In a conversation with an automobile dealer staff, a story that I thought to heat up unexpectedly

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Yesterday we had a meeting with representatives of domestic car dealers. It was the day my parents looked at the children, so I went by train.(Efficiency of work is good because you can make a PC in the train movement)The boss of the person in charge and the superior also attended, as if it was interviewing and slightly nervous, but after exchanging information in various ways,It was said that I like cars.

"When going to a dealer, the salesman will soon make it cheaper if we decide this month soon""No, it is true for us at the very moment"And, laughter also happened and it became a peaceful atmosphere. However, while I was talking, I self-heated up,

Cars are the crystals of blood and sweat and tears of engineers and designers. And something that our seniors have been improving over the decades has been packed. Therefore, I want sales person in dealer to operate with more pride. I do not want you to discount lightly due to my own sales performance!

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I suddenly returned to myself as soon as I took a mouth, I was relieved.

You guys are not doning! ((゚ Д ゚))

Although I was talking till a while ago, when the air completely changed completely, I was rushing and confused, one of you in the other said this.

"Your words have been stabbed in your chest! You are exactly like that!"

When. At some place I felt somewhat unfamiliar with the atmosphere, time came, so I had to go to spare time, but in the mail I received afterwards, it was written like this.

"The story to the car industry that gave us a customer perspective also was a very valuable content for us who sang the management philosophy of ◯◯, although my ears hurt."

Somehow, I've made a mess of my partner ... I am sorry ... I wonder what it is. Today it is these days that I kept saying that I should not get hot as I forgot myself like this if I had a meeting with a car related person in the future.

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