To those who have low back pain like driving a car - Please let me know your recommended back pain measures.

Living with Porsche

Husband who likes driving and back pain

Although he is a husband who likes to drive a car, but since a few months agoMy back hurts"I often began to speak. Apparently, a 5 year old child(18 kg)Having held the eldest daughter and raised to the second floor, he dodged his waist and seems that back pain worsened from there. Nonetheless, thisStretching Paul makes it considerably easierSo it seems not to be severe.

Also from that time my husband said "I go to the osteopathic clinic for my lower back.Starting to say, I try to consciously unbent the muscles of the hips and buttocks. And then, the osteopathic teacher there, "I sit almost at work, often travel long distances like a car with a car, is it also a cause?"

"It is definitely caused by a long period of time with the same posture, especially because driving has accelerator and brake operations, I sit without stepping on my feet so it's not quite good."

It was said that it was said.

Although,While driving a car, I do not feel low back pain thereThat's it. I guess that driving might be fun w

Fortunately I do not have low back pain, so "But that simply means that you do not have enough exercise. Because I do not exercise or walk because I ride all the car, I do not have muscular strength(I'm on my shelf)When saying, the husband,

"Well, that is bad, is not it?"

To say, recently I started muscle training at home.

Also, as there are many cases where the company sits in front of a personal computer and works at work all the time,I purchase a balance ball and I am sitting all day to work.That's it.

If he sits all day in the balance ball, he seems to be very tired of trunk being trained "This is pretty good!"they said. However, if you are sitting all day in the balance ball, it seems to be a difficult point to want to go to the toilet with a mess

Like this, my husband goes to the clinic, goes through a stretching pole, sometimes depends on medicine,

Although I have taken countermeasures, finally I finally handed to Pipeleki Ban the other day!

In me, "Pipeleki van is used by those who are pretty painfulBecause it is an image, no, it seems a little serious I wonder if my husband's back pain somehow gets better.

Measures against low back pain

"I like driving a car but I am suffering from low back painBecause there are times when I see people 's blog on the net, I wonder if there are quite a lot of people who like driving and caring and are suffering from low back pain.

"The AT car is more prone to back pain because the waist and legs are fixed"Or conversely"It takes a burden on the waist by clutch operation with impossible posture with MT carBecause there are various kinds of information in the world, it is difficult to judge honestly which information is right and what should be incorporated.

There are also a lot of seat cushions for people with low back pain, but it is a bit of a push to put a cushion there even though Porsche is wearing a good seat.

By the way, my mother, who used to be with her at the kindergarten of my daughter, came to pick me up on an MT car every day. In spite of "It is amazing to be able to drive an MT car!When saying,

"I'm used to it, I got used to it.I hit the car 360 degrees so far, but I got accustomed to driving it everyday (laugh) But I was clutch operated with MT car, but I hurt my back ... okay bone I went to the hospital "Bones are misalignedI was told that. It seems that he was driving all the way in an unreasonable posture. So, I will go to the osteopathic hospital for a while. "

I was saying. At that time II want to be able to drive an MT car, but the price is too large (-_-) ...I thought honestly (explosion)

Back pain, I wonder if there are people who drive cars well. Those of you who are suffering from back pain and those who know recommended back pain measures are glad if you can comment.

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    I do not have any good measures because there is no back pain.

    Looking at the article, "impossible posture" occupies a considerable proportion of cause? Mina husband seems to be different.

    > Since the driver sits without stepping on his feet, it is not very good, especially since driving has accelerator and brake operation.

    It is strange that it is strange. The left foot should be stepping on the footrest steadily while driving (it is hard if it is not a car), the right foot should also be able to do accelerator work unless the heel is securely fixed. In the case of MT, if the seat is adjusted to a position where the clutch can be stepped on firmly, I think that it is about that the waist can be pressed against the seat each time it steps on (it will not be the same position). However, in the case of my 718 Cayman, the left foot feels almost like a state of extension when stepping on the clutch compared with other cars that have been on so far. Otherwise the brake pedal is too close.

    In the case of traveling on a highway for a long time, in order to avoid "being in the same position for a long time", move the upper body (position of the waist) consciously to the right and left, or because I am lean shape, the butt does not hurt Sometimes it moves slightly back and forth to change the weighted position.

    I wonder what you are doing.

