I examined the reason why Porsche riders are attracted to Shirashiro Jiro

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Man, Shirasu Jiro

My husband, who loved Japanese history since I was a student, also loves the people in the Meiji Restoration, and touringMatsushita village remnant of Yoshida ShoinTo go to see aloneKatsurahama in Kochi Prefecture with a statue of Ryoma SakamotoI am going to

In fact, I also like the story of Meiji Restoration and the novel of Shiba Ryotaro, so I remember that when I went out for dinner with my husband for the first time, I had always been talking about great historical people in the tavern.(There is no piece of romanticism LOL)

Such a husband is particularly fond of the people who lived in Showa, "Shirasu Jiro"Oh, with Shirashiro JiroPerson who played an active part as Shigeru Yoshida's aide in postwar GHQ occupied JapanKnown as He is deeply involved in the establishment of the Constitution of Japan, and is a businessman who has served as a director of many companies, including the Chairman of Tohoku Electric Power Company,I love cars, I love PorscheIt is also.

* Image Source:"Japan was beautiful at one time"

My husband is often "If I'm dead, no funeral, no use of the nameAnd, of course, he is also visiting “Bushiso” of the former Hakusu Jiro House w

I,"Shirasu Jiro“I only knew the name, but I didn't really know what I did. The reason I knew Hakuto Jiro properly was that the NHK's special drama“ Hakuto Jiro ”was done several years ago. broadcast(It was starring with Yusuke Izeya)It is an opportunity.

When I saw the drama "Hakuto Jiro is a really cool person!"I thought.

Porsche Rider Mystery

My husband has always been

"There are many Porsche riders who like Hakujo Jiro"

It was said. At first I didn't care much, but recently, on Porsche owner's facebookI went to Musashiso"And"Book of Shirasu Jiro to favoritesSeeing that "is on," I gradually came to think like this.

Porsche riders(Especially air-cooled porsche)Is why everyone agrees "Shirasu Jiro FanIs it?

When. One day I asked my husband "Why not?"

"Sora, speaking of the great Japanese people who loved Porsche, Shirashiro Jiro and Yakaro"

It is said that the reason why many Porsche riders are attracted to Shirasu Jiro is that the only reason.

Fascinated by Hakuto Jiro

I am not very familiar with Hakuto Jiro, but everyone somehowThe way of life of Jiro HakutoI'm attracted to "..."This is a man who is drowningI wonder if there is a sense ofThe reason why Porsche riders are attracted to Shirasu JiroI decided to consider it in my own way.(I check and write for myself, but the facts and views may be different. Please forgive me.)

1 Do not bend your convictions

When you check on Hakuto Jiro, it will always come out "Principles (beliefs, principles)It is a word. Mrs. Masako also talks about a lifetime of ShirasujiroIt was really a daily routine with principles and principles"I'm looking back," said Jiro Shirahata anyway.A way of life through convictionIt's like someone who was(Hereafter, write Jiro)

Such Jiro, on the post-war GHQ side "Japan's only obedient JapaneseI say so.

Even in Japan, 70 years after the war, I think it is not easy to say "NO" to the United States clearly. However, it is really great to be able to say "no" to the face of the GHQ even though Japan's position in the defeated country would have been quite weak shortly after the war.

I don't feel like that, I just say "Jesus! Excursion!"

Jiro, also known as a golf lover,President of Karuizawa Golf ClubAs ", I was heartwarming in its management. There is a famous episode of that time.

Mr. Tanaka Sakae, the Prime Minister at the time,I want to accompany the US ambassador on Sunday and go around the courseJiro declined the request, saying that "Sunday is Members Only".

Here too, you can see how Jiro Shirashiro's way of life does not bend his principles.(Afterward, Tanaka Kakuei seems to be a member of Karuizawa Golf Club w)

I think it is usually impossible for the Prime Minister to say NO as "the principle is the principle." If I was "Please do! I will lend you something!"Well, I'm sure I'll be addicted to w

I will never succumb to power, I won't make it back, my way of living through my convictions will still be dazzlingly cool, even over time.

* Image Source:Amazon "Japan without principles"

2 Do not stick to your title or social position

Jiro Hakuto who was active under Shigeru Yoshida who took office as Foreign Minister immediately after the end of the war,Negotiate in the face of negotiations with the GHQ, and post-war processing and the establishment of the Japanese ConstitutionI am deeply involved in Even after Shigeru Yoshida became Prime Minister, he went to the United States to help establish the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

In addition to the many other great achievements,The surroundings strongly wanted to enter politicsYes, but Jiro turned it off, and after that he lived at home in the country to live a self-sufficient life or to work as a businessman.

Speaking of which, Ryoma Sakamoto also performed the repatriation,I want to go around and look around from now onHe said that his name was not in line with the new government's personnel plan, but Jiro Hakuto is like a reincarnation of Ryoma Sakamoto.

I think that people are more or less aware of their titles, status and social position, and they are bound by the greed of the world. Hakuto Jiro is a few Japanese people who are not attracted to such places. How cool is it to be?

