Manual car driving – to be aware of both accelerator work and clutch operation


About BMW320i

BMW320i has come to my house, and it will be 5 months soon. I think it's been 5 months already ... I don't feel so much. And since 320i is a manual car,It has been 5 months since I started to use a manual car."I'm saying that.

If this is the case, I'm sure it will be a year or so ... And it will be time to pay the car tax in no time (lol) The other day, my husband who drove 320i for the first time in a while,

Somehow, the engine has become much better.It feels better than right after deliveryI feel like. I wonder if the previous owner's nephew is missing.

I was saying. I don't know much about that change every day, but when my husband says it's been a long time, his ride has changed. from now onI also look forward to the process of getting used to myself.

About manual operation

In the past, I was not good at driving manual cars and I couldn't drive at all.When I tried to ride a manual car on a regular basis, I was able to get used to it more quickly than I thought.Certainly, in about a week, I think I can do “normal driving” itself.

But from there "You will be able to drive smoothly and wellBy the time, I realized that the road was long and deep. And a while ago from my husband,

Manual cars are often conscious of clutch operation, but accelerator work is also important. Basically, I don't rush any operation and do it carefully.

Was advised,Although it can be understood in the head, it does not go well."The condition continued.

Because "Be careful with the accelerator”, The awareness of the clutch fades.Carefully clutch”, The consciousness of the accelerator was weakened, and after all, a shift shock occurred and I could not drive smoothly (-_-)

Sometimes it worked, but for a while it was much more subtle.

"PDK is really smart, AT is amazing. Many times smoother than humans do.`` I was driving as usual the other day, again feeling the wonderfulness of automatic transmission,Suddenly a moment to get a sense.

“I see, this is how to carefully operate the clutch and accelerator!”I finally got a sense of consciousness and operation on both the left and right legs.It is. After all there is only practice.

And suddenly, "Keeping driving a manual car will absolutely prevent blurring"I thought. For example, it is said that the piano also uses the head, and both hands and feet move separately, which prevents blurring. However, driving a manual car may feel the same.

Although it is completely contrary to the era of technological innovation in autonomous driving, I would like to continue to ride manual cars in the future, not every day.


I was so happy that I was able to get a sense of driving a manual car, and when I parked the car in the parking lot and messed around with my smartphone to write about it on Twitter, I felt that something moved outside. When I suddenly raise my face,Two adult wild boars passed by in front of me.

Eh! ! A wild boar! ! ! (゚ д ゚)! !

With two heads with very kind eyes, they disappeared from the gaps in the torn wire nets toward the other trees with a light gait that was far away from the rush.

If you went out without Twitter, you might have been in a bowl. It's quite dangerous if you are hit by a boar. In the future, let's consider the countermeasures when combining with wild boar w

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  1. Funny

    We always have fun look.
    This time, I switched from 981 Boxstar black edition, which I owned for 3 years, to 981 Cayman GT4. I wanted MT from the time of purchasing Boxstar, but I became PDK due to the problem of production quota, and I liked Boxstar too much, but I could not give up MT, I felt impatient in the current flow of electrification The purchase was carried. For the first time in 10 years (the former Honda Integra type R), the clutch is heavy and it seems that the feet are likely to be lifted, and it is scary that the engine cannot be turned up to high speeds. There is really a lot, but I don't feel the tension like when I first got a driver's license (laughs) I'm going to practice so that I can wear the skills that suit GT4 (^^) /

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      > I transferred from 981 Boxstar black edition, which I owned for 3 years, to 981 Cayman GT4.
      Congratulations! It's lonely to break up with Boxster, who was accompanied for 3 years, but the 981 Cayman GT4 is also an incredible car ...! We think.

      > The clutch is heavy and the legs seem to be
      I understand. (Laughs) I feel like I'm always doing muscle training.
      Strangely enough, after getting used to the BMW 320i MT and getting on the 981 Boxster, the clutch felt light.
      (Although 320i is many times lighter than 981 Boxster)

      I will continue to practice hard!
      I look forward to seeing you again someday in Arisu!