Audi's attractive campaign. Finally I could not press send button.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Living with Porsche
Such a campaign came into my eyes.

Yesterday, when I wrote Hotobu and finished posting, advertisement came into my eyes.

Let's experience it at the autobahn,

Innovation technology.

Try Audi Driver Assistance Fair

For details>

what's this! (゚ д ゚) 彡

I do not want to feel bothered to experience the autobahn! ! I came to the measure steadily and clicked on the advertisement.

Two opportunities to experience Audi's technology and get a special gift

Won a German trip with Audi test drive experience at Autobahn by lottery

The capital city of Berlin, the historic buildings remain in Munich,

I will give you a German trip to Ingolstadt with Audi museum.

You can feel Audi's advanced functions and driving performance in the Autobahn test drive while traveling.

Try Audi Driver Assistance Campaign 8/26 sat. - 9/3 sun.

I would definitely like to visit this!

Let me see you at once!Looking at the number of people elected, there are two people in a group. The schedule is adjusted around November 2017 according to the circumstances of the winners. Adjust according to the circumstances of winners ...Oh how kind! !I immediately clicked on "Apply for a German trip".At such times, my delusions will decide and runaway.What shall I do if I really hit it ...

In November ... I wonder if the children can ask their parents. My husband said that it was a long business trip from the end of November, can we do it until then? I think I can adjust my work as well. Autobahn ~ Ah, I have an international license! Oh, as soon as you get it, I will tell you my first voice, husband ~

I guess I'm surprised ~ (゜ ∀.) Wachya Hyakhayakhia

I thought, agreeing to the terms of use,(I have not read it at all)Go to the entry screen of customer information. Name, address, date of birth, e-mail address ... Check hobby of course "Drive". Next, I owned a car as Porsche Panamera.

And here.

"When is the next car inspection?"

The question is. Is it a vehicle inspection .... Sure, it should have been 2019 ... and input. And further questions continue.

"What is your schedule for buying a car?"

□ within 1 month □ within 3 months □ within 6 months □ within 1 year □ no plan




As of now, there is no plan to buy a new car. However, absolutely not a German trip will be given if there is no plan. Conflict begins in your head. OK, let's click here within a year. Further questions continue.

"Please select the Audi you are interested in."

Although various models were lined up, honesty Audi is not very detailed ... But, if you check A6 or A7, it is a strange and realistic replacement for Panamera, so let's make it A4 Quattro. The feeling appears to be like running. Alright, finally I got to the last question.

"May we contact you regarding new car information and campaign from Audi regular dealer?"

... ....

……not good.

At that point, it is explored whether this person is really willing to buy Audi soon. Because I want to go to Germany trip, I can not keep trying for forgetting to forcibly buy it or forcibly buying it,"Sorry, I do not really want to buy it."How ... I definitely disgusted guy.

It's no use. If you do something like this frantically, absolutely God watches, let's stop it. I closed the site by pushing the ☓ seal at the last end at the end of the disorder. Oh ~ I am a coward. If you are interested, please come.

* Note: I am not the auditor of Audi anything

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