Porsche Boxster GTS put into service for one year in the fourth year – inspection details, costs, etc.

Porsche Boxter

Boxster GTS, inspection

981 Boxster GTS (MT) in my home. It was purchased in November 2015, and four years have passed since it was fast, so I decided to check it out a year ago the other day. Husband,

I detected the point of Panamera before this, then cooled it down with air, and then again with Boxster ... I just recently checked it ~

And took Boxster to the Porsche Center. He thought the inspection would take some time, but he brought it in the morning and completed it in the evening.(During that time, I rented a crown athlete on a substitute car and my husband was riding, so maybe I may write a test drive review)

By the way, the inspection contents of Boxster are as follows. There was no problem or breakdown, and he seemed to be in good health.

・ Brake squeal
→ Check brake squeal from front brake. Although the remaining amount of the front pad remains, this time we will respond with squeeze grease.
・ Engine oil change (75L)
· Oil filter replacement
· Air conditioner filter change
・ Brake pad remaining F: 4.0mm R: 7.0mm
→ If the brake pad warning lights up, simultaneous replacement of the pad and rotor is required.
・ Tire remaining groove F: 4.9mm R: 5.6mm

At the beginning of the statement, "Check brake squeal ..."Did you notice the brake squeal?"When I asked my husband,

No, from people who think that Porsche's brakes just sound good, I do not mind separately,Do you have any concerns? Feel free to say anything!], And said, "If you say it's strong, will the brakes sound a bit recently?"

It was that. In addition, the front4mm remaining brake padHe said he had no time to check next year, so he had to change it soon. Husband,

This month, I'm going to participate in the Porsche Truck Experience on Boxster, but I told you that it's all right. Although,When it comes to replacement, not only the brake pads, but also the disc this timeApparently, the ears of the disc are coming out and there are a few cracks. I think it costs money. Cars are really expensive ...

I was muttering.

Porsche warranty

Husband bought Boxster in November 2015, last year, one yearPorsche promised warrantyIt was reported that the warranty was extended by two years. When asked why,

Last year, when GT3 came, I thought I might let go of Boxster,I'm no longer letting go of BoxsterSo, the warranty was extended for two years.
We have GT3 in our house, but Boxster GTS is a car that is completely uncovered, so we can't substitute for Boxster. I think 981 is really a famous car and now I think again. Absolutely, the future will increase in value(Whisper)

He said.

I've finally been able to ride Boxster recently,I want you to keep selling ...I personally think.

By the way,The amount of Porsche guarantee for two years is 187,000 yen.This is Porsche will pay for repairs for failures during the warranty period,Consumables are not covered, so pay for oil change and filter change each timeThere is a need.

The inspection cost was about 280,000 yen, including the 187,000 yen guarantee amount for the last two years.

No, it's really expensive for cars. These days, it is expensive to buy, but moreover, it feels more expensive to maintain.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. yuke

    High maintenance costs are the price of high specs lol
    If you do not choose a car with a little thought about replacing consumables, the following will not continue ...
    Although the cost is often given out on the blog, Porsche is not really odd! Crying

    • MinaMina

      There is no odd part (laugh)
      There is nothing odd.

      I've been working hard on my goal, "I'll buy a Porsche myself!"
      Considering the maintenance costs, I don't really want to do much more.

  2. You

    I will refer to it because it is a half year senior of my child.

    • MinaMina

      Oh yeah! I will continue to write about what I learned from owning Boxster on my blog.
      Thank you very much!

  3. TAKA

    I am always happy to see you.
    It is a daily routine to search for used car information on the car I care about every day on the net, but I was very excited to discover the 981 Boxster GTS 6MT car this morning, but it was almost gone in the afternoon Was ... After all it is popular.
    While turbo cars are the mainstream, my interest is in naturally aspirated engines and the 981 is very attractive, but I can't really step in considering my family. (Or can't say it ...)
    This is because my 5th son has been caring because of brainwashing since he was a child, so if he buys Boxster or Cayman, he always wants to be in the passenger seat.
    However, the older daughter in kindergarten is also aiming for the passenger seat. Now, in order to prevent the seatbelt from hanging around my neck due to the height of my daughter, I persuade my son and give my daughter the passenger seat, but what happens if this becomes a car with two capacity? . When I look at my usual behavior, my daughter often gives it to my brother, but somehow she feels pitiful. (But my wife simply says that I don't care too much.) But if I buy a car with a capacity of two, I guess my daughter will give up to my brother and I can't afford it Kana and brakes are applied. (Of course, my wife's face also comes to mind, and the braking power there is considerable.) But in a few more years, I'm not worried about being told, "Papa isn't fun to get into a car." May end ...

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing!

      > 981 I was very excited about the discovery of the Boxster GTS 6MT car, but it was gone in the afternoon for a while.

      That's right! ! ! It's so popular ... amazing.

      Buying a two-seater car for a family of four is often annoying ... ^^;
      Then, I think 911 is good after all, but when I get on Boxster, I think "Oh, this is wonderful".

      I am shaking every day.
      And, at some exquisite timing, I feel that TAKA and his family will come across a car that comes in close proximity ^ ^;