3 educated

If you go through the conviction, if you go backStubborn and selfishIt can be said that. But Jiro Hakuto wasn't just stubborn, "EducationThe way of life is cool and cool just because there was a base.

Born in a wealthy family in Hyogo Prefecture, he was well-groomed but he grew up well with English tutors since childhood and was fluent in English.After high school, I studied abroad in Cambridge, EnglandAnd got an international culture and an international sense.

It's a story I saw in a show or drama,

In a test of a certain class in Cambridge, Jiro intended to study sufficiently and intended to write a perfect answer, but the score for the answer was very low. I heard the reason from the teacher "Your answer has no idea of yourselfIt was said. Since that time, Jiro has come to cherish his thoughts firmly at any time

That's it. People who have such a sense in Japan at the time think that it was not so. ... Or is it in Japan now?

Hakuto Jiro was chosen to be the front-line negotiator with GHQ, and also fulfilling his responsibilities well, "By studying abroad, I experienced with myself how Japanese people should interact with foreigners"That's also big.

The way of life changes very coolly because gentleman, who is well-educated and refined British-like body like Jiro, penetrates the principles.

4 boys

The first thing I was surprised at when I saw a picture of Shirashiro Jiro wasIts neat featuresIt is. It's really handsome and handsome so as to be rude to express it in the traditional language of handsome.

Moreover,Height was also 180 cmso. I also care about my appearance, and every photo is as cool as a model.

* Image Source:Former Hakuho Residence Bunsoso

"The heaven does not give two things," but in the case of Jiro Shirahata, "Heaven has given him something ..."I would think.

If the appearance of Jiro Hakuto is short and thin(I am sorry that I raised it on my shelf)Well, I wonder if so many people fell in love ... I think this part of the appearance is also a factor that many people fall in love with Shirasu.

5 I chose Masako as my wife

This is just a boy, fluent in English, well-educated, and parents are rich(It seems that there were times when my father's company went bankrupt and struggled later on.)If so, the woman who will be a wife must have been an unlimited choice.

Also, Japan at that timeWomen walk one step behind menIt's probably an era of good-looking, well-groomed, and likely to choose a homely woman who falls behind men and stands men, but it's totally different by 180 degrees(I do not know the actual Masako), I chose a woman named Masako.

Masako isA woman who has risen to the stage of Noh who was prohibited from womenIt is known as She studied in the United States at the age of 14 and, while at school, used to play sports, it was said that she was a hateful and hateable woman.

Two of them met when Masako was 18 and Jiro was 26.I fell in love with each other at first sight.It is too cool to make a woman named Masako who has a strong way of life a wife in this time.

6 Unparalleled car enthusiasts, Porsche enthusiasts

Jiro is known as an incomparable car enthusiast. When I was in Japan, I used a luxury car from the United States to study in the UK.Bentley"Or"BugattiAnd on holidays, I brought these cars to the circuit and it seemed like I was racing.

Even so, it is a huge rich man ... (* _ *)

The friends who saw the state of the JiroOily boyI called.

Such a car that Jiro had been riding in love last year,Porsche 911It is. Jiro who was familiar with the car, until age 80 years 1968 Porsche 911 S(Replacement from 2L engine to 2.4L engine for 911S after 1971)The Karuizawa Golf Club appeared to be jealous.

Also, Jiro's car love is not limited to this. Here is a famous episode that shows it well.

At that time, Toyota released the first-generation Soara, which is said to have crossed the wall at 200 km / hr for the first time in Japan. It is said that Jiro Hakuto bought this and wrote a letter directly to the president regarding the result.
"The grip on the steering wheel is too thick." "The turning radius is too large." "Power steering is more powerful."...... The advice only because he remodels himself.
He told the person in charge at that time that "Aim for an irreplaceable car". And what, Jiro Shirahata donated his favorite Porsche 911 to Toyota. I gave it up as a reference for making cars.
*What is the reason why that "Jiro Shirashiro" gave up his favorite car?

After all, without waiting for the completion of the second generation Soarra, Jiro died at the age of 83 but ... No, it's too cool to sigh.

* Image Source:Former Hakuho Residence Bunsoso

While I was studying about Hakuto Jiro, I had a vague idea that "I hope this kind of person who is like Jiro Hakuto will be at the present Japanese politician ...".

Wife, Masako Shirahata

However, with regard to Shirashiro Jiro, I feel that one more thing is a woman and a wife, "The reason why Jiro Hakuto was able to penetrate his way of life was probably the presence of Masako Hakujo, his wife, as well."I'm saying that.

I think couples are strongly influenced by each other, but Masako is also a person who has penetrated himself and lived his life.Such a partner Masako's way of life surely gave Jiro a great courageI think it will.

I think that there are various forms in the manner of the couple, and I think that any form is great as long as each other is HAPPY, but I fall in a relationship of self-reliance and mutual enhancement, like a white wives. I thought once again that I would like to work hard every day so that I could get close to such a woman.

Oh, somehow I ended up talking about Masako, not Jiro w

* Article Source:Former Hakuho Residence Bunsoso

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  1. Gori

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    This article is also fun. Thank you very much.

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