Preventive maintenance of air-cooled Porsche 911 (964)-Desby belt, blower motor, etc. replaced.

Air-cooled Porsche

Air-cooled 911 to go back to maintenance

The other day, my husband again put out an air-cooled 911 (964) for preventive maintenance. This time, we asked for maintenance, like the previous store,BeforthIt is.

Anyway, "Sure, you started air cooling about two months ago, but what do you do again?As I asked,

No, there is no particularly big trouble. However, I just want to do preventive maintenance so that I can always rest assured on ultra-long distance touring.
This time,Replacement of distributor belt and noise from rear blower fanI want to fix it because it sounds occasionally.

Said her husband. So that's it….

Air-cooled 911 maintenance points

The air-cooled 911 finished maintenance in about a week, and my husband was going to pick it up again, but the maintenance location was eventually

  • Distributor belt, rotor and cap replacement
  • Replacement of fan and motor in rear blower fan
  • Elimination of driver noise
  • Belt tension adjustment

It was that. "I mean, what is a distributor? What is a blower motor? What happens if I change?As I asked,

First, a distributor (abbreviated as Desby) is a device that sends electricity to each cylinder in a timely manner to scatter sparks of ignition in the engine.If the generated electricity cannot be sent to each cylinder at the right time, an explosion will not occur in the engineSo this is an important device and
In the case of the 964, there are two plugs (spark-dispersing parts) for each cylinder, such as twin plugs and kara. So,Sending electricity to 12 plugs at the right time with 6 cylinders × 2Why?
In 964, there are two distributors to match that, and it looks like two distributors are sticking together.
There is a small belt to connect these distributors, and they use each other's ignition timing. If this belt deteriorates and breaks, the ignition timing will shift and the engine power will not come out, or at the worst it will ignite at strange timing,It seems that the engine may be broken.

Porsche 964 distributor

Porsche 964 distributor

He explained. … Hmmm I didn't know the detailed structure of the car, so I could understand it somehow. "So, did you change the belt because it was about to break?"When asked,

No, it doesn't mean that I'm going to cut it off or it's bad, but looking at the maintenance record, there is a history that I have replaced the distributor as a whole at 25,000 km in 2001, but since then,I did not change more than 40,000 km for 18 years, so I wanted to replace it as preventive maintenanceNo.
Actually, the belt was not so damaged, but the rotor itself and the cap, which distribute electricity, are getting worn out, so they should be replaced. (By the way, if you change the whole desbi, it will be quite expensive)

Porsche 964 distributor belts and rotors

Porsche 964 distributor belts, rotors and caps

I see. When asked, "What's a blower fan?"

I don't know what the official name says,A fan that sends engine heat to the heat exchanger to make the heater workThere is, but recently, sometimes there is a strange noise called gar from here. This doesn't seem to affect the driving, but I got a replacement because it was uncomfortable.
It seems that if you replace the whole device, it will cost you about 150,000 now only for parts, but this time I also got cheaper using motor and fan after parts.

Porsche 964 rear blower fan

Porsche 964 Rear blower fan

Porsche 964 Rear blower fan

The cost for this inspection and maintenance is approximately 199,000 yen, including the cost of parts and labor. It seems to be a very reasonable price. After finishing this maintenance and actually riding, it seems that the air cooling has improved even more,

I wonder if I replaced the cap with the desbi rotor,Engine pickup and growth improvedI feel. after,Fuel economy has improved dramatically.I haven't measured it yet, but maybe it's about 10% different.
Before replacement, the caps and rotors were quite black and worn, so it might be new and electricity could be sent to each cylinder with less resistance.
Really smooth, the more you run, the better this air-cooled engine is, but I think it's even smoother. I guess it is quite different from when I bought it.

I was saying. Although maintenance costs and maintenance have been on the list recently, Porsche with a classic model such as 964 requires particularly frequent maintenance.

No, cars are expensive w

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