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Money is important

Since I became a social worker, I have been driven to a state of financial downturn for a certain reason. Every day was really hard at that time.

On the next day, there were days without transportation expenses to go for work arrangements. When I looked up every room I was living alone at that time, I found some Nintendo DS and software that I no longer use. At that time there was no Mercari, so I ran the bicycle for 30 minutes to the Yodobashi camera at night,Sliding into the store just before closing, we got an estimate of DS body and all software and found "8000 yen"became.

"I can live for a week with this!"I pounded my chest and received money, but I was sad about that situation and I was crying, riding a bicycle and going home.

Every time a phone call comes in, "This is a request for rent" or "Reminder of remittance" In the days that went out, it became impossible to go straight to the phone and became "phone phobia". I cancel all my life insurance and I have cut my hair because I have no money to cut my hair.

At that time ... unless you go on a trip by hitting such a big money ...
At that time, I have to waste such a thing ...

I imagined money not to return and there were also regrets.

Of course, I think that there are many people in the world who are struggling with money as much as I am not. But it was a hard and painful experience for me who lived relatively freely since I was small. From that experience, I learned the importance of "money".

All for Panamera, Panamera for All.

When I was young, "Even if there is no money I wish there was love "Even if I do not have money I am happy if I have a dream. "I thought it was, but without money, people are exhausted. My heart begins. Even important and precious people will not feel very important.

Even though money is not all, people who can feel happy even without money, such as a transcendental monk ... are not only those in such areas? At least it is impossible for me.

A few years from then, I have that experience, so now I have it. Although I am still in a state of my work now, and now I can ride Panamera, not only my husband but also nothing,As promised with me, I really want to be able to buy Panamera by myself.

For that reason, earn firmly by yourself. I bought Panamera by myself, just imagining the day when Panamera was delivered, I was deeply moved by the tears that "I finally came here".(Delusion too violent w)

For that day, I will work hard today too!

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  1. boyasuke

    Nice to meet you
    Awesome Panamera love (° ▽ °)
    Porsche 928 at high school to see at first sight
    Someday I wanted to ride but stopped production
    I felt somehow why 928's shadow in Panamera.
    I ordered Panamera 4 s in mid May and is now waiting for delivery
    I am looking forward to the update
    Please do your best

  2. panamera-life

    Thank you boyasuke!
    Oh oh 4s It is waiting for delivery!
    I admire high school and being able to make my dream come true! I also do my best!