Which one do you prefer? AMG S63 4MATIC Coupe (C217) and Panamera Turbo (971) are different.


Comparison between S 63 and Panamera

In an article of the other day,Impression that owned the AMG S 63 coupeI wrote about this time, "Comparison of Panamera Turbo and AMG S 63 CoupeI want to write in ".

Impressions of ownership of the Mercedes · Benz AMG S63 4MATIC Coupe (C 217)

Just for the comparison of these two, my husband

I had the experience of owning two Panamera Turbo and AMG S 63 Coupe so much, so I thought I would like to tell you the impressions of comparing these ... but, in the first placeThese two units are too different in characterIf you compare, coming to Japan soonTo compare with the AMG GT 4 door coupeIt is burned.

I was saying. After that, I will introduce the report that my husband compiled this time.

Comparison by scene

It is what I say on this blog many times, but "Panamera Turbo and S63 are cars with completely different charactersI want to say it again beforehand that it is.

General road driving

On the streets, places with many stop and go, monotonous ordinary roads, I think that many people feel comfortable in S63. The interior of Panamera is "Now, I will drive!Although it is the atmosphere that "S 63 is"To relax, to relaxIt's atmosphere.

I feel less tired during driving and feel like concentrating on the conversation with the passenger seat. So,If you think that it is used for simple movement such as commuting or work, S 63 is more preferredThere is no mistake.

Winding run

From the viewpoint of "enjoyment" in winding, the overwhelming majority gains in Panamera.S 63 is not enemy to honest Panamera in terms of "weight" "roll" rather than "what is the handling accuracy".

On the other hand, Panamera will not feel strange about "weight" "size" at winding, it will turn around the corner as if it sucked on the ground. Handling is accurate as well.

What I think is particularly different is "Difference in the position of the center of gravity of the car experiencedIn S63, the center of gravity position is felt higher than Panamera, which is like driving a taller car. Also, Panamera is easy to grasp the feeling of turning around the back of the driver's seat, but S63 is hard to feel the center point and feels like turning around the car as a whole.

However, from the viewpoint of "comfort", this evaluation is reversedSo, in the end I think "what you ask the car" is important.

Engine sound

When S 63 is set to the sports mode, it makes a sound like a muddy like the American V 8 echoes, and it makes it entertaining with the appropriate volume. But,Compared with when Panamera's sports exhaust is turned on, it is not that much volume.

Sound quality is lower in S 63, and Panamera is somewhat higher in treble. And the feeling of violence of V8 is stronger in S63, and the direction of Panamera feels a little more grainy sound.

By the way, S 63 is more flashy at the time of shift down, and if it is in sports mode, "Boo! "And very comfortable sounds will be rotated together.


Even if the spin suspension is made into sports at S 63, there is not much difference from the comfort mode. The size of the roll does not change so much, and the sense of grounding does not change so much.

Rather, a bit of a sense of stiffness comes out,For S63 only, I personally prefer Comfort mode.Compared to Panamera, "Sports mode of S 63 is softer than Panamera's normal modeI feel it.

Highway driving / acceleration

On the highwayS 63 is a running taste which accelerates smoothly and powerfully on the carpet to the gentleIt is. One Panamera accelerates as if scraping off the ground, whatever the curve "Sticking corneringIt will taste.

By the way,Panamera is fairly fast in terms of acceleration feeling only when full throttle is given.

So, as I already know the acceleration power of Panamera Turbo, even if I accelerate it in S 63,Oh, is this something like that?I thought honestly. In addition to "the difference in physical speed"Elements such as "play of accelerator" and "difference of response of response"But I think it makes me think so extra.

Looking at only the catalog value of the engine, the S63 is higher, but the Panamera is clearly faster. even here"The Porsche catalog value is more than the numerical valueI feel it again.

What is the big difference between Panamera and S63?

Based on these, I think, the biggest difference when comparing S63 and Panamera,

It is a difference between "handling" and "feeling transmitted from the handle".

In the case of S 63, it is difficult to understand the difference in asphalt pavement on the road surface,Feeling as if running on a carpet on any road.

However, this does not mean that the steering information which tends to be domestically produced luxury cars is dilute,Although steering NVH firmly to the last, the steering wheel's response firmly exists.

On the other hand Panamera always knows the situation of asphalt and always feels a very high ground touch.Four wheels catch the road surface gluttonously, the feeling that it is stepping on is strong, and it is possible to know roughness, smoothness, irregularity of the road surface.

However,It does not mean that the ride is not bad at all.How to express that, it is difficult to understand, but ... "Koshi's strong ride" may be a bit easier to understand.

The second point is the difference of "Axel's response".

The accelerator response of S <b> 63 is "The driver accelerates by clearly telling the intention to step on the acceleratorIt feels like that. However, this is never "no power" or "the rotation response of the engine itself is not bad".

In other words, "There is a time like a car as if the car is confirming the intention of the driverWith the feeling, like stepping on the accelerator, the car responds "I will accelerate from now," and then the acceleration starts.

One'sPanamera is free to accelerate and decelerate freely by just putting in and drawing on the accelerator a little.So in the case of Panamera, there is no time "the car is confirming the driver's intention", as if the accelerator and the engine are connected,When stepping on the accelerator, it will accelerate without putting into haircut.

So, if you are told "Which is easier to get on the street," S63 is easier to get on, comfortable and gentle. However, there are few "fan-to-drive" elements. I think that the big difference is that.

Comparative review

If you are worried about Panamera and S63, first of all,To make clear the "preference" for your carI recommend you.

I am not interested in running and driving itselfIf you emphasize "comfort" or "luxury" "equipment" etc. S63However, conversely,People who like "running" and "enjoyment" "driving themselves" do not hesitate PanameraIt is better to do it.

I really think that ownership of these two cars depends on their preference for cars,There is a possibility that exact opposite evaluation will be given to each carI'm saying that. Here I think again that there is fun and difficulty in the evaluation of the car.

... It was a difference, comparison, compilation note of AMG S63 4MATIC Coupe (C217) and 971 Panamera Turbo by her husband.

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  1. Gori

    Good morning.

    Very, easy to understand, thank you for the accurate comparison.

    I especially like articles about comparison not only for Porsche but also for other cars like this one.

    Of course I like Porsche, but I like the car overall, so I'm happy with this article.

    I also like Panamera, but I thought again that I would like to own this luxurious S coupe someday.

    And I really like the writing written by Mr. Mina and my master! Wakaya Rirui too! ! !

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for saying that way ^ _ ^
      My husband is happy too!

      Certainly, by taking a car other than Porsche,
      I can understand more about Porsche,

      In the world I realize that there are lots of wonderful cars besides Porsche,

      Husband got the best of it, and also cars other than Porsche
      I hope to have it owned

      My husband liked S 63 a lot,
      Because I said that it is really regrettable to let go,
      If Gori is possessed in the future, please tell me about its goodness ^ _ ^

      We continue to thank you!