WEC Fuji 6 hour endurance race - Porsche stakeholders lounge has been watching!

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WEC Early Battle!

Today is WEC's final day. Unfortunately the weather is heavy rain from the morning, the road is completely wet. This time WEC got the pass to put in the Porsche official lounge, so I headed to the designated entrance.

When I arrived at the Fuji Speedway west gate, I was parked in a private parking lot, so I parked the car there.

Today it is heavy rain, so it was decided that you can be picked up by Cayenne from the parking lot to the lounge specially.

Arrived in the lounge area in just one minute.

Go up the stairs and go to the Porsche official lounge on the second floor.

VIP Air Lounge

Oh ... something amazing. From the lounge, you can see not only the state of the race, but also the state of the pit in.

As soon as I arrived, I took him to the pit walk, but unfortunately the picture was not good. In the garage of the Porsche camp,Two 919hybrids are placed,People of the Porsche team were busy adjusting. Also, as a reserve when a breakdown or crash occurred, things like bumpers and feathers behind were stocked.

The German flag was hung on the car body as the driver prefers,Because weight reduction is important, I will never paintIt seems. It seems to be strict enough to wear a sticker that is lighter in weight than paint. The helmet of the driver was prepared in the state that it could be attached right now, but because it sweats and so on, it gets wet hard, so it was said that it is making it possible to dry quickly with dryer from the bottom.

In addition, I was able to show lots of stocks of tires and machines that can heat the tires at high temperatures just before the start of the race. There are 3 sets of the same equipment in all, it seems to be carried by airplane and ship every race in the world.It weighs 40 tons.

No, it's a tremendously troublesome and costly world. And, as so many people involved, and the best team is preparing the best, I thought that the driver would have to win anyway.

The winning driver must always be,"Thanks to the team, thanks to everyone in the team"However, I felt a little understandable why. Drivers are running at their own risk, carrying all the expectations, hopes, lives, and so on of many people.

When I return to the lounge while feeling excited, Porsche driver, Brendon Hartley.

My head is too small face! I could not think like the same person ... amazing, everyone who is active in the world has a different aura.

Race started at 11 o'clock

Well, unfortunately it was raining so I could not see the front with a fog at the start of 11 o'clock. Porsche started in pole position. "I wonder if Porsche will win this time tooAlthough I was thinking somewhere ...

On the way, too much mist will interrupt the race. Three hours have passed since the crash and contact, people who seriously watch the race.

I was able to see the pit - in as well, but team collaboration until exchanging tires and starting was a supernatural work.

It is truly amazing, there is no waste. After that, there was explanation of the race situation of the driver, and finally I thought that the race became interesting, and the thick fog began to cover the course again. So the race was interrupted again.

Everyone's hands-on, having fun, walking, eating, talking, and chilling out, the fog gradually fades out and information on that the race resumes at the leadership of the safety car enters, everyone gone fidgeting to the course Move.

However, soon again the announcement that "the race ended like this in the end". What is that ...In the end, Toyota No. 8 which was the top at that time won the championship.

Next, Toyota No. 7 is the second place. Toyota has finished one or two. I wonder if Toyota's obsession, "I want to win even by any means before Porsche withdraws from WEC!" Also put the weather on the side.

I ended up with a race because of the thick fog, I had a valuable experience w

I got a sign

So this WEC's booty item is this(I do not fight anything for war)

Sign of Porsche Japan 's President Shichigosanoki and a signature of Porsche Scholarship Driver' s Yumito Uemura. I'm glad heard my voice. I will go around Mt. Fuji tomorrow and plan to arrive home. I'm looking forward!

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