    • MinaMina

      > In the case of MT, if the seat is adjusted to a position where the clutch can be stepped on firmly, I think that it is about that the waist can be pressed against the seat each time you step on (it will not be the same posture).

      But it is certainly so. If it is an MT car, on the contrary it seems to be good for the waist without a burden. My husband said that, "It seems like air cooling has come and it took off to cool down my waist was getting worse ...".
      If you choose MT air cooling, back pain may have been good (lol)

      > I felt that the left foot almost stretched when I stepped on the clutch. Otherwise the brake pedal is too close.
      But it is certainly so! Otherwise, the brake pedal is too close and it will be like a kneeling (to put it in a big way).

      Everyone also seems to be in seat position or in long distance drive, so I think that I will share it again!

      By the way, though it was a new arrival comment that was suggested to Porsche Dreamer before, my husband made it appear on the top page.
      Thank you for your wonderful idea!
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Manma

    Mr. Mina

    It is comical.

    I would like to tell you from my past experiences that Recaro seats that were standard equipment in the Integra Type R (DB 8)
    I feel like it was hard to become low back pain.
    Here, it is a manual adjustment, and there is no course that there is a lumber support, but it was no trouble even if it rides 170,000 kilometers.

    Actually, I have recently increased opportunities to feel that my backache hurts recently, I thought that something about lumbago countermeasures was taken as a trigger from this article,
    I remembered that the most Integra type R was comfortable in my life with my love machine so far.

    In the meantime, you may already have a look, but I will attach the URL of Recaro that is likely to be helpful.
    I am surprised if it helps even a little.

    Immediately, I would like to practice low back pain countermeasures! !

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama

      Thank you!

      > RECARO sheet which was standard equipment of INTEGRA Type R (DB 8)
      > I feel like I was hardest to have low back pain.

      I often ask you that the Recaro sheet is very good,
      I think that there is only a good price and the seat is also wonderful.

      Thank you very much for sending us the URL as soon as possible!
      There is a site of low back pain x Recaro like this ...!

      So that means that there are many drivers who are suffering from low back pain as well.
      I will take a peek care ^ ^

      Thank you very much!

  3. Tetsu

    As to leave therapeutic comments to specialists
    A year and a half ago, the chair that was supposed to be seated in the workplace did not fit and became low back pain.
    Low back pain is painful.
    It is a slightly upscale chair made in Germany,
    It is difficult to sit and I can not stay in the same position for a long time.
    So unavoidably
    I bought two low fendant cushions for work and home for Amazon.
    The low friction cushion has quite a thickness
    When I sat down, my butt felt stable, I felt that the tail bones were supported.
    The cause of lower back pain was obvious, so when I used it for a while my back pain was cured,
    Because we do not change the chair I continue to patronize this cushion in the workplace.
    Although I got a little bit of fun.

    Also, when the back pain hurts,
    I also put it on Porsche.
    It certainly is not cool.
    As it was a black cushion on the beige seat, so much more.
    Return to the car in the service area and open the door,
    It was embarrassing, and it was geniari.

    But I can not change my belly back.
    Even if you are driving, you can sit steadily and there is a little hold feeling.
    I think that there was an effect because it was easier to sit than anything and was easy.
    Since I can finish without using it if my back pain has healed, as an option I should consider it.

    Since there is a thickness of the cushion even if you sit down,
    When using it in a car, the seat must be lowered accordingly.
    When driving from there, be sure to take a break at intervals of less than 2 hours,
    I am doing a light stretch and so on.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tetsu

      Thank you for your comment!

      > A year and a half ago, the chair that was supposed to be sitting in the workplace did not fit and became low back pain.
      Oh ... that's right ... that's right, you certainly can not choose a chair to sit at work. .
      (But it is enviable that it seems to be a high-class chair)

      Moreover, there are many things that is not a chair thought to sit for a long time.

      > I bought two low fendant cushions for work and home for Amazon.
      Oh, I see. A low-resilience cushion looks good!

      > Since it was a black cushion on the beige sheet, so much more.
      > Return to the car in the service area and open the door,
      > It was embarrassing, it was geniari.
      > But I can not turn my belly back on my back.
      Certainly ... Although it can not be convinced in terms of design, it is important to relieve lower back pain first and to correct back pain.
      My husband says, "I feel like my back hurts after embarking on air cooling," the air-cooled seat is black,
      This low rebound cushion looks good!

      I will also tell my husband!
      Thank you ^ ^

      Continue to thank you!

