To Hokuriku with Porsche Boxster | Impressions of running 800km round trip

Boxster GTS
Porsche Boxter

To Hokuriku by Porsche

This is rarely the case, but about a year ago"November of this year, overnight business trip work in Hokuriku (Toyama, Kanazawa)"Has been decided. However, after that, the work was canceled one after another due to the influence of the new Corona, so I thought that this Hokuriku business trip job would also disappear.

However, the other day, I received a final contact from the other party saying that it was decided to carry out as planned.I decided to take this opportunity to go to Hokuriku by cardid. (I usually go by Thunderbird from Kansai, but w)

At first, I was planning to go with a notebook, but my husband

If you run that long distance, why not go with Porsche?

So I decided to go with Boxster (981GTS) which I had not been riding recently.

Boxster steering

And in advance with the other partyThe weather looks good next week, so I'm relieved.I was excitedly preparing for a business trip away from the children for the first time in a few years, but the day before my husband said,

The weather in Toyama and Ishikawa changed to heavy rain only for the two days I was planning to go, so it's a rain woman.

It has been said.

"e! really! It was so sunny until yesterday!I immediately checked the weather forecast while saying, and it seems that the forecast has changed to heavy rain only for the two days I go. Moreover, the maximum temperature is 11 degrees Celsius ... It's really cold.

Somehow, it seems that the weather changed as soon as I decided to "go with Boxster", but that's too much thought ... Well, I've been doing Ameonna for many years, so it's within the expected range. Is w

Drive on the highway in Boxster

I had to go from my home to Toyama on the first day, but when I looked it up on Google map, it took about 5 hours. Was Toyama so far away?

Boxster GTS

According to Google teacher, the route through the Hokuriku Expressway via Meishin was displayed, but from my husband,

Weekday morning hours are often crowded from Kyoto, the Meishin Expressway, to Shiga.It is better to take the Maizuru Expressway from Chugoku Expressway and then go to Hokuriku ExpresswayI think. It's a long way away, but the road is open, it feels good, and I think we'll arrive soon.

I decided to go that way. Certainly, the Meishin Expressways Otsu, Kusatsu, and Kyoto-higashi IC are always crowded.

And on that day, because it was Boxster for the first time in a long time, "After all sports cars do not get excitedWhile grinning, I was running the car smoothly, but it began to rain from around Maizuru. Did you come ... It will rain sooner than you think. Then, I came to Mikatagoko PA, but the fog came out and I couldn't see the scenery at all.

Boxster GTS

I hurried ahead, thinking that I would have seen a beautiful view if it was sunny. After that, while taking a few breaks, I was thinking of eating rice at Oyabe River SA, but when I arrived, it was like this.

I can't get out of the car ... (-_-)

Looking out, the wind was strong and the person holding the umbrella was quite wet, so I decided to give up and go to my destination, Toyama Station. When I usually eat rice at SA, I mainly take care of the children and I don't have time to taste the food, soI was really looking forward to eating local rice alone at SA this time.I don't know.

The road from there to Toyama was too heavy for the wipers to catch up with, and the next day, when I returned home from Kanazawa, it was raining up to Fukuchiyama.I managed to complete the 800km round trip by myself.

The charm of Porsche Boxster

It was the first time for Boxster to drive on the highway in such heavy rain, but before departure from my husband

On the highway, it is just right to make only your feet a sport and make it hard. ButNormal feet are more stable during heavy rain, so it's saferI think.

I received the advice, so when I tried it that way, I was able to run with peace of mind from beginning to end.

Well, the Panamera I was riding before was heavier and 4WD, so it was stable even in heavy rain, and the feeling of sinking and grabbing the ground was reliable, but I felt that Boxster could run without any anxiety.

As expected.

And after all the engine sound of this 981 Boxster GTS is the best, really the best. (I'm always saying the same thing w)

Knowing that it's completely a matter of taste,When it comes to engine sound, I like the 981 Boxster GTS the best of all the cars in my house.span! The high-pitched sound is just a pleasant sound, and the smooth engine sound according to the number of revolutions when stepping on in 3rd or 4th speed is goose bumps no matter how many times you hear it.

Fortunately, there was little traffic on this day, and there were quite a few times when there were no cars in front or behind, so in the tunnel of the Maizuru Expressway,How many times did you taste the engine sound by shifting down and accelerating meaninglessly (laughs)

And it was the highest and highest to be able to operate this car manually. Of course, recent PDKs have excellent performance, so I think it feels good to drive with a paddle shift.

However, the pleasure of stepping on the clutch with my own foot, moving the shift lever with my own hand, and rhythmically operating the car and breathing together, and this engine sound, really ... the best (vocabulary)

Compared to the recent new Porsche, the 981 Boxster has room to operate by human hands in a good way ... The clutch is heavy, and it is fun to feel like it will stall if you take it easy when starting. Well, if you ask my husband,

That said, 981 is like the latest Porsche for air-cooled riders w If it's fun to operate by yourself, I wonder if the older Porsche is more fun.

However, when it gets too old, it doesn't have an auto-blipping function, etc ... I'm not a skilled MT rider, but I'm still a beginner, so I haven't tried blipping myself, and including that, Sports Plus I like 981 which turns on auto blipping only when the button is pressed.

Actually, after the 992 was delivered, when I ran the Ashi Driveway with Boxster for the first time in a long time, "Oh, I'm not more impressed than before ... I wonder if the performance of 911 is amazing ...I felt honest.

