BS Fuji who introduced Porsche "Evolution and Challenge, Signpost of Sports Car".

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Porsche special feature at BS Fuji.

Yesterday, this program was doing at BS Fuji."Evolution and Challenge, Signposts of Sports Cars"
"Evolution and Challenge, Signposts of Sports Car" | BS Fuji

Porsche. Formal company name is Ferdinand · Porsche Honorary Engineering Doctor, Inc.
In other words, Porsche is an engineering company. That Porsche creates is not just a car, it's a sports car that makes my mind rise. Where do Porsche, who has been making sports cars for more than 60 years, come and go?
To know that, essayist Matsuura Yataro went on a trip.

"Evolution and Challenge, Signposts of Sports Car" | BS FujiExcerpt

It was quite a good program. In the program,"Ferdinand · Porsche made the first electric vehicle 120 years ago,It's almost the same structure as the current plug-in hybrid. "I knew.

It is amazing, it is amazing. It seems that Porsche is constantly making cars, looking to make cars that will pass in the future in the next 20 years, 30 years later. Of course, it probably will not be conscious of existence of rivals, but it is not follow-up that "other manufacturers did this because of this way""Porsche should be there"Based on the belief that you are making a car is cool.

The moving car of the program navigator is Panamera.

In the program, Mr. Matsuura of the essayist used to move, it was a white new Panamera 4E Hybrid. It was so cool, as a Panamera fan it seems like it was worth seeing this program alone. At the end of the program, the Porsche Museum was introduced in a small town called Gmünd in the mountain of Austria.

Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer

* Images taken from the Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer site

Although not well-known, Porsche seems to have produced a factory in Gmünd in Austria, producing cars between 1944 and 1950, in order to evacuate the factory from the Second World War. The director over 80 years old knew about the time when Porsche was producing a car in Gmünd and was a big Porsche fan.(It is not an ordinary fan, making museums, etc. I wonder if they are rich)

That director was saying."When I bought the used Porsche for the first time in my teens,There was a deep emotion that I could not express very much in words.It was as if it seemed to be integrated with the car. "When.

Porsche about 70 years ago from now has realized the pleasure of driving and driving together, now it does not change and evolves. Really awesome.

Porsche fans who came out in the program are fresh fans who have dozens of Porsches in the world, have a thing of the air-cooled engine era, what sort of like me like a Porsche fan I regret that I'm obliged to profess. I have to study more about Porsche.

To the Porsche Museum of Eastern TuttgartI want to go once more.

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