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At last the blogger's readers exceeded 100 people. It is 57th after opening a blog. My husband got the chance"If you like Panamera so much,Should I write a blog anymore? "That was what I was told. With a light feeling, I took accounts for the time being and started writing maniac Panamera love.

At the beginning, since the number of accesses every day was only "2" or "5", so while we were writing,I am happy if there are about ten readers ~I thought about it.

It's almost two months from there. 100 people are interested in blogs even a little, being able to become a reader, it is as long as it is truly. At the same time, this blog can not be over until we have attained our goal, as we declared "I will buy Panamera with my money."

It will end with a big liar just blowing out if it is done by then.

Again these days I renew my determination again.

All right! Hang in there!

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