Oil change cost of Porsche 911 Carrera (992 type) etc.

Porsche 911 (992)
Type 992

Oil change of Porsche 911 (992 type)

The other day my husband was quick911 Cabriolet (992 type) oil and filter replacement at the dealerDid. It's only been a month since the car was delivered, but my husband used it for commuting and went on a medium-distance touring to finish the break-in early.

BecauseSoon to drive Fuji Speedway at Porsche Driving School (Porsche Truck Experience)He had a plan, so he was thinking of finishing the break-in and maintaining it before that.

By the way, the mileage at that time was 2400km. Husband

SeparatelyThere is no need to change the oil or filter (for the manufacturer) just because the break-in operation is over.However, since I participate in Porsche's driving school and run on the circuit, I have an opportunity, so I thought it would be safer and more comfortable to clean it here.

He said.

From my experience, I thought that Porsche's oil change and oil filter change would be completed after waiting for about an hour and a half at the store, but it seems that this is not the case with the 992 type.

When it comes to changing not only the oil but also the oil filter,It seems that it is designed to access the oil filter by removing the lid of the cooling water, so it can not be replaced until the cooling water cools downThat's right.

Therefore, when replacing the filter with 992, I had to wait for several hours until it cooled down, so I had to go home once and come back later.

The whole family goes to the Porsche Center

After the oil change was over, I decided to send my husband to the dealer on weekday evenings when there were few customers, but since the children are still small, I inevitably have to go with the whole family (laugh)

And when you think about it,The eldest son made his Porsche Center debut on this day.I noticed, so I decided to go in full dress, that is, Porsche's baby rompers.

The eldest son, who was just born in August, is a huge child who is well-developed and is already asked, "Is it about half a year old?"Porsche rompers are also for 3 months to 6 months in size, butWhen I put it on, it was already perfect.

Porsche rompers Porsche rompers

When my eldest son grows up someday, I want to show him "This is the picture when I went to the Porsche Center for the first time", but I wonder if that is a completely irrelevant story for him.

Amount of oil change for Porsche 911 Carrera (Type 992)

And the amount and contents of oil change and filter change of 911 Cabriolet (992) was like this.

・ Engine oil change (Mobil 1 ESP X3 0W-40 8L)
· Oil filter replacement
・ Oil filter insert
・ Sealink ring
Total: 54,665 yen

Just before that, the Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO S's legal 12-month inspection cost about 10,000 yen (although it is included in the maintenance pack), so considering that, Porsche's oil change is expensive.

The oil cost is high and 8L of oil can be put in, so is it extra? No, Panamera was also expensive.

After the delivery of Porsche Panamera, the second oil change-the cost was 40,818 yen

By the way, about the oil change of 992, my husband

Many of the old cars had a clear change in feeling when the oil was changed, but in recent cars, I can't tell the difference in feeling at all. The engine is always smooth.
With this, I can turn it up to high rpm, and finally I can try the true performance of 992, so I'm looking forward to it.

I was saying. I see!

After this, my husband participated in Porsche's driving school (Porsche Truck Experience) at 992, and I will write an article about his impressions later.

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  1. 981b

    Indeed, 982 cannot be simply removed just because the oil temperature has reached 80-60 degrees.

    I am a plain 981 Boxster, but if I do the oil change myself, compatible filters such as MAHLE, MANN 3,000, Mobil 1 5w40, 2 cans 8L mail order 9,000, plug and seal 2,000, total 14 to 5 Is it a thousand?

    Tools such as slopes, torque wrenches, and interval reset devices are separate, but it's fun. With the Porsche A40 standard certified Castrol Edge 5w40, it's even cheaper.

    The 982 is also turbocharged and the under panel is removed, and the filter is in a different position in the sideways direction, making it more difficult than the 981. DIY can be tough.

    • MinaMina

      981 Boxster's oil change, if you do it yourself, you can do it for that amount of money.
      It's really expensive for a dealer ...

      > 982 is also turbocharged and the under panel is removed, and the filter is in a different position in the sideways direction, making it more difficult than 981.
      That's right! With the latest models, it's getting harder and harder to do it yourself ...!