing able to run open.Even if it's a normal road that doesn't look good, you can always enjoy the extraordinary feeling by opening the roof. In addition, the 981 NA engine sound is so comfortable that it gives you goosebumps.

In addition, my home Boxster is a manual, so when it comes to the fun ... my husband

If you get on a Boxster, you'll probably need GT3 or something ...

I often talk about that.

However, while saying such a thing, when I get on the GT3No, this is amazing, this can never be tasted with other carsI will be impressed again. I've been scared of GT3 (MT) for a long time, I can't drive easily, and recently I've finally understood the fun, but I feel that it is completely different from Boxster.

"Driving a racing car" The joy of driving a monster with ridiculous power while feeling the fear that it might be out of your control.When you get on GT3, you can see that adrenaline is overflowing from inside.

PORSCHE 911 GT3 Touring package

With my husband,

The fun of manipulating this monster manually is exceptional!

While talking about what, when you ride the PDK Panamera,What makes this ride comfortable, comfortable, and powerful ... amazing!I am moved again(I don't know w)

If you have read this blog before, you know that the car that inspired me to love Porsche is Panamera, and so farI've written many articles about the appeal of Panamera with similar content.So I think it's something like ...

But after all,I am deeply moved by the fact that this huge body achieves "comfort and running" at a high level.It's It seems that Panamera also had MT specifications before, but I personally think that it is better to drive with AT only for Panamera.

Also, the air-cooled Porsche (964) is completely different from the Porsche I wrote earlier,Porsche is the simplest, the most driving skill is required, and the car and driver are the most integratedI think that.

I still don't feel like I was able to drive properly, but when I look at my husband, I can see that the more I get on the car, the more I am absorbed in it.

Everything is Porsche

Also, I think Porsche is amazingDespite having different charms and tastes, you can feel Porsche in all cars in common"By the way(Although I didn't drive all such models).

Even if it's a different model and year, if you rideAh, PorscheCan be felt. This was true of both Cayenne and Macan. As an amateur, I haven't been able to understand why I feel that way, but it's really amazing.

By the way, my husband, about the Porsche who have different charms,

I'm in multiple parking lots, so I sometimes ride to replace it, but at that time,Porsche is amazingI feel.
For example,Today I want to ride GT3, so I will take an air-cooled 964 in my parking lot and replace it with another GT3 in another parking lotI thought. In this case, I'm a little reluctant to ride the 964, but when I'm runningWhat a nice feeling car. Driving is interesting! Is it enough to use this one?I really think.
And as the parking lot waiting for GT3 approaches, "Do you want to make a U-turn with air cooling without replacing it as it is and return?I think that every time. This is really true every time. In fact, I often return without replacing
Then,Of course, the opposite is also true.When I went to the parking lot with GT3 to replace it with 964,It's a great machine. It's a fighter rather than a car!I am always moved. And I want to go home without changing it.
The same is true for Boxster and Panamera Turbo. The other day, when I went to Boxer's waiting parking lot with Panamera Turbo,It's so comfortable, why is it so fast and the handling turns like a demon? This car is dangerousI'm still impressed. Then he begins to hesitate to replace it with Boxster.
This pattern is every time.Although I should know it in my head, I can't learn at all.I think it's stupid. No matter how many times I repeat, I am not used to it, and the couple says the same thing.
After all, here is the charm of PorscheI think that. Anyway, while having the common elements of being fun to drive and having fun, each car model has its own flavor that suits each character, and that's where I can live up to my expectations.

He was stressed.

Well, in conclusion, I think that everyone's own car is the best! So, while respecting each other and accepting the good points, I think it would be wonderful to enjoy the car life.

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  1. Wooper

    There are four Porsche 320i notebooks.
    Maybe a total of 6 ...

    It's the automobile tax season!

    The master seems to be running a company
    Therefore, there may be vehicles under the corporate name.
    What about still?

    We are still a few cars other than Porsche.
    I think there are more units than Mina's family.
    Many old cars have high taxes, and old cars are big
    Only displacement.
    Because I purchased without planning, I suddenly noticed
    After that, car insurance was overweight at about the same time.
    Or something.

    Pay taxes and insurance at this time of year
    I feel like I'm working for

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      That's right, a total of 6 units ...!
      The Wooper's house is also amazing, I haven't paid the automobile tax yet, but I think it's about time to pay ^^;

      My husband's car name is not a lineup of my home because employees are usually on board,
      Car tax is really high, such as car tax, insurance, car inspection, etc ...