  4. Tommy

    Lower back pain, it is painful, is not it? . . It is scary if you are told that the bones are off (^ ^;)
    Nonetheless, I think that there are many things pointed out at the osteopathic clinic that the bone is shifted!
    I frequently look at occupational pattern CT and MRI images, but many bone deviations are seen even in images of people who do not have back pain symptoms in the first place.
    These people think that the load is unbalanced and it is easy for back pain.
    So it is not that the bones are extremely displaced by the operation of MT cars, and those who are originally deviated from bones think that it is easy for symptoms to appear in MT driving!
    Of course I do not know if I ride extremely long hours everyday. . .
    If the symptoms are not strong at present, is not it safe to get on MT? ! (Lol)

    Muscle mass and flexibility are important, do you feel that sitting posture is important as well?
    I think that the angle of the thigh and the curvature of the waist are important to relieve back pain in the riding posture.

    I go to a different workplace everyday and sit on a different chair, but if it does not fit, back pain will occur (cry)
    In the case of such a chair, laying a thin cushion or overlapped towel under the thigh or placing a table at the feet may raise the leg.
    At the same time, consciousness to strengthen the physiological lordosis of the lumbar vertebrae or squeezing the cushion on the waist reduced the symptoms and was effective.
    It may be tough at the beginning as the spine grows as a posture, but I think that posture is less burdensome to the waist.

    I think that the attitude of riding is also common.
    Make it a position where the thigh rises somewhat when seen from the side and feel it comfortably if you try to push the waist about 1 minute ago using the lumbar support etc. with the back and buttock firmly in contact with the back.
    If the seat surface is too low or the distance to the foot pedal is large, the thigh may fall and cause back pain.
    There was a history that the support that was hitting the butt on the previous mistake shifted upward and hit the waist made it really easy (lol)
    Even if you use a lumbar support, care should be taken because the lumbar vertebra does not curve well well if the position is too low.
    I wrote it for a long time, but I am pleased if there is something to be helpful (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      Lumbar pain seems really painful when you try it ... (I raise it on the shelf that it is not a backache and I say like someone else's, but there is a possibility of getting enough)

      > Of course I do not know if I ride an extremely long time everyday. . .
      > If the symptoms are not strong at present, is not it safe to ride MT? ! (Lol)

      My husband said, "If you do not get on air cooling recently, your waist will be fine, maybe it was due to an air-cooled seat?" (Noh no laugh)
      Recently I did not seem to be the same as before, so the other day I went to work on a Boxster.

      > I go to a different work place like everyday, I sit in a different chair, but what does not fit will cause back pain (crying)

      Wow that's painful ... I can not choose a chair in my workplace, and if I sit for a long time and it's a bad design,
      It's pretty painful, is not it?
      Because I often sit in the same posture for a long time at work, I thought that reviewing the chair at work was also important.

      As Tommy says, again, flexibility, muscle mass, seat position, etc.,
      It seems that it affects low back pain considerably,
      I will also tell my husband this comment ^ ^

      Thank you very much!

  5. nave

    Hello Mina,

    Husband's daughter has passed away. (It is a nostalgic expression.)

    Tommy says, but 80% of the back pain in the world really seems to be unknown.

    Although it is not a denial of a bastard clinic at the bone clinic, it is estimated that it is about 40 years of inferior waist, so it is more or less slight deviation
    I think there are everyone. Although it might be really amazing if it is just being touched and misaligned.
    If it is a very bad symptom (numbness, feeling hard to enter power), I recommend you to see an orthopedic surgeon, but my husband's symptoms
    If it is, it is presumed that it is roughly good with symptomatic therapy being done now. Is it good in restoring muscle strength and flexibility? I think.
    So it seems that stretch pole and balance ball are effective against husband's back pain.
    Lumbar pain may also appear outside the musculoskeletal system, so it may be good to check the built-in system on this machine.

    It is almost the same as my low back pain that pain comes out because blood circulation is getting worse for the same posture for a long time.
    Driving like adrenaline does not feel pain first (lol)
    Vantelin, ammerz and others are effective against so-called acute inflammatory pain (bruises, sprains, etc.), but it does not work for my low back pain
    Probably hardening also in husband's back pain? What? I guess it is. Although it is an illusion that it is effective with a feeling that it was caught in a moment of moment (lol)

    I wrote it for a long time but I think that it is no doubt that the husband's way is being done almost now! !
    Please tell me that you take care of yourself ♪

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      I see ... It looks painfully low back pain, but recently it seems to be a little better.

