A case where Mr. Goro Okazaki's test-ride commentary on the new Panamera is getting too much

Porsche Panamera Edition 970 meter
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Goro Okazaki tests Panamera

From my husband"Okazaki Goro is a test driver of the new Panamera, commenting on it"I was sent a URL even though I was at work. As I watched it quickly, as in the case when I was talking at a preview of the new Panamera, the explanation and expression are easy to understand. I am not a motor journalist nor a vocabulary, so I can only explain the wonderfulness of Panamera to such a degree as "awesome! Champion's style!" But Mr. Okazaki is truly a professional.

Mr. Okazaki's test-ride commentary, while being a Porsche fan, calmly and objectively captures Panamera. It was so wonderful that I watched the video countlessly,I have extracted a part of commentary on the convincing part in particular.

Expression which got everything.

By the way, this time Goro Okazaki tried a new type Panamera Turbo. Below, I wrote out some items.

It is a model boasting amazing specs, but there is no end to it.
I have reserved the power I have as a margin.

I tried full acceleration, but the dash power when I stepped on the accelerator deeply was amazing.Beasts that attack the preyI feel even like it.

Even though it is a gentle when you ride normally, when you fully accelerate it, your facial expression changes completely. thisDichotism like Jekyll and HydeIt is hard to taste with other cars.

When this large body begins running in the winding road,Becomes smaller and smallerA feeling is born.

Fit perfectly on your body, you can drive as you want.

While the new Panamera is becoming a very refined 4-door saloon,I have not lost any sportsmanship Porsche.

911 may also be jealous,911 owners may also be jealousIt's a car.

Although Porsche is saying that rivals are the BMW 7 series and S class of Mercedes-Benz, it seems that you are thinking that "you are different, you are a rival," you, inside, surely.

The mysterious thing in Porsche is whether you ride a sports car, ride a SUV, ride Panamera, from the moment you sit"Oh, this is a Porsche,".

PorscheNo matter when I ride, I will never betray you.

Panamera is not a high-performance sedan, it is a comfortable sports car.

Already, Mr. Goro Okazaki fan

Wow ... I am going to extract it, but too many parts I sympathized with, so I wrote and stopped, so around here. Motor journalists are familiar with cars and have tried various cars, so it is easy to understand how to compare and how to compare.

I'd like to ask Okazaki's test drive commentary, raw. I wonder if I will be visiting again at the event held by Porsche.


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