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Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. "Porsche Owner's file" born from the request of everyone's readers "Please share the voices of various Porsche owners!" today,Continue to last timeWe will send you a review-and-daily review article of "Panamera 4E Hybrid" from "Tokyo Police Department 4E" living in Tokyo.

Regarding the specifications, options, car delivery schedule etc of Porpol 4E's Panamera 4E hybrid【Porsche Owners File # 1】 Panamera 4E Hybrid vol.1 Purchase ~ Delivery to carPlease refer to the.

1) Driving performance

Do you feel the weight by the amount of the battery being loaded

"Do not you feel the weight when you start or accelerate by loading the battery?"Although it is heard occasionally from the surroundings, I feel that electric power running in the city area (E - Power) is demonstrating sufficient power performance.If you want to taste acceleration feel "Sports" or "Sports Plus" mode, OrRunning with kick down and engine startedI think that it is good to do.

As to whether the weight of the battery becomes handy for acceleration when it is set to "sports" or "sports plus" mode, we have not been able to test enough to grasp the difference between 4 S and 4 E hybrids, so it can not be said unconditionally Hmm. However, I think that there is only Panamera Turbo as a car that can enjoy the acceleration feeling of sports saloon over 4E Hybrid.

Is the cooperation between the engine and the motor (electric) smooth?

If cooperation is told "smoothly and smoothly", that expression may not be suitable. The 4E Hybrid starts the engine when stepping on the accelerator while driving with Hybrid Auto's motor or stepping on the accelerator strongly while driving with E-Power,First comes with the power of the motor "Good!" Followed by the engine power in two stepsIt is a feeling.

However, since we understand that the purpose of the E - Power mode is to focus on the environment with the power of the motor and to run quietly,"Hybrid-Auto is a mode in which the program automatically judges efficient power allocation"We divorce it, I am satisfied with driving and driving.

I thought by riding the Panamera 4E hybrid, but rather than the viewpoint of "How does the engine and motor cooperate?", The motor plays a supplementary role when you want to turn on more high power while driving in "sports" mode I think that it is this car's identity to do it.

2) Distinction between driving modes and engine sound

In town and on the highway, which mode do you run in each mode

In town, I often run with Hybrid - Auto or E - Power. When going out to the vicinity of Roppongi, we have a lot of parking lot that can be charged, so we use E-Power mode heavily.
However,Even if switching to Hybrid-Auto mode is used heavily in E-Power mode, the engine will not start directly and will run on the motor.It seems that the system judges "E-Power is enough if it is this driving situation," and will automatically select it.

It is mainly Hybrid-Auto on highway. When delivered"Thank you for driving as far as 3000 km in mileage, so as not to pull up to 4000 rpm"And since it was explained, full-fledged driving in sports, sports plus mode is about to come. So I am not sure that I can taste the part such as "Porscheli like Hybrid? I can enjoy running sporty?" I think that I can report if there is opportunity.

How about the engine sound of a hybrid car?

While driving on E-Power, select E-Charge mode for charging, or start the engine as soon as you step on the accelerator.The sound of "Bako, vocal!" At that time does not accumulate (laugh)A motor journalist wrote in a previous article that "reliable exhaust sound conveyed the feeling that the bunch of torque becomes thicker just by stepping on the accelerator slightly more strongly," exactly.

I have been traveling in sports mode several times so far, but the moment I switch modes I feel the whole body feeling that the engine gets rough and roaring. There is nothing besides Panamera that I felt this kind of feeling with my car life so far.

3) ride comfort

How about ride?

Although Air Sus is evaluated as an advantage of the new Panamera 4E Hybrid, it is exactly right. I got on the car for about half a year, but I never felt a fluffy feeling at all. Also,Although it is a smooth ride feeling not feeling hardness in the low speed region, ride comfort where exquisite hardness and suppleness coexist when entering the high speed regionYou can taste.

In fact, I bought a car other than Porsche when purchasing this car. Every car, exterior, interior and chassis were all the finest, but the difference with Porsche was clear. I can not express such a difference well,Porsche's ride is "assimilate and assimilate"Is it an image?

