Porsche officially announces the launch of the "New Cayenne Coupe"! – Design comparison with current cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

New cayenne coupe

Porsche,World premiere in Stuttgart on March 21AtOfficially announced the launch of the cayenne coupedid. As the third generation of Cayenne, the coupe model has finally been added.

This cayenne coupe includes all the technical highlights of the new cayenne launched last year. In addition, technology that advanced them further,More dynamic designSeems to be a feature.

Sportier design

Cayenne Coupe isSmoother line from roof to rearIt is positioned as a more dynamic and sporty model than Cayenne.

The roof spoiler, front windscreen and A-pillar, which emphasize the distinctive coupe silhouette, are designed to be shallower than Cayenne.Roof edge is about 20 mm lowerThe redesigned rear door and fenders made the shoulder line 18 mm wider, giving a generally muscular impression.

The rear license plate is integrated into the bumper so the center of gravity of the vehicle looks lower.

The current Cayenne Turbo operates under motorized operation according to the speed under the rear glass.Active spoilerThe same applies to the roof spoilers of each cayenne coupe model.

The new adaptive rear spoilerPorsche Active Aerodynamics System (PAA)The spoiler is equipped withIt extends 135mm above 90km / h to increase the contact pressure to the rear axle, and at the same time PAA improves downforce efficiency.


The new cayenne coupeStandard equipped with 2.16 m2 panoramic fixed glass roofIt can be protected from sunlight and cold by closing the roller blinds. Also, the center seam of the roof, like the Porsche 911 GT3RS, gives a distinctive appearance image.

Among the lightweight sports packages are the carbon roof, the features of Sport Design,New lightweight 22-inch GT design wheel,Classic Checked Fabric Seat Center, interior carbon and Alcantara accents, sports exhaust system included.

By the way, how is the design different from normal cayenne? First of all, the horizontal angle of Cayenne is here.

Next is the cayenne coupe.

surely,The impression that the roof line is smoother and sportyIt has become. Next, Cayenne seen from behind.

Next up is the cayenne coupe seen from behind.

Cayenne coupe, cool yeah ~. Well, if you only look at the rear taillight part, it will gradually look like a panamera w

Is Cayenne Coupe 4-seat?

While reading the article "The Cayenne coupe has four independent seats, allowing four people to ride comfortablyBecause it is written, it usually seems to be a four-seater. Despite being sporty and low silhouette, 30 mm lower than Cayenne, the rear seats have enough room.

However, as "as standard" is written, is it possible to choose 4 + 1 sheet as an option? When husband checked with configurator of Porsche in Germany, 4 + 1 seat can be chosen(For free?)That said,

I do not know this unless I come to Japan honestly.

The trunk capacity is 625 L, which is large enough for everyday use. When the rear seat is folded, the capacity increases to 1,540 liters.(Kyenne Turbocoupe 600L to 1,510L).

About this cayenne coupe, it is decided to appear in the market is a model equipped with two engines. First of all3.0 L 6 cylinder turbo engine"Loading, maximum output 340PS, maximum torque is a normal model of 450Nm(?)When,"4.0 LV type 8-cylinder twin turbo engineThe Cayenne Turbo Coupe model is equipped with a maximum output of 550 PS and a maximum torque of 770 Nm.

Cayenne Turbo Coupe seems to be the same powertrain as the Panamera Turbo.

Standard equipment includes Power Steering Plus, 20-inch alloy wheels, Park Assist before and after including a reverse camera, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), and the Sport Chrono package.

This cayenne coupe can be ordered right away in the country and it will be on sale from the end of May. In Japan, when will you be able to test drive and make reservations.

By the way, husband has shown considerable interest in this cayenne coupe(As the new cayenne we tested last year was quite good),

"If you get a cayenne coupe, I want it ... do you replace it with a Panamera?"

It was saying so.

Really, what happens? I will look forward to future announcements, including the timing of the cayenne coupe coming to Japan.

* Article · Image Source:Porsche presents the Cayenne Coupé

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  1. SN

    I feel like it would be lonely if I was replaced with Panamera ... but it is certainly good for Kaien Coupe!
    I was interested and saw the site. In the United States, the cayenne coupe seems to be $ 75000, and $ 130,000 for turbo. Of course if you try the configurator it has become plus $ 30000-40000. As per the article, 2 + 1 was changeable free of charge. For cars of this size, I think it makes more sense to use 2 + 1 as a standard, but that would not be a transferable car manufacturer.

    Our Panamera 4 Ehybrid is doing well. It got a little warmer, and the cruising distance of the battery also increased (around 40km was about 40km), and in four months the engine has started to comfortably go over 5,000km. There is no trouble in particular, and the oil is comfortable without loss. The recent troubles are inevitable damage to stepping stones. I'm going to fix it myself for reference on this site, but it would be nice if I put the film ~ and I'm going to make it more beautiful than I thought while regretting for a while. I can't think of a way to prevent it only by taking a gap between cars, but is something (other than film) taken care of? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz-zW-cLdUs

    • MinaMina


      > I feel lonely if I've been replaced by Panamera ... but it's certainly good!

      Oh, but this is just my husband saying at the monologue level (lol), but if you think that Panamera will certainly disappear, the presence is big,
      It's a little sad ...

      You saw the site of the Cayenne Coupe in the United States right away!
      And thanks for the valuable information!

      Cayenne Turbo Coupe is still insanely expensive ...!
      However, I thought that Porsche also firmly thinks that the 2 + 1 sheet can be changed for free.

      The Panamera 4E hybrid, the engine is also pleasant, it will be even more fun and comfortable, really recently hybrid is curious!

      > Scratches of stepping stones. I'm going to fix it myself for reference on this site, but it would be nice if I put the film ~ and I'm going to make it more beautiful than I thought while regretting for a while. I can not think of a way to prevent it only by taking a gap between cars, but is something (other than film) taken care of? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz-zW-cLdUs

      Stepping stone ... Yes, because the Panamera of my house is not doing anything in particular, if you look closely around the bumper, there are fine scratches. .
      Her husband, Boxster, said that it was quite scratched, and he said that he would wear an absolute protection film for this GT3 touring.

      In Japan, people listen to the story of people who are wearing protection films, so there may be more people.
      I think there are a lot of people who are worried about this story, so I will ask you again on the blog!