The story of Uncle who lives by misunderstanding Porsche Panamera as a crown.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS
Living with Porsche

When I return home to my husband's parents' home

Yesterday was my husband's family home, so my family members returned home in Panamera. After arriving home, a relatives' old man came and said,

Who's that big white car that stops on the table?

People around me,"Whose? What kind?"I said that, obviously he was talking about Panamera. But my husband also said nothing, "That is Porsche Panamera we've come on!"It's strange to say that my daughter's squat is out, so when he's stuck up, another aunt said,

Oh, that there, are you a bit gray guy?That is Dad's "Crown" and.

My uncle is"Oh, or it was white rather than gray,Well, that is a crown, or a big car. "That is the end.

... It is different! Uncle! That is not a crown, Panamera!

H3 heading a

Once the topic has converged, I do not have the courage to fix it now ... When my uncle asked me for the first time, my uncle just arrived 80 years old as soon as I did not say "That is Panamera"

I thought that Panamera = Crown,I will live my life in the future.

But when I met you next time

"Before this, Panamera is what the man said to be a crown,"

Even if it says, "What is it, when you talk about what you do not understand, this is what my daughter is going to be" and it ends only as it is, there is no other way to keep it like this.

May I have the opportunity to know the existence of Panamera while my uncle is alive ....


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