Porsche 911 GT3 purchase story, a mysterious story.

Living with Porsche

Porsche friends

The other day, my family went to eat sushi for dinner. It was quite crowded at dinner, so I waited in the waiting space, and my dad with his family who came into the store later approached her husband.

OO, OO, we met again!

When her husband showed a look of surprise and joy, "Oh, A-san! We met again!", A car discussion began immediately, and the story of a maniac Porsche was blooming. After a while, my husband said,This one, Mr. A who talked before.A's first voice was,

Ah~! A wife who can ride that manual ...!


… No, it ’s not there (laughs)

I've heard the story a lot, but this A, my husband, gave me the opportunity to buy a GT3 touring. More specifically,Without Mr. A, my husband could never purchase a GT3 touring.

Trigger for purchasing GT3

About a year ago, before my husband ordered a GT3 touring. While her husband was refueling Boxster gasoline at a nearby gas station, a man of the same age suddenly called out.

Oh! Is it a manual! That's good! And the dealer is the same!

That person was Mr. A, but he was in the middle of filling with gasoline, so when the two were refueling, the conversation, "OK!" My husband went home that day,

I did a really good one. We did the same with the dealer, and we talked about it.

It seemed to have regretted. Shortly after that, when my husband went to Ashi, I met him again! At that time Mr. A was on a GT3 (991.2), so her husband,

Good, GT3. I also want GT3 touring, but that doesn't come to Japan. I'm sorry.

When casually speaking, Mr. A said,Certainly, GT3 touring should be available for regular import in Japan, ask your dealer.The husband checked immediately and made an appointment. However, I gave up in the middle, "I'm sure it won't come around," but I was lucky enough to be able to buy it. At that time my husband

I always thought that `` I could not buy a GT3 touring at a Japanese dealer because I could not configure at Porsche's Japanese site '', so I gave up and if I did not meet Mr. A, I would be GT3 I could never buy a touring. A is like,The relationship that God met me to purchase GT3Like and w


Then, Mr. A and her husband did not promise to meet each other, but occasionally met, and the other day they met in a conveyor belt sushi waiting space. A and her husband really have a relationship.

Porsche, your edge

When I was young, I was struggling hard, saying, "Even if you have been once, you have to connect it afterwards ...!"Some ties are attractive and some are not"I came to realize that.

Some people can't meet no matter how hard they try, and others don't connect once they've met them, while others meet regularly, even if they aren't particularly conscious, or for some reason have always been connected.

“Edge” is something like that.

At this age, there was almost no chance of being scolded by others, and the chance of reflecting on themselves was decreasing,Kinds call friendsLike the wordPeople around me now = mirrors that convey myselfI think it is. So, thinking about what kind of people are around you is a barometer that knows you today.

Through Porsche, I myself have a connection with people who would never have been able to meet if I worked normally. I wanted to grow even more and value the wonderful edge that I have now.

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  1. Former

    Nice to meet you, Mina.
    I always enjoy reading blogs.

    The model is different, but recently purchased the first Porsche (981 Cayman). The trigger ...
    If you go to the Porsche Museum on a summer trip to Germany or ride a friend, you are young! And other friends buy BMW 7 series, meet this blog…

    Thanks to that, the amount of heat has been improved and I was able to purchase it. So I feel that it is really important to me and timing is important.

    I thought if I could be connected to someone's important relationship.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      And congratulations on Cayman's delivery! ! ! !

      Your friends are amazing too!
      When I heard that there were people who bought sports cars like Moto, while it was said that young people were leaving the car,
      I think Japan's future is bright! ! !

      > I thought if I could be connected to someone's important relationship.
      I agree. It would be nice if you could do that

  2. Sakura is the puppy of the puppy

    I always see you happily.
    I am riding the base model of 718 Cayman which has fallen for just under a year since July.
    At the time of delivery, GT4 had already been accepted for reservation. Two months later, I put a GT4 order in September. There is no room to increase the number of cars and it is a transfer from the base model.
    I just thought that there would be no GT like my husband, but when the production quota was taken in R2.1 month, I went to the dealer the other day to finalize the OP. The mission is finally from the PDK. Only one mission vehicle is owned after obtaining a license. I have been driving the mission car many times on my job, but I am a little worried that I can ride a 420hp mission. Similarly, joining the Mission Porsche owner is likely to be February or March.
    Thank you for your fun blog.

    • MinaMina

      Sakura is a puppy dad

      The production quota has arrived! it's great…!

      Is the clutch of GT4 heavy? But every time a new model,
      I hear that the clutch is getting lighter,
      I wonder if it's easy to drive ...

      I'm very enviable.

      Also, I would be glad if you could hear the impressions of being delivered and riding.
      Continue to thank you!

  3. TAKA

    I am always reading happily.
    Dropping by this blog has become a daily routine.
    I don't have a car calendar for each year, but I think that the purchase of each car was "edge" and "timing".
    I think that we decided to buy when both were well engaged.
    In my case, purchasing a new car is not only economical, but also because of my love and memories of the car and those who took care of it at the time of purchase (the "edge" part). But it is "timing" to blow it off.
    The longer you ride, the more you think of a farewell day with a car you love, and you'll think it's impossible. I feel like I've been transferring.
    My current car is in my 20th year, and I sometimes go to a dealer with my son, thinking "I'm going to get it right now." But in the car on the way home, "Dad can't let go of his current car." It's a cleanup. Is there anything that can be over 20 years? It is around this time when I wonder.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > I think that it was "edge" and "timing" that led to the purchase of each car.
      Certainly, the timing is also quite large ...!
      You said that you have been riding for 20 years, your favorite car is a really happy car ^^

      In addition to being cherished by the owner and loved for a long time,
      I thought that the car that keeps running well was also amazing.