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Sunglasses when driving a car

I think that there are many people who wear sunglasses when driving a car. Previously I"Because sunglasses do not suit, I do not need it," "I do not want it because it seems to be on the right track."Although I was saying, etc., Since the woman driver who passes the neighborhood is doing sunglasses considerably proportion, it became able to be confused to burglar (lol)

With sunglasses onI think that it is easy to drive, but on the other hand, when I run toward the tunnel or the west, I feel a little hard to seeSometimes.

One day my husband"Unlike a car with a roof, sunglasses when you ride an open car are not going to block the light from above"He said. I see ... I never thought of such a thing, but as I told you it is. So with two open cars(Porsche Boxster GTS · Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129))I asked about my sunglasses my husband uses.

Open car where light falls from above

When you run towards the sun with an open car, light comes in from the top, not just from the front"It is important to shield the light that is inserted from the gap between sunglasses and eyes"It is. When putting on general sunglasses that block only the light from the front, light comes in from the top where the pupils of the eyes are open, so it seems to be unnecessarily dazzling and can not be seen.

What if"Is not it better not to wear sunglasses?"I thought that.

My husband has tried some sunglasses and tried it, and each time he said "something" or "I can hardly see"It seems that we finally arrived at the two sunglasses "This is it!", So today I would like to introduce two kinds of sunglasses for use when wearing glasses and when not wearing glassesI think.

① Oakley Pitbull

First of all, the best sunglasses when not wearing glasses is Oakley Pitbull (Asian Fit).

It is.

Oakley's sunglasses are "Mission · Impossible ⅡAt the beginning of the game, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) of the hero wears it in the scene to perform rock climbing, the popularity got lit.

*Image Source: http: //

The model that Tom Cruise is wearing is too popular and now it seems to be a premier. ... Tom Cruise sunglasses suits you too much w. What to hide, when my husband saw this movie then"Let's buy this sunglasses in the future"I seemed to have been thinking for a long time, when I looked for a similar design,Oakley Pitbull (Asian Fit)He said that he found it.

This Asian fit model is adapted to fit well to the flat face of Asians.I was also asked to put it, I was surprised to fit in the face.(In the case of ordinary sunglasses, because the height of the nose is not enough, it usually shifts w)The good point of this sunglasses is,

· Fit feel is high and it is difficult to shift
· Light from the side or above does not come in though it is thin
· Even though it takes a long time, temple and ears do not hurt
- Clearly how to see the polarizing lens clearly, easy to see navigation and smart screens even while wearing it
· Less reflection on the inside

That place. Since it is polarized glass,Even when you want to confirm with a sideways eye when you overtake a vehicle like a masked patrol car on a highway, you can see the person who is riding in without car reflection of the carThat's it. However, it seems that the lens seems to be brown and a little bit visible.

thisOakley PitbullIt is discontinued production, there is only a stock for now. As a point of note when purchasing,Paci also as Amazon(It is not a genuine article)There are also many models for Asians and Western models so do not make a mistakeAnd that. The price is about 20,000 yen.

② Coleman

Next, when wearing glasses and riding a car, Coleman sunglasses seems to be the best.. (There are also sunglasses which are not over glasses)

It prevents the light from above and the light from the side properly and it is applied without discomfort also from above the glasses. As a good point of this sunglasses,

- Since it is a polarized glass, glare is suppressed, and it can be clearly seen clearly
- There is almost no clearance between the face and sunglasses, so unnecessary light never gets inserted
· The color is naturally dark but it looks blue if it is blue sky
· Skin does not reflect inside
· It's cheap (1700 yen at Amazon)

Since traveling with an open car is a real thrill of being able to enjoy the scenery,When the lens is colored brown or yellow more than necessary, it is a waste that sunset and the morning sun are not seen beautifully.At that point, this Coleman sunglasses seems to be able to enjoy the scenery because it is a lens that looks dark with a natural hue to the last.

If it says a disadvantage, it puts on glasses from the top of the glasses so that it wears glasses twice, so if you spend a lot of time it will be very painful on the ears. When going to long distance touring, it seems to try to put it again after removing it a little. But my husband said that this is a person's reason.

Usual Usage

My husband,Coleman sunglassesI always buy three cars, I often load cars I often use.(Because it is reasonable for about 1,700 yen)OakleyI bought a single book and put it in my house and I use it as I go to touring or drive every time I go to a drive. Incidentally"Oakley is better to use because it has better fit"He said.
There are so many sunglasses. By the way, because I am not particular about it, as far as UNIQLO's 1000 yen sunglasses are enough w

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