      >, I guess that it is roughly good with symptomatic therapy being done now. Is it good in restoring muscle strength and flexibility? I think.

      Oh exact advice!
      Certainly, restoring muscle strength and flexibility will soon work and it will not be so bad, so once it seems okay.

      The check of the internal organs as well is certainly true so it seems that blood circulation is also related,
      If this happens then you can find a good way to check the whole body (laugh)

      It seems that Ammerz and others certainly seem to be feeling well at that time,
      That seems that pain will not be healed ...

      Thank you very much for having valuable information variously ^ ^
      I will also tell my husband!

  6. polish.

    Nice to meet you.

    Recently I found this blog and I am seeing it.

    Although it may already have been tried,
    Because we are low back pain (+ neck pain + left knee pain)
    It is my own improvement method.

    It may be a story about work posture.
    I thought when looking at my posture with a mirror,
    When seeing from the side, it is easier for the pelvis (ass) to go down and beyond what one thinks (Japanese).

    Is the angle of the pelvis at the point?
    Can you fit your own posture?

    When applied to a seat,
    If the angle of the seating surface of the seat slightly rises a little in front,
    The angle of the back is too sleepy and I feel strange.
    Somewhat stupid feeling became stronger,
    The handle will be far away,
    Fit feeling of head part (more gaps)
    So it is difficult to fit?

    Although it is better at first for the feeling of rising up front,
    I can not bear it for a long time. . .
    If you are severe you will almost be numb.

    And, to improve,
    Even with the angular relationship between the seat surface and the back surface intact,
    Try looking at the seat surface slightly horizontally slightly,
    Stopped his back,
    We also adjusted the gap of the neck.
    When stepping on the brake, readjust so that gaps are not created in the waist (near the buttocks).
    It should be wrong that the gap between the waist and the seat (twist?) Will disappear.
    have become.

    The previous people are also written,
    I got to stretch and train,
    It got better than ever.

    I apologize for a long sentence.

    GT3 Touring article as well.
    I'm looking forward to it.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, Mina.
      Thank you for finding this blog from among numerous blogs!

      > Since we are low back pain (+ neck pain + left knee pain)
      > It is my own improvement method.

      Oh ... it's painful, is not it?

      > The angle of the pelvis is a point?
      > Can I adjust to my own posture?

      Indeed, the angle of the pelvis is important ...
      Also, although I did not think about the angle of the seating surface, indeed, depending on whether the seat angle is upwards or downwards,
      The burden on waist and other postures changes a lot!
      I see…

      > The people in the front are also written,
      > I am getting to stretch and train,
      It got better than>.
      After all, it is time to properly exercise your body, add strength, correct distortion, review from the fundamental point,
      I thought again it was very important.

      GT 3 also seems to be delivered at the end of April if it is fast, if it is late as of the end of May (There is much difference ^^;)
      I will also introduce it in the article!

      Continue to thank you.

  7. Sakon

    Nice to meet you.
    I'm looking for a Boxster Spider article and I'm here to read it from the beginning. Sorry for the comment on the old article.

    I myself almost sit in front of the PC at work. Furthermore, we have been living driving around 60,000km a year for about six years.
    For a while, I used to sit down with a compress and sleep everyday.
    I went to a sports club for about 20 years, but I heard that Gickli frequently occurred and I got into a bad situation, and I heard that balance of abdominal muscles and back muscles was important, and since then I have always had a back muscle stand (45 ° diagonal stand) I was training at the end of my back pain.
    It seems that it is the cause that I did not do the back muscles almost by training only abdominal muscles, but my strength around the waist falls with the age, so I feel that it is important to train consciously.

    • MinaMina


      Looking for a Boxster Spider article and having reached this blog,
      Thank you very much…!
      And thank you for reading past articles.

      > Since then I have been training on the back muscles table (diagonal table of about 45 °), and I have had a back pain.

      Thank you so much! I see ... I'm conscious of my abdominal muscles, but I'm not very aware of my back.
      When I was young, I also had muscle strength, but I feel that if I get older I can not strengthen my muscles and I feel that various parts of my daily life will be disturbed.

      I am glad if you can feel free to comment on the blog again.
      Continue to thank you!