I do not call my life to anyone.

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I wish I could become a full-time housewife.

Sometimes, it is heard."There is no need to work separately,Why are you working? "When. To my house, my husband is doing my best and I am too afraid to take Panamera and have other valuable experiences.

So from around us,"Why are you working hard on your wife?Because there are two children, you can do it with a full-time housewife. "There seems to be something that seems to be.

Sora, that's right. Meanwhile, as long as I know why I work,I think that I want to get freedom.Mental, economic, temporal freedom. In the character analysis of something before,"You can not complain from anyone, you want to build your own castle"It is exactly right! I thought.

I wanted to get freedom since I was little.

I grew up in a quite tough household, so from my childhood"I want to get freedom"It was strong feeling. Even when I became a college student, even if the curfew was 22 o'clock or became a society person, I was not able to forgive my life one by one, so it really collided with my parents.(I think I will continue to think that I am now good friends)

Through such experiences, to become free

· Earn securely by yourself
· To become calm and logical conversation so that you can convince others
· To show by behavior and trust

It seems gradually to come to think that it is necessary.

So while I depend on my husband's earnings, I am not free. I have my husband nourish me and I do not have to go to work everyday. I go out to various places in Panamera and go out with my kids whenever I like and I have lunch with my girl friend. Although there may be a view that it is free, even if there is money that can be used freely, even if you can use time freely, it is not called freedom.

What if my husband's company went bankrupt?
What if my husband fired the company?
What if my husband could not work?
What if you divorce from your husband?(... No, I do not want to think that,In the unlikely event, billion is one, trillion is one.Absolutely not in the world (explosion))

If so, the present life collapses in an instant.

I do not call my life to anyone.

Freedom is independence.

I think that real freedom can only be gained by acquiring the ability to earn oneself.(I have not been able to see it like a monk or Confucius,Just being alive is happy, people are free as they areOr, it is not a vessel that seems totally yet. )

And if you keep on making money, even if there is no sign of the company, even if there is no backing shield of someone, I think that it is the ability to eat with each other, even if the gowns are stripped off. Sometimes there is no choice but to be in a situation that is not free temporarily in order to do so. Sometimes you have to work desperately, hone yourself, boost the quality, and have to do the amount.

But, if that is a ticket to freedom, if you realize that you are the path of your choice, you can get over it. That's why I am sure that I will keep working forever, no matter what kind of situation my husband is in.

And in the future I will be able to give my husband a Grand Seiko watch or POP, or if my husband should be somewhere,"Well? Because I earn so much, it does not hurt or itchy (¯ ー ¯) b Good!"When I say it, I think it is super cool.

Delusion is pathetic.(Yes, only the delusion is perfect)So rest yourself well and make it a reality.

All right!


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