I looked at the content of "Why do not the top-ranking men buy light cars" from a female perspective?

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

The man who is leading ...

Before"Why does not a man who is top not to buy a mini car - Rika Satonaka -I read a book called. There seems to be pros and cons with regard to this book(It seems that there are many things for the author than the contents)As for myself, there was a part that I thought "Well I see", but there was also a part that felt incongruous. In the column of introduction of contents of Amazon page, there is such description.

Anxious cinematic thinking thinking calls danger
Do not be bothered by mass thinking

Is there a value for mini vehicles that are relatively easy to obtain?
There is no value in what anyone can buy.
Although it is worth the equivalent, it is a conscious sense of sticking out with "everyone has a sense of security".

Leading people have no such thought.
In addition, the first class has shame and sense of common sense for the world, common sense.
Depriving of life, things that are highly likely to be robbed are not jumped alone for reasons such as "cheap".

In order to become top notch
I have to graduate from "ignorance".
Especially for things that have become a boom in the world,
You should doubt it.

"We can not be swayed by popular orientation.Especially for things that are becoming a boom in the world, we should doubt much. "In that respect, you can understand. I also do not line up in the queue, I think that I should think firmly by thinking by myself, not by doing nothing with booms.

For example,"The value of time of one hour is heavier than the value of food to eat side by side for one hour".Especially after the birth of a child, I feel that time is a life, not an exaggeration. So it is important not to buy it because it is a boom, but the parts such as whether the service or the item is worthy to you or the cost effectiveness is more important.(Because it is a reasonable way of thinking from the ground)

However, there are parts that feel uncomfortable about the content of this book and the description in the introduction column.

Part that felt incompatibility

I felt something strange, three in large. First of all,

① There is no value in what anyone can buy

Certainly, minor ones are higher and worth may be higher. There may be demand for information rather than what everyone can experience, only some people can experience.
On the other hand,"It's convenient because you can buy it by anyone, so it's popular"There is also. Even smartphone(The total amount is high, but if it is cheap monthly)Everyone has a smartphone, but you can phone, play online, work, email, and connect with the entire world with one phone.

It has become more valuable because everyone can buy it and everyone has itThere are also many things popular in the world because it is convenient. It can not be said that there is absolutely no value.

② Anyway, you can buy a high car even if you have a good appearance

Well ... I think that there is a positive side such as "to buy a luxury car even though it has an upheaval, and to grow by working hard so that you can become yourself with it".On the contrary, if you really want cars,I think that a mini car can be bought.S660 something is cool as usual and the man who can say with a belief that "this mini car is a really good car!" Is cool.

Rather than riding on a luxury car with an appearance,

Actually it is a desire to ride a luxury car of admiration, but it is not good to give up. If you are a man, have a big dream, get yourself in the hands! Even if it is told that "You can not buy such an expensive car you" from around it, do not give up and make it happen!

I can sympathize with a message such as "You can buy a high car even if you put up your prosperity" somehow ... somehow this author does not like the car so much, I guess you do not know.

③ I can not hit a woman unless it is a luxury car

... No, what time is it like age ...? Certainly, many women think that "wow!" When looking at a man on a luxury car. Regarding manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the line-up has increased, new cars can be bought from the 2 million yen range, even though there are more items that can be easily reached, there is still an image "luxury car".

But please do not make female an idiot.

We are not stupid as we follow all the way because it is a man riding a luxury car.(There may be such people, too)Today, more households with dual income have increased, and more people who earn women have increased.Economically that you buy yourself what you wantThere are many independent women.

Such women know that "the value of men can not be judged only with belongings".

I think ownership of high-class items means that they have the power to work and earn money. In other words,Human nature,I am deeply appreciated by people, I cherish my friends,We strive to increase our own value,It always changes flexibly,It is straightforward and enthusiastic about studying.That's why more and more work has been done, and as a result we can earn

Luxury cars are only the result, rather they are parts of person's personality and values.

For men who bring out the atmosphere of "I am a luxury car riding, amazing,"I'm awesome!Even though there is something to say, in fact it is sometimes looking calmly and calmly.

Although it was a catchy title

"Why do not a man who is top not to buy a mini carThe title is funny and catchy. Anyway, I wanted more people who can write things that are more affectionate to cars, able to judge various cars objectively, and to write things that will spread the world by standing in a car I admire on that car Hey.

But that is not the intention of the publisher, so the author may not be able to write what he wants to write in order to put out a book that can be sold. Anyway, while referring to things in the world, I think these days it is important to hold my own judgment axis firmly.


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