Panamera can run as if running over the rails.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970 Handle
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Panamera's line acquisition is amazing.

Yesterday, I got a job in Kyoto so I went by Panamera. from long ago"Kyoto on the 50th (5th and 10th) day, the car gets heavily crowded"Although it is said, everywhere was crowded yesterday as well. Although it made the expressway fly comparatively well, it was a drive that ended without exercising 5% of the power of Panamera. (Oh, I went to work not a drive)

For the first time in Panamera,"Maybe, on Japan's highway, only react when Panamera runs,There is a Panamera rail, is not it? "It began to feel. Even if you skim the gangs, you feel uncomfortable earth touch.  

Whether the wind is strong, it will rain, but it is stable regardless of anything. Even if it reaches a curve at a speed of 100 km / hour, without fear of anything, keep capturing the angle of the curve and keep running as if sucking. Even while bending the curve, there is a sense of exhilaration that you want to accelerate more and more. Even though I am in sports mode, I did not stiffen my legs, so in normal condition.

When we tried on Panamera before, it was too smooth, so H to Mr. dealer's charge"Recently, the way around that, did you clean up and became beautiful?"It is as confirmed as. (Of course, I had not done anything like that)

This is already,It makes me realize that Panamera rails are only considered embedded in the road.(Actually, such a thing does not exist, of course.)

Actually, I will be meeting in Osaka from now on, so I will head toward while feeling Panamera rails. But I will not finish Hanshin Express, so today will end without showing 1% of Mr. Pana's ability.

Well, it's departure!


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