Porsche Panamera 1 Year Inspection-Inspection / Parts Replacement What is the cost of an all-in-one package?

Panamera turbo

Panamera's 1 year inspection

Last weekend I gave Panamera for inspection one year. Because the car delivery is October last year, it will pass another year. Actually it is about one week before we put out for inspection"Oil level drop, supplement to 2.0 liters"I got a warning of"It is a waste to replenish the oil at the current timing, so do not forget to take care of it"I thought it was good to have it safely (laugh)

Last weekend's three consecutive holidays seem to have been very many cars brought in by the dealer"Since Saturdays and Sundays are buried, if you bring it on Monday morning, I will complete it in the evening!"I was told that I could make a reservation at the last minute. And on that day, we went to the dealer with Panamera and two golfers, but it was fresh as we had few opportunities to see behind Panamera in our house.

It was 10:30 in the morning that I got to the shop. In the shop, Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid, 718 Cayman, 718 Boxster, a new Cayenne were exhibited.

The girls are fluent in kids space as usual. There were more toys than when I came before!

I had my new Cayenne test drive for about an hour after I submitted Panamera for inspection this time, but I would like to write about the test drive review of the new Cayenne again. IncidentallyMy husband who had been saying "SUV or absolute necessity" for many years, was about 2 minutes on test drive as much as (w) I was saying "What a Megaieee!It was quite highly appreciated.

I applied for PSMP

There was a proposal from Mr. H who was in charge about the cost of the one-year inspection of Panamera this time. My mileage for Panamera is 13246 km, slightly less than a year ago. Because it is quite running"Porsche scheduled maintenance plan (PSMP) is recommended for such people"It was that.

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (PSMP) is a service that an owner who purchased a new car at a Porsche dealer can apply within one year of purchase.Provide statutory inspection, maker inspection, replacement / replenishment of major parts at fixed price of all-in-one package for 3 years or 5 years from the time of purchaseWilling to. It seems that costs can also be incorporated into vehicle loans.

However, in the case of a person with small annual mileage, it is relatively unnecessary to exchange the parts so it is relatively convenient to pay the check fee every time. Inspection subject to PSMP is as follows.

■ First year / 15,000 km: 12 months inspection
■ Second year / 30,000 km: 12 months inspection · Porsche designation inspection
■ Third year / 45,000 km: 24 months inspection · (vehicle inspection)
■ 4th year / 60,000km: 12 months inspection · Porsche designation inspection
■ 5th year / 75,000km: 24 months inspection · (vehicle inspection)
* Vehicle inspection does not include tax, insurance fee, inspection fee, inspection fee, substitution fee
* There is a limit on the number of parts replacement
* If you do not receive a service within one month after the specified implementation time / distance for each service is reached, the service will expire
* Some models such as GT 2, GT 3, GT 4 are out of service

Three or five year plan can be chosen as you like, but our house has chosen three years. In the case of Panamera Turbo,The 3-year plan costs 319,680 yen(Tax included, as of August 2018). The expenses for the one year inspection of the previous Panamera edition took surely tens of thousands of yen, so I think it is advantageous to think so.

What is the result of 1 year inspection?

Taking Panamera to the dealer at 10:30 in the morning, it was at 17 o'clock. I went to the dealer again and got a detailed inspection.

Part / Work Name Amount of money
PSMP 1 year (3 years) 319,680
Engine oil change
* Helicopter of oil consumption was early, there was no leak, etc. There was no input of trouble in the tester, there was no abnormality in the numerical value of exhaust gas etc. (It is abnormal if consuming more than 800 ml at 1000 km)
Change oil filter
Air conditioner filter change
Replacement Wiper Blade
Right Rr tire punk → right Rr tire puncture repair 5,184
Navi update
* Panamera still had no new map data
Brake pad remaining F: 8.0 mm R: 10.0 mm
Tire remaining groove F: 4.6 mm R: 5.3 mm
Complete car washing work
Billing amount 324,864

…Huh! I guess I was punctured ((; ゚ Д ゚) !!

I did not know ... My husband has been from this before"Air pressure on the right rear tire is decreasing"Although saying that, there was no puncture ... It was a long long nail stuck, but it seems that it was within the scope of repair, so it was good. Is it a pattern that was rolled up on the front wheels and stuck in the rear wheel?

As Panamera was car wash in the current year's inspection and came back in a state of bicove, it is a waste of riding somehow w. My husband saw Panamera that was in perfect condition"One time not going long touring with Panamera ~"He said that he is planning to go alone soon. I would like to have them go and use them as blog postings w.

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  1. How to support life

    Hello Mina,
    It's been a long time (it's been a while since then).
    The dealer came to contact me as soon as I left Port of Emden.
    If it goes smoothly, it seems that it will arrive at Toyohashi Port around November 3.
    Will the delivery be around November 20?
    I am looking forward to it.
    Turbo Executive,
    (Outside) GT Silver, (inside) Black / Crayon + Anthra Santo Burch
    21 "Sports Design Wheel
    After that I gave you options in various ways
    (It only takes 5 million options from now on anyway)
    How useful is it ...?,

    I want to avoid only accidents as soon as they are delivered.
    I was suffering from a similar tension at the time of car delivery of the previous car. LOL

    see you.

    • MinaMina

      "How do you support your life?"
      Long time no see (laugh) Thank you for your comment!
      Oh ... ... at last!

      Panamera Turbo Executive, GT Silver's body color black / crayon interior, full option,
      Wow I wonder if there are luxury cars that everyone envies in the world ...! ! !

      > I want to avoid only accidents as soon as they are delivered.
      > I was suffering from a similar tension at the time of car delivery of the previous car. LOL

      That's right, do not sink the ship as you ask, as if something will not happen when delivering cars,
      I think a lot of things ...

      I am delighted if you can tell us your impressions etc if you are delivered and actually get on board!
      Continue to thank you!