How is the interior space?

Regarding the size of the interior of the car, my height is about 178 cm, but those who sat on the seat behind the driver's seat(Adult 170 cm)Is"Foot allowance"that's what he said. As expected it is a luxury sports Grand Touring Hybrid.

4) Fuel economy

What is the total fuel consumption after delivery?

Various motor magazines have listed the fuel economy as a feature of Panamera 4E Hybrid, but the value of NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) by itself and the Porsche Model Range (2018 Ver. 3) are shown together Then it became as follows.

Motor magazine Porsche Model Range
normal 7.8 to 7.7 L / 100 km (12.8 to 13.0 km / l) 12.4 km / l
4E 2.5 L / 100 km (40 km / l) 10.8 km / l
4S 8.2 to 8.1 L / 100 km (12.2 to 12.3 km / l) 12.4 km / l
Turbo 9.4 to 9.3 L / 100 km (10.6 to 10.7 km / l)  10.0 km / l

During driving, the cumulative average display range of the instrument panel is "4.0 - 99.0 km / l", and the cumulative average of running with only E - Power is always "99.0 km / l". By the way, the fuel consumption indication of the meterTotal "10.8 km / l", it is exactly the same as the numerical value of Porsche Model Range (when driving in Hybrid-Auto mode)was.

The cumulative average of the meter - panel when running "E - charge" always shows 4.0 km / L, but since I am going out to Roppongi and Azabu around where I need it, I am in an environment where I can charge it frequently, so total I think that the value of "10.8 km / l" has been obtained.

It is difficult to calculate fuel consumption assuming that we did not use the charging spot at all after delivery but it is probably around 9 km / L from the impression that this value will be the area where I live It may be because it is in the downtown area.

Fuel economy during driving often using expressways

When going on a trip with Hybrid-Auto, travel distance of about 300 to 400 km (high speed: general road = 9: 1), the cumulative average is about 13 to 14 km / L.So when asked "Panamera 4E Hybrid is Eco?", It will not be eco friendly.However, considering this fuel economy with such a car with weight and power, it may not be bad.
After that, since our apartment is a multi-storey parking lot, we do not have E-mobility installed, but if we have a "charging pedestal" in the detached home parking lot, we will always be in the "E-Power" mode If you are driving in, I think you can say "Eco".

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  1. SN

    Mr. Porpol 4E

    Thank you for the continued news!
    It was also very helpful for me. I am curious about accelerating two stages from a motor to an engine.
    I did not know much, but there are various charging plug specifications. I have not bought the charging circumstances much and bought it, but I would like to investigate the circumstances around that as well.

    Aside from that, I called the dealer yesterday, "I can now deliver cars by the beginning of next month by entering the assembly!" It is likely to be delivered in 2 months from the order. Mina and Porpol 4E's information was assembled in Germany, it took a little more than half a year to say that to Japan, but it seems that the flow of assembly is different from orders in the USA ...? Try looking at the opportunity around that, I will share the information!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! I also did not know about charging plug relationship at all, so the information received from Porpol 4E was very helpful.

      > As an aside, when I called the dealer yesterday yesterday, "It is now possible to enter the assembly and be delivered by the head next month!" It is likely to be delivered in 2 months from the order.
      Er ... It is fast! I wonder if there are many production bases in the U.S.! Is it because Japan has to cross the sea all the way?
      By all means, if you can share information on the Porsche Owner's file, it will be funny ^ ^;) I am happy.

      It is a little more to deliver cars. Continue to thank you!

  2. Porpol 4E


    Thank you for your comment!

    If you have a gas station, you can charge fully in urban areas with E-Charge driving, so I think that this area is a good place for Hybrid.
    In case of EV, you can not supply energy (perhaps) in a power outage situation!
    It is interesting to see whether such risks are avoided in the future.

    To deliver cars in two months is enviable.
    Because I can meet Panamera about 4 months earlier than Japan!

    I look forward to your continued sharing of information.