Why bloggers bought iMacs in addition to MacBook Air

About Porsche Blog

Am I a blogger?

I have noticed it recently. that is"I'm a blogger"I'm saying that.

Oh, now more (-_-) ...?

The name of twitter is "Mina – Porsche Blogger", But"To tell you that you are writing a Porsche blog“I was just thinking about it,” and I did n’t realize that I was a blogger.

That ’s why I think of it as a blogger.Famous mom blogger"Or"Ikeda Hayato"I was already standing like Mr. Talent," I was aware that it was completely different.

Rather, my blog is "I'm relatively fond of writing, but the way to spell about Porsche Life happened to be a blogIt was just.

However, recently "I'm a blogger who speaks the world“There are many opportunities to be noticed from the surroundings, and as soon as I realize that I am a blogger.(Late w)

I'm a MacBook Air

So, today is a story about a personal computer that I use as a blogger. The computer I usually use to write blogs is "MacBook Air" Ten years ago, I was completely Windows, but my computer that I used at that time broke down.

People who have Mac look cool and look cool. I'll try it once for Mac

I bought it with a light feeling, but since then I have been unable to leave my Mac.

At that time, I had many opportunities to make work and presentation materials.The Mac presentation software "Keynote" is very comfortable to use,Moreover, I was fascinated by the fact that I could make a very cool material.

However, the chances of making presentation materials have been reduced recently, and using a personal computer has only been "writing a blog", "checking email", or "others" ... So for me as a blogger,It should have been more than enough with one Mac ...

I bought an iMac (desktop)!

iMac purchase history

The video editing started in July.Anyway, the capacity of the video is largeSo, as soon as you put the material on the computer, the free space will be lost. When you make a video for the first time, it will not be possible to save the video due to over capacity.(The data disappeared once.), 250 gigabyte external HDD to husband(hard disk)I managed to keep editing.

However, the capacity of this HDD quickly fills up ...I bought 2 tera HDD on Amazon.If there is a capacity of 2 tera, it's still a good time. However, I care about what HDD is.

"What to do if the data disappears due to impact"If children play and drop it's water bubbles"I'm always terrified," and I'm more likely to carry it around the room with the HDD connected to the computer. My husband who did not see

I mean, there are people who use a notebook MacBook Air to edit videos (laughs)A desktop iMac is better.The iMac has a large capacity, and you can add more capacity at the time of purchase, and above all, it is absolutely easier to edit with a mouse on a large screen!

It has been said.

"That's right, but it's really expensive ... (-_-)"

If you are a husband, I think you can buy iMac without hesitation, but in my case now, when you buy an item of less than 200,000 yen, you have to think carefully. So "Is it really okay to buy now?I've been doing a lot of research over the last two months.

Then, the other day, there was an announcement of iPhone 11, and at that time there was no announcement of iMac(I was originally told that it wasn't there), When I saw it,Then there is no point in waiting, so buy it now!I decided to purchase.

By the way, what I bought was

・ 21.5-inch Mac: 142,800 yen (excluding tax)
・ 3.6GHz quad-core processor 1TB storage Retina 4K display
・ Add 16GB DDR4 memory: +22,000 yen

It is a specification.

iMac, good!

iMac came all the way from China.I received it in about a week after orderingHowever, it was much earlier than the scheduled date. The cardboard containing the iMac is very big, and when I put it out and put it on the desk, the monitor is bigger than I imagined.

21.5 inches is enough. When you actually turn on the power and turn on the monitor,Retina 4K display is very beautifulI was surprised. The display of the MacBook Air that I usually use is not dirty, but it is no longer comparable.

After that, when I tried video editing on iMac, this was very easy to do. Because it is a large screen, you can check the details of the image and your eyes will not get tired.

It is also easy to use not only for video editing but also for writing blogs.

No, I should have bought it sooner ...

... So, we will continue to work hard on blogs and video editing as much as we have invested!

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  1. Wind slope

    iMac It has become a model that doesn't get much attention, but it has the best cospa and design!

    I'm actually a Steve believer who has been using my Mac for over 30 years. Old is from Macintosh plus.

    Recently, it was exclusively notebook-based and MacBookPro and Air were the main machines, but last year iMac 27-inch model was introduced last year (laughs).

    Maybe I have dozens of times more experience and knowledge than Porsche (?), So what should I ask if I have a problem?

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind

      > iMac It has become a model that doesn't get much attention, but it has the best cospa and design!
      Yes! I am very satisfied!

      27 inch model! It ’s really big!
      The work seems to be quite easy.
      Keyboard touches are also addictive (laughs)

      Yes, let me consult again (laughs)

  2. Follow

    I also use iMac27 inches. That said, I can't do much, but I think Mac is good. Just like Porsche. Even if it is said that a normal Japanese car (Window) is good, I still feel like I want a Mac (Porsche). Everyone in the company is Window, but I use Mac Air alone. But it's not selfish. . . . . Just like it. . . . .

    • MinaMina

      Kanou is also a Mac faction! Mac is good. It is easy to use and I like it.
      However, I haven't done much, and I don't need to be a Mac (laughs)

      But it ’s important to work on your favorite computer. Tension goes up!