In November, this parting with Panamera is waiting

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Living with Porsche

Love Panamera

Today I will go to work in Kyoto with Panamera. I do not have to go by train, but I decided to head by car because I have to wait quite a while at home unless the communication is not successful because many of the connections are troublesome.

Actually, I will probably say goodbye to this 970 Panamera edition this November.

About a year and a half since this Panamera came to our house. The second person was born in the past year and a half, I can not go to the drive as easily as I expected,"With this PanameraTogether I went to various places ~ "And I can not go to various places enough to indulge in emotion.

Even if you say you are going out, at most you are about Yonago.(And at work)So I think that I want to go to various places in Panamera as much as possible before farewell to fall.

Let's get on to Panamera more

Both of our daughters do not get car sickness fortunately. However, as long as you are riding a car for a long time you will be bored, tired and crumbling, so even if you go out and go out for 4 hours is the limit. I used to go to Ise with my family on board Panamera before, but I felt like I managed to get through with a break in between.

However, I'd like to go to Venus Line with Panamera. I would like to try Hokkaido as well. Aso may still be serious now, but Aso wants to run as well. Ibukiyama Drive way can go if you can go ... etc ... with various heads ....

I think that I want to go out a couple of times and make memories before I am satisfied with Panamera. Nonetheless, the next car coming to my house ... as usual is Panamera (Baku)

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