But when I think about it now, it's not what Boxster is like,The road I run on Boxster was the Ashi Driveway every time, so the freshness of the road was lost and my excitement was weakened.I think it's just that.

This time I tried a lot of the first road in Boxster,I found Boxster to be a really pleasant and fun car.Feeling of power is also just good, felt even running any way, including the general road fun, I thought also that it is a strong car buddy feeling.

And I thought again that these two points, engine sound and manual operation, are the big attractions of my Boxster.

It was so much fun that I should have been tired after work after returning home, but adrenaline came out and I couldn't sleep easily.If one day I tell you to let go of Boxster, I will buy it! I'll do my best for that too!I said to my husband,

Yeah, what's the point of doing that between a couple?


Also, this time I went to Kanazawa and ate Kanazawa Oden for the first time, but it was insanely delicious. I'm not a gourmet from the beginning, so I end up eating at convenience stores and chain stores wherever I go, but I thought it would be nice to go to a different place and have a local specialty.

Kanazawa Oden

Kanazawa Oden crab side

Kanazawa Oden crab side

Next, I want to run in Hokuriku on a sunny day (laughs)

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  1. Yellow submarine


    Thank you for your 800km drive.
    It seems that it was a drive in the rain, but it was the best that I ran safely.

    I don't ride on rainy days, but I went out on the 30% and met the downpour twice.
    But the sound of rain hitting the hood is also nice.

    I saw it while drinking sake (Tennoto), but the image of oden is
    It's vivid, especially the chikuwa and octopus look delicious, so entertain while using the knobs.
    I received it.

    It was a treat!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Yellow Submarine
      Thank you!
      The long-distance drive in heavy rain was quite exciting (laughs)
      I think that there are many people who do not run in such heavy rain, so I am grateful to my husband.

      I'm glad that the photo of oden was a snack (laughs)
      I asked for it with a little refrain, but it was flattened in a blink of an eye, so
      I wish I had asked for more ^^:

  2. yone0531

    Mina Good evening.

    Excuse me for another comment.
    As expected, there aren't many people on business trips from Kobe to Toyama by car.
    I'm glad that Kanazawa Oden was delicious. You may know the crab side,
    A female of the Matsuba crab (snow crab) in Hyogo, and called a barrel crab in Kanazawa.
    You can't take it until the end of December. And Kanazawa Oden became famous for some reason
    I can't eat the crab side easily. So I think it's very valuable.
    Instead of talking, let me say selfishly with my husband, Blue Boxster.
    It would be nice if you could talk about touring.

    • MinaMina

      That's right! !!
      It was really good to have a business trip to Kanazawa at a good time!
      The shop said, "The ban on crabs has been lifted ...", but there is a good time.
      I did not know.

      The crab side is very luxurious, and I wanted to try various things from other shops.
      Actually, I ate for lunch side by side before the store opened, but he said that it might not have been there at night.

      > Instead of talking, let me say selfishly with my husband's blue Boxster
      > It would be nice if you could talk about touring.
      Thank you very much! I think my husband will write an article again ^ ^

  3. FX.n

    Hokuriku is a region where it rains so much that you should not forget your umbrella than three meals. Even myself, Haruo, can be hit by the rain. Boxster, isn't it? I've been together for 800km. I plan to 992.

    • MinaMina

      > Hokuriku is a region where it rains so much that you shouldn't forget your umbrella than three meals.
      Yeah, that's right! It's like England! (I've never been there ...)
      So this time, you don't have to be so depressed, "Because it's a rain woman ..." ^^;
      Thank you!

      Will you buy 992! I'm sure it's so comfortable and fun even over long distances ^^

  4. makoto

    Mr. Mina, Hello (I have long silence. But now late, Congratulations safety of your birth.).
    I thought the content of the story was Naruhodo.
    Actually, yesterday, I rented a substitute car because of the car inspection. I went for a drive to Ibukiyama Driveway with the 911 Turbo Cabriolet (Type 991). The exterior is absolutely amazing. The stability and acceleration performance on the highway are also outstanding (naturally, lol). When opening at high speed, I was surprised at the small amount of wind involved. However, when I entered the driveway, my driving skill was clearly overwhelming, and it seems that Cayman who can run the engine is more suitable. You may like the engine sound, but the 6-cylinder Cayman resonates with your heart.
    However, after all it feels good to be open. If the way back is open and you run, sleepiness will fly.
    So, I think that the next is Boxster GTS 4.0.

    • MinaMina

      Hello, Thank you!
      I was able to give birth safely!

      > I went for a drive to Ibukiyama Driveway with the 911 Turbo Cabriolet (Type 991).
      Eh! You can lend me such a nice substitute car ...! it's great!
      Turbo cabriolet, I want to ride it once ...!

      After all the performance is amazing. If the performance is too good,
      Certainly, the feeling of having too much is amazing (I'm not really confident in driving ^^;)

      > Next, I think Boxster GTS 4.0.
      Oh nice! !! It sounds pretty good! After all, the open car has different fun and charm from the coupe ^ ^

  5. Locker c blue

    Nice to meet you.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but is the sound of the GTS quite different from the one with the sports exhaust?

    • MinaMina

      Locker c Blue
      Thank you!
      When I asked my husband,

      "As far as 981 is concerned, GTS and plain sports exhaust are quite different.
      Especially the flashiness of the backfire is different, and the volume of the exhaust is also different.
      GTS is tuned for exhaust sound exclusively for GTS.
      However, with 981, even an individual with a sports exhaust is good enough. I don't think there are many people who are dissatisfied with that! "
      I said ^ ^

      Thank you.