I tried to blacken GT3 and air-cooled Porsche tires with Shurestar tire wax.

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Tire wax

I finished the tire change of Panamera the other day,New tires are so darkI was very surprised. As for the previous tire, I didn't notice at all because I'm used to it every day, but when I run as it is, the tire color becomes dirty and dull.

Then my husband

GT3 tires are not black at all along with Panamera, so let's use tire wax to make them black.

Saying,Tire wax called Shuraster tire carePurchased.

Huh ~Cream that hides human gray hairThis wax is applied to the side of the tire,What can restore the original natural shine of tiresSo, it seems that almost all car tires and tire types are supported.

The content is 200ml, but with this one,You can paint about 80 tires. When asked why my husband chose this,

Oily spray is harder to fall off,Oiliness is not very good for tiresI have to ask. A long time ago, I often used cheap foam spray tire wax, so I wonder if I did Pirelli P6000 ... Within two years,A very small crack entered the sidewallSo, I've already thought about using it.
Originally, tires seem to be coated with weathering agents, but there are also stories about oiliness and the fact that they fall or change.
Also, I like water because it gives a more natural finish.It should not be too glare.I can apply this cream to one tire in the amount of cream for cosmetics,It can be used for 80 bottles. If you're worried about the durability, they sell a little more expensive but more durable ones.

And that.

Looking at the review of this tire wax, the evaluation is quite high,It has a better hold than similar products from other manufacturers, and can stay black and black for about two weeks if it doesn't rainThat's it. "It's the best thing to do in terms of tire pain, even though it will fall in a few weeks," he said.

Tire wax, try painting?

Actually, when I applied this wax to the tire, it immediately turned black,The underbody looks good and looks coolSo my husband was pleased. It's easy to apply, just remove the dirt from the tire, apply a small amount of liquid to the sponge, apply it to the tire little by little, and let it dry for about 20 minutes.

By the way, the point is "Thoroughly wash the tire side before painting"It seems.

And here is the photo after waxing the tires.

Compared to the photo before painting, it turned black, but the big wheels and thin tires make it a little hard to see the difference.

On the other hand, my husband also painted the air-cooled Porsche (964), but it looks quite black because the wheels are small and the tire area is large.("It's freshly painted but there is unevenness ...")

By the way, here is the photo before painting.

Anyway, there are so many car-related goods. It is these days that I want to go to a mass retailer once and see what kind of car goods are available.

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  1. Kazugane Hills

    That is an annoying problem. Especially the rear tire of GT3 turns brown (especially in summer) due to the heat from the muffler.
    The problem is to think about the choice of WAX or polishing.
    If you wash the sess and the side wall with a thin nylon brush, it will turn black,
    Excessive washing of surface oils and UV inhibitors will shorten the service life.
    WAX is like a blog. Sprinkle water-based WAX thinly with a sponge for a very natural finish.
    But after all the polished one is better.
    For now, I'm painting water-based WAX lightly.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      > Especially the rear tire of GT3 turns brown (especially in summer) due to the heat from the muffler.
      That's right ...!
      There is also a way to polish the tires! Even if you look at the net, there are various information,
      I thought it would be difficult to determine which method would be better.

      Is the water-based WAX easy and easy to use without burdening tires?

  2. To be sunny

    I like oily bees, because I like the black light when a new car is delivered.
    I don't care about durability or cracks.
    Perhaps before the endurance there, tires will be reduced and replaced, so lol!

    • MinaMina

      By car

      > Maybe before that durability, I think the tires will be replaced, so laugh!
      Certainly (laughs) When I run quite a bit, especially when going to the circuit, it is immediately after changing the tires (laughs)
      Tire maintenance also changes according to each car life and preference!