Is it true that rumors that fat grows in car life? - Yes, I really get fat.

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Recently troubles

Thinking that "after giving birth to the second person, neither weight nor body shape at all" I tried abdominal muscles, bought the topic trainer AYA's DVD, tried aerobic bike, various I did not follow it after all. But "I have not eaten so messed up and I should lose weight because I am breastfeeding, why can not I lose weight ...I could not convince for a long time, but I understood the reason yesterday.

The reason not to lose weight

Yesterday I went to work by train after a long tray. Because it was a downpour in the morning, the humidity of the crowded train was so great that the sweat ran like a waterfall from the back. About Umeda, I went walking under the basement, but since the early morning the cooler did not work much. When walking, sweat blows out from the whole body from the forehead and the back.

"It's been a long time since I went sweating like thisWhile thinking, firmly hydrate(I probably drank about 3 liters of water yesterday)I ate Japanese style meal well for lunch and came home in the evening. After eating dinner, eating the sweets bought in Umeda, try this morning ride on the scale ...

Or, I'm thinning!

I looked back on my recent life. Yes, I usually travel only by car, I have not walked at all and I am not sweating. Everyday I would like to take a train like this, or pick up my daughter's kindergarten and walk and take a bus and sweat and walk firmly, I guess I can lose weight properly.

Do not ride in Panamera riding, sometimes you are going to walk.


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