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Rare cars are hard to lose

The other day, the first time in my lifeSay goodbye to my favorite car, the BMW 320iDid. I owned it for a year and two months, which was short, but I am really grateful to 320i because I was able to ride an MT car thanks to 320i.

And this time,I got 320i bought by simultaneous purchase assessmentFrom my experience, I felt thatRare cars are hard to loseIt was that. Even if you do not say it again, it is a thing that is said a lot in the world, but try yourself and experience "That's really trueI felt confused.

320i(F30)Although there are a lot of used car sales sites,Very rare when it comes to a normal model MT(There are quite a few MTs in M sports), I was able to get them bought under very good conditions.

So, when I next buy a car, I think it's important to think about when to sell it and to buy it.(Although buying on the premise of selling)

And if I buy it next time, I still want to buy the Porsche that I had been aiming for before.

If you recall, until now, "I want to buy Panamera GTS myself,"The car I want changed to 911 Targa,After becoming able to ride MT car,I want 911 MTI think that... I want to say that different cars will be different next year because the car that I want changes depending on the situation, but I tried to sort out the car I want at the moment, 2 I was squeezed into a table.

911 Carrera T

The Carrera T I want is the 2018 model Carrera T.

The Carrera T is a model that is located between Carrera and Carrera S,A pure sports car that is lightweight and has various elements removed to simplify it.In the Porsche newsroom,Less is moreIt is introduced under the title, and is also said to be a genuine 911. By the way, "T" of Carrera T is an acronym for "Touring".

For a while, my husband was watching this Carrera T Porsche official video enough to wear it, but the video was very cool. It was simple, good and the engine sound was good.

It would be great if you could control Carrera T with MT! It will be fun!

I was excited to see the video,Unfortunately, Japan only has PDK specifications.When it comes to MT specifications, there are only parallel imported cars, and even if you look at the used car sales site, it almost does not come out, and of course the price is reasonable, and it seems that it sells immediately when it comes out.

When I said, "I want it...", my husband said

No, it looks like a car, but my car has GT3 touring, but why Carrera T w wore it delicately. By the way, why MT and PDK are enough. Did you like MT so much?

I was saying... No, no, "Be able to drive MT!I continued to say, "Although I was able to release AT limited, the person who opened the door of my MT world was definitely a husband (laugh)

Also, even though my home has a GT3, I still can't easily ride a GT3, soThere is a longing to try using a genuine Porsche called Carrera T that seems to be easier to ride with MT with MTIt is.

However, considering the budget, it seems honestly quite difficult.

Normal 911 (991.1)

I had always thought that I would like to operate a normal 911 equipped with an NA engine in the first half of 991 with MT. Thanks to you, I got various Porsche to rideAfter all NA engine sounds goodI feel thatWhere I chose a model with high power and horsepower in the higher grade, I will have too muchI understand that, so I think Normal is the most suitable for me.

When you talk about such a story,

If I say NA, can I get 997? I think the air-cooled taste still remains. In other words, if you want to drive such a genuine Porsche with MT, absolutely air cooling. Air cooled.

I was told,Unfortunately I don't have the courage to buy air cooling.It seems that maintenance needs to be done diligently, such as running out of battery and riding in midsummer.It would be difficult to maintain without a lot of love and money..."I think I'm watching you by the side."

Considering that, it seems that the last NA model, 991's first term, does not need to be nervous so much, and I think that MT is scarce.

However, looking at the used car sales site,Although MTs of GT3 and 911R in the first half of 991 are quite available, the number of normal MTs will soon decrease.I'm sure when I sell it, if it's in good condition, it will sell at a reasonable price, but it's hard to find it in the first place.

Well, it's not such an immediate story to buy it, and I think it will be a few years after childcare has calmed down a little more.(I mean, I'm giving birth this month)Until then, I hope that I can search for the Porsche that suits me, thinking that it is not so good or not.

* Image source: "Porsche News room"

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  1. Buzzer beater!

    Good evening.
    When you buy a car, it's fun because you have a lot of imagination.
    In my case, even if I decided that this was the case, as time went by, I moved to other car models and my troubles deepened (laughs).
    Since you are planning to give birth this month, first find a Porsche that will suit you best after you have successfully given birth.

    • MinaMina

      Buzzer beater! San
      Thank you very much.
      It's a lot of fun to buy a car and it's not a delusion.
      The birth time is probably nearing, so first of all, give birth to a healthy child,
      I would like to think about future Porsche life ^ ^
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Injury

    Hello. It's hot everyday.

    The MT of BMW 320i (F30) was released. I used to ride a BMW 318i (E46) sedan with MT. BMW's 4-cylinder engine + normal body that is not M-spo + MT is easy to handle, and it is a nice car that you can enjoy MT driving practice at everyday commuting and shopping.

    By the way, it is a good hobby aiming for MT of the 991 early model ♪
    I also rushed to the local Porsen when I heard that the latter half of 991 will be downsized turbocharged. Unfortunately, after the order was closed, there was a Carrera S 7MT model that had a prospective order at Porsen and no buyer. Even though Carrera was close to budget, GT3 in the first half of 991 was PDK only, so I was convinced that it was the last NA + MT, but it was Carrera S that was over budget, but I purchased it. (Well, unexpectedly, the MT model was introduced in the late 991 GT3, but it is a fact that it is the last Carrera NA+MT.

    Although it is a MT model in the first half of 991, I haven't seen Carrera S on the used car information site, but when I look carefully, Carrera sometimes appears! Please do your best to find it!

    • MinaMina

      ぢ ぢ あ あ
      > I used to ride a BMW 318i (E46) sedan with MT.
      That's right! It's a famous car! I'm jealous of being able to ride it on MT.
      And as you said, the normal 320i was a very easy-to-use MT car.

      > Well, unexpectedly the MT model was introduced in the late 991 GT3, but it is a fact that it is the last Carrera type NA + MT.
      That's right, the last NA and MT in Carrera are very valuable.
      As you said, I don't think there are almost any normal Carrera MTs in the first half of 991, so I think that there are really few.
      I would like to look patiently ^ ^

      Thank you!

  3. Taro

    When I met this blog, the basics of car selection changed significantly.
    ・You don't have to compromise when choosing a car.
    ・Choose Porsche, and if you don't know which to choose, do both (if you can buy it)
    That's why I came to think that my home also has two for my wife and one for me.
    For the time being, my wife's 964 was delivered, so next time I will give a result at work so that I can buy another one for myself.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for telling me that way!
      I am very happy!

      > For the time being, since my wife's 964 was delivered,
      The car is finally delivered. Congratulations!
      I sometimes see a woman driving a 964, but it's insanely cool.

      I will do my best so that I can buy my own Porsche!
      Continue to thank you.