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Are you going to get in and out?

In an article of the other day,"Is not it going to be a break drive?It seems to be disappointing, so it will be helpful if you can tell me your idea. "I received a question. My husband said that he went to WEC at the end of last week said that it also included the meaning of nonstop driving but I also asked her husband about it because I had no knowledge of driving as well.

A view of her husband's break-in driving

My husband,

"I think there are some people who do not get in and out, but I am a school fellow who drives in and out, except that it does not run slowly to avoid loading the engine, as is commonly said, but to some extent I think that turning the engine makes it more familiar.

He said. Why to turn the engine to some extent"The dealer's test car goes well with the engine"It seems to be because there are many cases.

The test car reaches the dealer almost in the state of a new car. From that state, the customer steps on a gun gun accelerator, turns the engine and test drives. However, if the car is in a bad state, it is not so, rather the engine often goes well and is in good condition.

Until now, I realized that I was riding a test car of domestic production, overseas, various dealers. If so, do not be so scared, I think you can turn around to some extent at the time of break-in driving.

However,Rotation should be kept between 2000-4000 as much as possibleTry to keep in mind.

Besides, my husband's point of driving is three.

3 points of break-in operation

1 Avoid running a short distance and run as long as possible

After driving the car, driving by the main, accelerating with accelerator, stopping with the signal, turning up with access stepping ... acts like loading the engine is not good. Therefore, it runs a long distance with a constant number of revolutions.

2 Engine turns to some extent

Do not overload it, turn the engine to some extent. As a specific rotation speed, 2000-4000 rotation is frequently used.

3 Do the initial oil change at 1000 km

From the dealer you are encouraged to change the oil at the end of the break-in operation. In the case of Porsche"Oil change at 3000 kilometers"Is a standard. It is so in the manual as well.

Just a husband,

At the dealer I bought,"Please change the oil at 1000 kilometers"And I also agreed with this idea. Running in a normal operation, the metal of the gear and the piston rubs, and fine iron powder invisible appears. It mixes with oil and accumulates in the oil filter, so it becomes covered with iron powder at once.
So rather than running 3000 kilometers with that oil,I ran at the first 1000 kilometers to a certain extent,Fasten it quickly, put out the iron powder,I changed the oil there, after a while iron powder remained in the oil.

He said.

Other additional items

So, this round - trip break - in driving from home to Fuji is about 1100 km in distance. With Panamera turbo, the mountain road really is about to go on in 2nd or 3rd gear,I adjusted to run at 3rd and 4th gear from beginning to end.I tried not to run even in 5th and 6th gear.

So it is better to run in interleaved driving with a paddle shift. Of course, fuel economy gets worse, but this time, priority was given to the purpose of driving. Sports chrono package added as option, sports response switch is attached, but this time it did not start.

Also, as a supplement, the brake also needs to be corrected.It is written in Porsche's official manual as follows.

As for the tire, it is also necessary to have a disorder.Since the new tire is covered with something like a thin skin, it usually does not work unless you run about 200 kilometers. So the tire does not grip. This is written in the official manual.

There is no correct answer for the break-in operation.

Although this is the husband's opinion, there is no such thing as "this is correct" about break-in driving, it seems that there will be a difference depending on the way of thinking. Also, Toyota and Honda say that even if they are new cars, driving is unnecessary, so the standard also varies depending on the manufacturer. It seems best to try what you felt with your skin as a criterion.

The car is deep inside.

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